Do you play soccer? If you do, you would know that it is one of the most popular games in the world. Americans have yet to accept this fact, but the rest of the world is accepting soccer’s increasing popularity.

What do you need to play a soccer game? A soccer ball. Undoubtedly, playing soccer is a sort of exercise hence, it is healthy for your body too. Just like any other sport essential, a soccer ball also plays an important role. Regardless of your expertise level, amateur or pro, you will still need a good soccer ball for a round of good and strong game.

In order to have a good one, there are some things to consider to get your hands on the correct ball: their types, sizes, and other factors will shape up your final decision.

Best Choice
adidas World Cup Official Match Ball [White/Black/SILVMT]
Premium Pick
adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Training Ball, White/Solar Green/Glory Blue/Silver Metallic, 3
Also Consider
Nike CR7 NK Prstg Ball Line Cristiano Ronaldo, Unisex Adult
Best Price
WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball
adidas World Cup Official Match Ball [White/Black/SILVMT]
adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Training Ball, White/Solar Green/Glory Blue/Silver Metallic, 3
Nike CR7 NK Prstg Ball Line Cristiano Ronaldo, Unisex Adult
WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball
- New carcass construction inside for greater force distribution on shots
- A training ball marking a major anniversary in North American soccer
- Machine-stitched TPU casing enhances touch and durabilit
- Synthetic leather cover for increased durability
- Updated digital Telstar pattern inspired by the original adidas World Cup ball used in 1970
- Butyl bladder for best air retention
- Graphic is inspired by Ronaldo's status as a modern legend
- Traditional panel graphics with silver ACcents
Best Choice
adidas World Cup Official Match Ball [White/Black/SILVMT]
adidas World Cup Official Match Ball [White/Black/SILVMT]
- New carcass construction inside for greater force distribution on shots
- Updated digital Telstar pattern inspired by the original adidas World Cup ball used in 1970
Premium Pick
adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Training Ball, White/Solar Green/Glory Blue/Silver Metallic, 3
adidas Unisex-Adult MLS Training Ball, White/Solar Green/Glory Blue/Silver Metallic, 3
- A training ball marking a major anniversary in North American soccer
- Butyl bladder for best air retention
Also Consider
Nike CR7 NK Prstg Ball Line Cristiano Ronaldo, Unisex Adult
Nike CR7 NK Prstg Ball Line Cristiano Ronaldo, Unisex Adult
- Machine-stitched TPU casing enhances touch and durabilit
- Graphic is inspired by Ronaldo's status as a modern legend
Best Price
WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball
WILSON Traditional Soccer Ball
- Synthetic leather cover for increased durability
- Traditional panel graphics with silver ACcents

Different Types of Soccer Balls

There is a galore of soccer balls available on the market. Each variation brings its own unique aspects that suit well to a specific group of players. In simpler terms, there is a different group of audiences for different types of soccer balls. To make understanding a bit easier, let’s divide types into two different categories: professional usage and other uses. Here is the list of best volleyballs with different price ranges.

Soccer Balls for Professional Usage

This category has four types of balls:

Premium Match BallsMatch BallsTraining BallsTurf Balls
Premium Match balls include FIFA-approved balls, which are definitely the most expensive ones. I mean, they are FIFA-approved! They are unique because they are said to meet international standards required to play a football match. Being FIFA-approved is not a piece of cake – they undergo the extremely thorough and careful testing process for shape, water retention, flight, air, and overall performance. Many professional soccer games and tournaments use these balls.
Featuring a slight variation in construction, these match balls are similar to premium match balls in terms of material used. Hence, these are also used in different matches. Most of these are NCAA and NFHS-approved, and match balls are commonly used in high-school and college tournaments and leagues.
Training balls are made tough and strong, so if you want to kick them hard anywhere, you definitely can. These balls are specifically designed for training and every level of player.
If you are looking for something reasonable, these turf balls are good to go. These balls are only suitable to play on artificial grass or turfs. In order to avoid your ball to skid, make sure to keep it away from natural grass.

Soccer Balls for Other Purposes

These other-purpose balls are suitable to use on training or play with at beaches.

