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Avestar Capital: Diving Deep Into the Historical Influence of the Growing Indian Diaspora

Positioned strategically within the vibrant financial hub of New York City, Avestar Capital emerges as a preeminent wealth management firm, distinguished by its specialized commitment to addressing the intricate financial requirements of the expansive and influential Indian diaspora. The rich tapestry of this diaspora, extending its roots across the diverse landscapes of the Indian subcontinent, has become a significant force on the global stage, imprinting its legacy through profound economic contributions, cultural opulence, and a commanding presence across various sectors. The Indian diaspora, as a collective force, has played a pivotal role in shaping global narratives. Its economic contributions have not only fueled growth but have also fostered cross-cultural understanding and innovation. Avestar Capital, through its specialized focus, acknowledges and respects this impactful legacy, aiming to provide financial services that align seamlessly with the aspirations and challenges of its clients within the Indian diaspora.

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The origin of Indians leaving their home country in search of better opportunities in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe gained momentum in the early 1960s, following India’s independence. One of the first Indians to score a scholarship in a top-ranked university in the United States during that time was Meghanand Desai. This trend was largely driven by the growing number of English-speaking youth, a legacy of British colonial rule. Despite India’s historical struggle with poverty, many immigrants did not come from impoverished backgrounds, whether they were seeking job opportunities or pursuing higher education. After reconstructing their immigration rules in 1965, America became a home ground for talented youth. It attracted the youth with its work and higher education opportunities. They often hailed from higher middle-class or financially stable family backgrounds, especially among those immigrating to the United States. In the case of the Middle East and European countries, Indian immigrants in the 1980s were primarily engaged in various industries and labor-intensive jobs, such as textile mills. You can find more useful information here.

Almost three decades later, Indians have achieved significant prosperity in the countries they immigrated to, to the extent that 3% of India’s GDP now originates from the Indian diaspora. In contrast, the three generations of the Chinese diaspora are predominantly found in low-income countries, such as those in Africa and the Middle East, while Indians excel in rich and well-established countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. The diversity within the immigrant population extends beyond the descendants of Gujarat and Punjab; South Indians have been significant in numbers with an active involvement in the technology sector. The Indian diaspora also transcends caste limitations, encompassing individuals ranging from Dalits to upper-class individuals. Even the students who cracked the toughest entrance exams within the country are found to be working in the west as it has provided them with creative and financial exposure. Researchers have found that almost one-fourth of the graduated students from reputed Indian colleges have migrated to America.

Notable figures like Sundar Pichai in the technology sector and politicians such as Rishi Sunak and Kamala Harris demonstrate the thriving and expanding Indian diaspora. This influence extends beyond politics, as individuals like Dev Patel and Mindy Kaling, with Indian origins, have excelled in the entertainment industry in their adopted countries. This Indian diaspora, numbering in the millions, continues to strengthen its presence and financial investments.

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