Flights To Tel Aviv

Flights To Tel Aviv Are In Demand

Flights to Tel Aviv are on the increase as more and more vacationers and business people seek to enter Israel through the busy Ben Gurion Airport about 15 km south of the city. Flights to Tel Aviv leave London’s Luton airport and Manchester regularly with the number increasing in high summer. Tel Aviv is seen as the jumping-off point to the rest of the Middle East, as well as an excellent base from which to explore the Holy Land.

Flights to Tel Aviv are extremely cheap these days, thanks to the increase in interest in this destination. A one way ticket from the UK to Tel Aviv can cost as little as £100. It pays to explore the different options available on this website for Israel flights from UK .

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When reserving flights to Tel Aviv you can be sure that you will disembark at the largest and most advanced airport in Israel. Most of the two million tourists who visit Tel Aviv each year land at Tel Aviv. These include pilgrims to the famous religious sites of the country, vacationers who come to soak up the sun on the Israeli coast and at the Dead Sea, and business people who are keen to take advantages of the peerless opportunities offered in Tel Aviv, which is indisputably the business capital of Israel.

The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TESA) is located in the centre of the city. Many business travellers who take flights to Tel Aviv are on their way to visit the Bourse, as it is colloquially called. This active, high-value stock exchange forms an important part of Israel’s economic life. The TESA is located tantalizingly close to the Sheinkin district of Tel Aviv (the part of town surrounding Sheinkin Street) which is packed with trendy boutiques, curio stores, gift shops and other wonderful shopping locations. This is the place to be if you are looking for interesting cuisine. Just about every cuisine is represented in restaurants here. Or just enjoy coffee at a sidewalk café and admire the passing parade.

Flights to Tel Aviv arrive and depart on a practically non-stop basis to meet the demand from travellers for flights to and from the Israeli metropolis. The coast is typically Mediterranean, characterized by a mild temperate climate most of the year and a wonderful summer with sun-worship opportunities on the beaches in and around Tel Aviv. Of Tel Aviv’s nearly 50 great hotels, several of the largest and most impressive are located on the Tel Aviv beachfront, or promenade. Many vacationers from Rome, Paris, and London who take flights to Tel Aviv elect to stay in a hotel for the duration of their stay, just to enjoy the luxury and take advantage of the sun-drenched beaches.