Futsal BallsIndoor BallsMedicine BallsBeach/Street Balls
Though futsal balls are smaller in size, these have the same size as that of a regular size 5 soccer ball. These are low-bounce balls and work well on hard futsal surfaces.
These balls feature less bounce and rebound, which makes it perfectly suitable to play on hard surfaces. The unique part is their cover; they feature a hardcover. Also, their better control makes it easier to play soccer with these balls on indoor grounds.
Medicine balls are not for training or playing purposes; these are specifically designed for goalkeepers for strength training and practising.
These soccer balls feature water-resistant properties and a softer cover, which makes playing with bare foot easier. On the other hand, street balls are tough and strong. These are specifically designed to play on concrete grounds or hard surfaces.

Soccer Balls and Their Different Sizes

This may sound a bit new, but soccer balls are available in five types when it comes to sizes.

Size 1Size 2Size 3Size 4Size 5
Size 1 balls are miniature soccer balls that are used for footwork and development of skills.
These balls are ideal for children as they are half the size of a standard soccer ball. These are specifically for the U4 level in an organized soccer tournament.
With the same size as that of a standard soccer ball, these size 3 ones ideal for young children.
With the size smaller than a standard full-sized soccer ball, type 3 is the ideal size to practice your skills and develop expertise. These are usually recommended for young children playing at the U12-U8 level.
Here comes the standard full-sized soccer ball used by adult players. Type 5 is the ball used for professional leagues and tournaments.

How to Identify a Good Soccer Ball?

How to Identify a Good Soccer BallAs we mentioned that there are thousands of soccer balls on the market, but to identify the best one is the main challenge. There is a wide variety of designs available but what makes one ball stand out from another is its construction and material quality. Something with such intricate requirements demands high-quality workmanship; hence, always go for the best craftsmanship that makes sure of better control and retention on the ground fields. We have dug deep down on the subject to provide you with the important factors that contribute to making the best soccer ball. Come, let’s have a quick go through:

Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The outer part is called as the cover that has a major task to do: protection to make the soccer ball durable. The material used for the exterior part could be synthetic leather, polyurethane (PU), and polyvinyl carbonate (PVC). Among all of them, the PVC is the most inexpensive material that lasts longer; however, the main problem for many soccer players would be its control. The PU is more durable but not more comfortable than synthetic leather, which has the most expensive price tag along with a softer exterior and great control. The bladder of the ball could feature butyl or latex/rubber. The butyl is ideal for better air retention; however, for professional purposes, the one with latex/rubber is used for it has a better bounce. Those panels you see on the outside are actually patches. Most of them feature 32 panels but some also make use of 18 or 26 panels. How these panels are attached to the casing? They are glued, stitched or thermally moulded. Undoubtedly, hand-stitched balls are the best among all out there in terms of durability and quality. And then comes the machine-stitched ones. While thermally-moulded panels are durable enough to last for a little longer, glued ones are usually found on cheaper-quality products. Now comes the lining – the middle part between the casing and the bladder. The lining part is made of polyester, and it is responsible to determine the bouncing rate. Greater the number of layers, better the ball retains its shape and lesser it bounces.
The type of components determines the strength of a ball. As we mentioned earlier, the PVC ones are the strongest out of all, but they are not the ideal type to be played professionally on grounds. In a similar way, the butyl is known to provide better air retention, but latex/rubber ones are used on a professional level. So, to assume that strength always means high-quality is wrong. So, in actual, what determines a ball’s quality? The comfort level and performance of a ball, including air retention, projection, accuracy, bending, and a few other factors make up their quality.
The science is obvious: quality leads to performance. The rule is similar in this case as well – the quality of material used will lead to performance. Soccer balls that feature synthetic leather and 32 panels are capable of providing great control on the ground. On the other hand, 18 or 26 panels make it suitable to curve during kicks because they tend to have less stability and are made rounder in shape. Also, among all other types, these soccer balls tend to absorb comparatively lesser water. What does a latex bladder do? If you are looking for something that offers a good bounce, go for it. However, unlike butyl bladders, such balls require continuous inflation. To sum up, let’s say that balls with synthetic leather, latex bladder, 32 panels, and multiple layers of lining will lead to the best performance on the ground. We have reviewed some of the best soccer balls out on the market by some of the well-known brands. Whether you are a pro or play just for fun on the streets, there is a ball for you on this list.

Top 15 Best Soccer Balls in 2023

1. Adidas FIFA Confederations Cup Official Match Ball

Adidas FIFA Confederations Cup Official Match Ball


A Russian colloquial term, Krasava, is for that player who shows exceptional performance in the match. It was the official match ball of the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup.

