7 Reasons to Automate Your Customer Service with ChatBots

The point of customer service is to answer all potential wants and needs of a client, but it frequently implies answering a lot of misleading questions in the process. Surely, every single question a potential customer might ask can be of great importance to them, but experience teaches us that a vast majority of questions ever asked about a service can be reduced to only a few most important ones. Also, it is almost unimaginable to answer simultaneously to multiple customers asking the same or similar questions over and over again, or is it? Read the following lines and learn about that but also about other reasons why you should automate your customer service with chatbots.



Who knows how much time have you spent in past years on providing simple but lengthy answers to your customers, often repeating yourself for the umpteenth time? Well, probably you do, but the good news is you can make it stop without sacrificing the efficiency of your company’s customer service. Moreover, it would make it better. Namely, chatbots are designed to answer particular questions immediately, so both you and your clients can get what you want almost simultaneously. Also, the algorithm enables all the questions asked by multiple different customers to be answered at the same time, so you do not have to worry about keeping anyone waiting.

Economical Approach

A vast majority of individuals from different industries reckon investing in contemporary solutions to different challenges is both dangerous and unprofitable, and they cannot be more wrong. Namely, even though you would be entrusting an AI with establishing a relationship with your potential customers, you can rest assured it won’t take over the world. On the other hand, a chatbot can answer as many questions as it is asked in an instance, unlike a person in charge of providing the information. Also, chatbots save you money, since they require no pension and social insurance while paying for a software license costs far less than hiring a qualified worker to do the job.

Continuous Support


Another feature typical of chatbots is they need not have a break from time to time, moreover, they will perform 24 hours a day without dropping the efficiency rate. Unlike humans, they are designed to do what you want them to do constantly. Thus, you can expect your potential clients to enjoy the same level of support no matter when or from which part of the world they might be writing from. In that way, you will avoid losing clients solely due to untimely responses. Surely, an AI still cannot spend hours convincing someone to buy a product or a service, but it can appoint the customers to important pieces of information they would otherwise be denied.

Reach Out to Your Customers

Since we live in an era where if something does not reach social networks it is as it never happened in the first place, it comes as no wonder that many businesses, local or international, tend to use this feature for promotional purposes. Namely, people frequently visit a social network page without knowing what to expect and how to find what they are looking for. And then, after a brief moment of silence, comes the chatbot, savior of the day. The chatbot has to welcome the guest and see how it might be of assistance, saving your page’s visitor time. Botsurfer will explain to you how this functions in practice and what additional benefits you might experience if you put an AI chatbot in charge of providing state-of-the-art customer service both to your new and old clients.



Who says you need a real person to make a deal official? If you use chatbots, you won’t have to, at least for some deals that can be arranged smoothly. Namely, bots can offer a range of offers, depending on the criteria you and your AI developers set. Thus, you can both make it easier for your employees and the clients by enabling some automated service features based on previously adjusted algorithms.

Enhanced Functionality

AI is not real intelligence since it cannot make decisions on its own. On the other hand, it can make logical presumptions based on the data you feed it with and operate according to how you program it. In a nutshell, this is important because not every living person is efficient in making others change their mind or make them do something out of the blue. Well, a carefully designed AI can do just that. Surely, it will not take your customer’s free will and convince them to spend all their money on what you sell, but it could help them make their mind by asking the right questions at the right time, which humans often fail to succeed.

Multilingual Support


Training an employee to do a job is one thing, but asking him to deliver in several languages might be a bit too much unless paying additionally for an overqualified individual is what you look for. Fortunately, that is not the case with AI chatbots, since they can learn new languages whenever you decide to upgrade them that way. Surely, paying for the services of a multilingual chatbot might be more expensive, but it is nothing when compared to the opportunities this investment can realize. Naturally, you should assert whether you need this type of enhancement in the first place, but it is good to know that this feature is as far as few clicks away from happening. Oh, yes, and a few bucks more, as well.

Hopefully, you have realized the potential chatbots have from the pieces of information provided above. Do know that AI is far from reaching its peak and that the features it potentiates are yet to flabbergast. Now, you might sit back and watch what happens from a safe distance, or take the chance and enhance your customer service in time. Either way, the future comes galloping, and the sooner you realize that and start modernizing the easier your business will handle the transition.