Brexit buyer’s remorse? We still don’t know what we’ve been sold | Letters

Readers respond to a piece by the Guardian’s economics editor Larry Elliott and a letter from Oxford University professor Robert Gildea

Once again Larry Elliott hits the nail on the head with his plea for remainers to move on (Remainers got it wrong: there is no buyer’s remorse, 8 January).

Even now there is a complete reluctance to understand the true nature of the EU. Do remainers really believe that the four freedoms to move goods, capital, services and labour were ever introduced in the interests of workers? The continual harping on about the lies of Brexiteers ignores the bigger truth that the EU is, and always will be, unreformable, neoliberal and hugely damaging to our economy. The EU treaties have allowed the capitalist class to cut public spending, privatise, and sell our assets abroad. They threw in a few sops in terms of workers’ rights that we could have won ourselves through union action, to persuade us of some nonexistent liberal aspect to the EU.

Denying that immigration was responsible for low wages and job losses, and describing claims to the contrary as a fraud, is simply delusional

The hallowed ‘freedom of movement’ has allowed large-scale farms to employ agricultural workers from the poorest regions of Europe at the lowest possible rate

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