The Meaning of UI – UI means “User Interface“. It is an internet acronym. What does UI mean? UI is an abbreviation that stands for “User Interface”. Check the content shared below on this page to find out UI definition and all the information related to acronym UI in FAQ format.

What does UI mean?

UI is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word which means “User Interface”. It is used during chats and online conversations on forums, social networking sites and chat rooms.

The Meaning of UI

UI means “User Interface”.

What is UI?

UI is “User Interface”.

UI Definition / UI Means

The definition of UI is “User Interface”.

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Other terms relating to ‘user’:
 ARPU Average Revenue Per User
 BASER Drug user
 BDU Brain Dead User
Battle Dress Uniform
 CUG Closed User Group
 EUA End User Agreement
 EULA End User License Agreement
 GUI Graphical User Interface
 ID10T Computer error caused by user
 MU Multi User
 NARU Not A Registered User
 SCOUSER Person from Liverpool
 TROLL A deliberately provocative message board user
 TWEEKER A methamphetamine user
 UAC User Account Control
 UBD User Brain Damage
 UGC User Generated Content
 UID User Identification
 USER Someone who uses other people to gain an advantage
 UX User eXperience
 WUL Watched User List
Other terms relating to ‘interface’:
 API Application Programming Interface
 BANDWIDTH Amount of data through an interface over time
 CKI Chair-Keyboard Interface
 CLI Command Line Interface
 DVI Digital Visual Interface
 GUI Graphical User Interface
 HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface
 HMI Human Machine Interface
 MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
 NIC Network Interface Card
 PCMIA Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adaptor
 SCSI Small Computer System Interface
 SLI Scalable Link Interface