The Meaning of REGS – REGS means “Regular“. It is an internet acronym. What does REGS mean? REGS is an abbreviation that stands for “Regular”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out REGS definition and all the information related to acronym REGS in FAQ format.

What does REGS mean?

REGS is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “Regular”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of REGS

REGS means “Regular”.

What is REGS?

REGS is “Regular”.

REGS Definition / REGS Means

The definition of REGS is “Regular”.

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Other terms relating to ‘regular’:
 NARP Non-Athletic Regular Person
 RDO Regular Day Off
 REG Regular
 REGGIE Regular weed
 SNAIL MAIL Regular postal service
Other terms relating to ‘quality’:
 A1 Top quality
 CHRONIC High quality marijuana
 ELITE Skillful, quality, professional
 GUCCI Good, awesome, high quality
 HQ High Quality
 KILLA Good quality weed
 LOUD Good quality marijuana
 NAFF Poor quality, uncool
Substitute swear word
 NUG High quality bud of marijuana
 PUKKA Genuine, top quality
 QA Quality Assurance
Question and Answer
 QC Quality Control
 QOL Quality Of Life
 QVC Quality Value Convenience (shopping channel)
 SQ Sound Quality
 UHQ Ultra High Quality
Other terms relating to ‘marijuana’:
 420 WEED, Pot
Time to get high, smoke marijuana
 BAKE Smoke marijuana
 BLEM High on marijuana
 BLUEBERRY Form of marijuana
 BLUNT Marijuana cigar
 BOWL Part of a marijuana pipe
 BUD Marijuana
 BUN Smoke marijuana
 CHRONIC High quality marijuana
 COLA Top bud of a marijuana plant
 CROW Marijuana
 CUSH High grade marijuana
 DANK Very potent marijuana
Incredibly good, awesome
 DIRT Low grade marijuana
 DOJA Marijuana, weed
 DOOBIE Marijuana cigarette, joint
 DOSHA Marijuana
 DRO HyDROponically grown marijuana
 DUB SACK A $20 bag of marijuana
 ELBOW A pound of marijuana
 ERB Herb, Marijuana
 FOOD Marijuana
 GANJ Ganja, marijuana
 GANJA Marijuana, pot, cannabis, weed
 GRASS Marijuana
 HASH Marijuana
 HAZE Type of marijuana
 HYDRO Hydroponically grown marijuana
 JOINT Rolled marijuana cigarette
 KUSH High grade marijuana
 LEAF Marijuana
 LID Ounce of marijuana
 LOUD Good quality marijuana
 MARY JANE Marijuana
 MAUI WOWIE Marijuana, weed from Hawaii
 MEX Low grade marijuana from Mexico
 MID Mid grade marijuana
Mobile Internet Device
 MMJ Medical Marijuana
 MOTA Marijuana, weed
 NUG High quality bud of marijuana
 OUNCE 28 grams of drugs (usually marijuana)
 PIF Marijuana
 PINNER Thin marijuana cigarette
 PUFF Marijuana
 PURPLE Strong marijuana
 REEFER Marijuana
 SCHWAG Low grade marijuana
 SEEDS Marijuana seeds
 SES Marijuana
 SLICE Eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of marijuana
 SMACKED High on marijuana
 SPARK Set light to (marijuana)
 TAV Marijuana
 THC Tetrahydrocannabinol, active ingredient in marijuana
 TOKE Inhale marijuana smoke
 TOKER Someone who smokes marijuana
 TREE Marijuana
 WEED Marijuana
 WW White Widow (strong marijuana)
White Woman