Why I Carry a Gun

The following was written by one of our subscribers shortly after controversial gun control enforcement was made in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:

More and more Americans are getting their carry permits every day. Gun sales are going through the roof, and many of those gun owners who have carry permits practice regularly with their pistols. But most of them do not incorporate knife and billy club self defense tactics into their training. There are a lot of carry permit holders out there who only think of their firearm for close quarters combat and carry their knife as a “Just in case” weapon, but never train with it. There are a lot of people who believe that carrying a pistol is a lifestyle and when it comes to certain places in this country where civilians are not allowed to carry firearms, they pretend they can just avoid these places. Unfortunately, this is not possible for any normal member of our society. Here are a few of the places civilians cannot carry their firearms in this country:

  • Any federal or state government establishment such as the post office, DMV and courthouse
  • College Universities and their sporting events
  • High schools and their sporting events
  • Work (Most companies won’t allow their employees to carry while on the job)
  • Commercial airline travel

I can definitely see why people try to avoid these places whenever they possibly can. These are the types of places people tend to think of mass shootings taking place! It’s almost like if you put a no guns sign in front a building you’re inviting anyone who wants to go on a shooting spree. But in reality, no one can always avoid these places. You might know that someone who practices with their pistol regularly can, on average, draw their pistol from the hip, aim and shoot in around 1.5 seconds. Did you know that a knife wielding man can travel 7 yards in 2 seconds? So unless you are totally aware of your environment and everybody’s attack cues around you, then you will get stabbed if somebody wants to stab you. Even if you did get a shot off you might still get stabbed.

My intentions are not to convince anyone to bring a knife to a gun fight but to bring to light that it is important to be able to protect yourself without totally relying on your gun. Here are some disturbing facts. Women from ages 16-19 are more likely to be a victim of violent crime than anybody else in this country. Half of the rapes that occur in the United States happen to women ages 18 or younger and one third of those girls are ages 12-17. So by the time a woman reaches the age of 21 and is able to get their carry permit, they have already passed the prime age for a woman to be raped, robbed, assaulted or abducted! There are also many politicians who do not want to see the American public armed:

And the horrible thing is that every time there is another mass shooting in our country it just gives these politicians another reason to increase gun control laws here in America. There is really nothing we can do but watch shooting after shooting, waiting for the day they have enough “Reasons” to enact total gun control.

We are also deeply in debt to a communist superpower and according to the latest IMF forecasts, their (China’s) economy will surpass ours by 2016. To top things off they are beginning to heavily influence our country’s financial and economic policies. This is a country that allows none of its civilian population to own a gun. If you’re wondering if that level of gun control could happen in the states, you should ask any of the numerous victims of the gun confiscation that took place in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina.

I hope that no one else in this country has to endure what these people did, but the future for gun owners in this country does not look too bright. What would you do if you didn’t have a gun for some reason? We have been very spoiled when it comes to gun rights and thus far the only fights for gun rights have been fought in the courtrooms. So when the police come for people’s guns I don’t think there is going to be some big revolution like many people like to romanticize. I think it would be exactly like the confiscations were after Katrina (Minus the hurricane).

There are many reasons why you might need to rely on other types of self defense besides a firearm. We need to train with knives and also with hand-to-hand combat, billy clubs and other weapons. I think of it like this, a good folding knife, bulletproof vest, combat boots and a billy club go a long way if you train with them as regularly as you do with your firearms and you keep a low profile.