7 Best Apps for Dealing With Co-parenting

Once two people realize they aren’t functioning well in marriage, they often see divorce as the best option for everyone to continue living their lives in peace and without stress. While some manage to maintain normal communication after all, others break up hating each other – stories differ from case to case.

The main goal of ex-spouses/partners should be directing all their energy towards maintaining the child’s mental health – as, in the end, whether they like it or not, there’ll always be a bond between them. Using modern-time co-parenting apps is a great way to ensure both parents are keeping up with all news and changes related to their child, especially when one of them isn’t around. Besides modern apps, here is larimerlawllc.com which can help you. Let’s take a look at the list of the best on the market.

1. WeParent


The WeParent application was the idea of ​ Elena Krasnoperova, a psychologist who devoted a part of her life to studying this sphere in detail. The matter of co-parenting motivated her to create an application that would facilitate communication between ex-partners and reduce stressful situations as much as possible. Having in mind all of her studies dedicated to the psychological aspect of such relationships, it seems as if she did a good job.

WeParent provides various tools that can assist you in scheduling meetings or events. It’s perfect for keeping records of existing costs, and it also enables parents to text each other and discuss their schedule.

2. Cozi


At first, Cozi’s primary purpose was far from helping divorced parents learn to raise their children together. Regardless, many ex-couples seem to have concluded that its great and practical features can really come in handy. That’s how this app ended up on our list as one of the best free co-parenting apps.

The functions it offers are numerous – you can fill in shared calendars, organize appointments, or simply exchange photos to let your ex-partner enjoy some important moments they missed while being absent. Another great option is that grandparents can use this app as well, which can be quite useful in case they take care of the kids while you and your ex-partner are at work or absent.

The initial app version is free and adapted to both Android and IOS operating systems, and also accessible from any device.

3. DComply


Divorce can be very stressful and after the trial is over, your priority should be to preserve the child’s mental health, but also your own sanity which gets affected by burdensome bureaucracy and financial struggles. What may help is a bunch of great advice (that is available for anyone who wants to click here), but also an app that will facilitate cost organization.

One of the best platforms on the market that can make these problems resolvable in a split second and find the best possible solution is DComply. Here you can record all expenses and agree with your ex on the way in which they can be paid. The app allows all types of payments and is adapted to both Android and IOS operating systems – so it’s definitely worth a try.

4. OurFamilyWizard


OurFamilyWizard is the creation of a divorced couple who were motivated to encourage other parents whose marriage didn’t work to maintain the best possible communication.

The app includes a great option – a special feature that scans text messages and detects the moments when a conversation is likely to turn into an argument. The role of this feature is to offer alternative words that’ll probably make you think about rephrasing your sentences and talking to your ex more peacefully. Every conversation remains recorded and can serve as evidence in court if you’re facing a child support problem, for example. The starting price is $99 per year, with an additional Tone Meter fee of $10.

5. Coparently


Another possibility of digital communication between ex-spouses. Numerous available options make communication less stressful and problematic, as well as all types of exchanges, meeting schedule methods and financial monitoring.

What distinguishes Coparently from other applications is the ability to include your children. This leaves them room for contributing to family matters and giving their opinion on certain things. Of course, this feature can’t be used by toddlers – but as your little ones become older, they’ll probably want to be informed about all family issues. Or, better said, they’ll consider themselves old enough to participate in making decisions that concern them. Usage costs around $99 per year per person, but there’s also the option to try it out within 30 days.

6. 2Houses


You can get 2Houses at the same price as Coparently, along with the opportunity to try them out for 14 days. Observed from the aspect of affordability, 2Houses could be a good choice, considering that the monthly subscription isn’t divided between mother and father, as they need to pay it together.

Similar to the other platforms we have listed, this one is great for improving mutual organization and human relationships. You can easily manage costs, but also exchange witty texts, share photos or videos, as well as any medical reports or notifications related to your child. Your ex-spouse can also participate in the implementation of some educational measures if there’s a need for it – that way, you’ll be able to solve all the problems together by consulting each other.

7. Amicable


The goal of the creators of Amicable was to encourage ex-spouses to achieve the best possible mutual relationship as that’s what their children need the most. Amicable can be downloaded for free in Apple and Play stores, which makes it available for all types and generations of users.

The app facilitates agreements on common future goals, which can facilitate the whole situation and decision-making related to your child. Both you and your ex can easily agree on the division of property and the organization of the budget concerning the child’s life.

Divorce doesn’t really need to have a bad effect on the child’s growth if the parents are willing enough to think rationally and discuss things without putting anger in the first place. Co-parenting apps are perfect mediators between former partners – and, with these seven examples, you can come up with a great way of solving family issues in a completely hassle-free way.