Hello Everyone!

I am Hibba Ahsan, a travel freak, Urdu poetry lover and a passionate worker! I am currently a baccalaureate student doing my BS in Psychology and will be graduating soon (time flies I swear!). I am from Lahore, Pakistan.  I am the youngest one in my family.

Hibba Ahsan

We have recently shifted from inner Lahore to the out skirts and it made come across many different things. One of them was finding technical stuff about products. So I started this website on my own since I realized that I’m a gaming freak and that finding the specifications and features of products was a hectic job! Researching for all the necessary things is a huge hassle every single time.


I remember how the first time my brother introduced me to the TECHINICAL games and my interest built in them so much that I can still not get enough of it. So, when I knew that this was the best part time party I can indulge myself into, I started looking up for the best keyboards and mice in market. I came across all the expensive branded ones but then I realized that were products that consisted the same features and designs but in lower and cheaper prices. There were so many of them that I got confused which ones to get and which to let go!

But there came a time when it hit me that I really need to do something that could turn out to be beneficial for myself as well as people like me who have to open up a thousand different tabs for a single product. It came to my mind that there needs to one place that explains everything under one umbrella.

Well, then I started working for this website but I also wanted that my work should be authentic and have a solid basis. Trusting solely on different sites was not my thing. Then I had an idea of going to the market personally and taking information from the owners and interviewing them on each product they have introduced to the market. Furthermore, I also tested as many keyboards and mice as possible so that I know if the information collected is true or not. After all the research, I thought it is high time that I should be sharing this information with other people and that they can take full advantage of it as well.

Moreover, from this research I came across another thing which did not come to my mind until and unless I got out of my comfort zone and searched for best mice and keyboards. It clicked my mind that in this century of technology, there are now products that are wireless, but the question is how do they work? With batteries, of course!

This research made me learn a lot of new things and this was one of them. These things kept on adding to the list for my website. Such as searching for the best batteries and which ones had to be used when and for how long. Then again, I reviewed a lot of websites and other online forums to search for batteries which suited which keyboard or mouse and who should take what, depending upon their budget.

I know that people out there, professional gamers or students like me, all have different preferences depending on their game choices and the budget they have. So providing them with the basic information was a necessary job for me. For this reason, I have posted all the reviews that I got for the best wireless keyboard and mouse. I had decided that I should be sharing this with other people so that they do not have to waste so much time and energy on different websites.

I have listed down the products from different brands, which according to me, were thought to be the best and well known in the market throughout the world. The products that I have used myself and seen my friends using are also listed for you to review yourself what you need.

However, I am now thinking of introducing other technologically designed products that are of great use for parents, or people who are thinking to gift these things to their siblings or friends on their birthday’s or special occasions. This why I will, from now onwards, talk about and give reviews of other necessary things which we find difficult to research on and then end up buying something completely useless. These other products include the baby strollers, sterilizers, electric or gas pressure washers etc. adulthood can be a very joyful yet a very tiring era of one’s life. So here we make your lives a little stress free!  

I hope that you all like reading my reviews and articles related to different technological things that fit best to your interest. All the products mentioned will be the ones that are tested thoroughly and keenly for your convenience.

I wish that all people, especially the students out there, just like me, find this website useful and keep on giving me recommendations for me to on to the articles. If you want to ask any questions related to the website, my work or the products that I have mentioned on my website, you can simply write to me without any sort of hesitation and let me know how I can be of help.

Furthermore, if you want to give any comments for improvement and suggestions, then you can look up to our Facebook page.