Though the Adidas FIFA Confederations Cup Official Match Ball is expensive, it is specifically for the top-class tournaments/leagues. It leads to the best actions in the world’s best matches.

Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The literal meaning of Krasava is ‘beautiful’ and the process of crafting this is pure art. The ball features a shocking red design with electric jagged lines. And guess what, the electrifying vibes are enough to motivate and charge the spirit. The red colour denotes the Great Russian Ruby adding beauty to the Great Imperial Crown. The logo and trophy of the tournament are also embedded on one of the panels along with an ‘official match ball’ graphic. In a technical manner, there are same panels on Krasava as the Beau Jeu and Fracas, the two soccer balls by Adidas used in the UEFA Euro 2016 group and knockout stages. It sports the best quality materials in every component of the soccer ball, including the casing, bladder and backing. As far as the lining is concerned, it is thermally-moulded. The featured hand-stitched panels are durable enough to last long and withstand strong kicks.
As we discussed earlier, the hand-stitched, thermally-bonded panels are a great combination if you want a durable soccer ball. Krasava has successfully passed FIFA’s detailed and thorough tests for water absorption, weight, rebound, and accurate circumference. Manufactured with 17% polyester imitation leather and 83% TPU, the ball’s outer-most layer’s special combination has made it abrasion-resistant. You want to play on hard and rough surfaces? You absolutely can without worrying to destroy its shape.
Krasava features a 6-panel design that produces exceptional flight. Moreover, there is a premium and high-quality surface structure along with the improved texture of the exterior to promote friction for better control. All in all, you will have a great experience with its grip and in-flight visibility features while playing. Moreover, the seamless lining contributes to a predictable projectile flight that any pro player would want to turn the game in their favour. Also, the water absorption properties help in shape retention for a long time. Unlike the level of control any cheap product would provide, Krasava is able to pull this off in a far better way. It is responsive to the spin and oh boy, the curving up in the air is just like flawless magic.

2. Nike Premier League Strike Ball

Who is not aware of Nike? Everyone is. It is one of the most popular soccer brands in the world. The Premier League Strike Ball is one of the most used soccer ball used at a professional level. It can be used both for professional games and on-ground practice sessions.

Nike Premier League Strike Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
Along with white and yellow variants, the ball also features a powerful visual graphic that helps to track the soccer ball. The featured butyl bladder helps in keeping the ball in its shape. One thing you should know that the ball doesn’t come all pumped-up – you have to air pump it. Unlike the latex bladder that requires frequent pumping, the proper inflation procedure of this butyl bladder ball ensures to keep the ball in shape for long.
The construction of the soccer ball is of high quality and durable. The casing part on the exterior is a combination of rubber, polyurethane, polyester, and EVA. Though the butyl bladder doesn’t provide that soft feeling like that of a latex one, it is still the best bladder material for shape retention. It features machine-stitched lining that makes the soccer ball’s life expectancy longer; however, to maintain its quality and durability, you must keep it well-maintained and inflated at all times. The fact is that this ball doesn’t offer true premium quality feels; however, the best part is that it doesn’t require high-level maintenance. Also, you can easily use it on hard pitches. Another best part is that it doesn’t need continuous pumping, and there are little chances of the ball wearing out by playing it on the streets.
Sometimes, it is harder to keep track of the ball while it is out in the air or anywhere on the ground, specifically because of the colours. But guess what, the best part about this ball is the colourful graphics that help a player to spot it faster. Moreover, the textured casing gives a superior touch. To make the flight accurate, Nike has incorporated this ball with Aerowtrac grooves. This ball is ideal for children who want to have a quality soccer ball for playing or practising.

3. Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball

Adidas revealed Beau Jeu as the official ball of the UEFA Euro 2016. The manufacturers had been planning to make an enhanced version of their 2015 World Cup match ball Bracuza.

And Beau Jeu is the same version of the story but with an improved plot. Want a high-quality ball under $100? Get your hands on this premium ball by Adidas.

Adidas UEFA Euro 2016 Official Match Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The Beau Jeu by Adidas features a creative graphic design all over the ball, and the colour inspiration is taken from the tournament’s logo; however, colours are made slightly vibrant for easier tracking and flight visibility. The Bracuza ball features panels with a diamond-shaped dimple pattern; however, the Beau Jeu has checkered-board dimple design. The enhanced design and structure make this ball a stand-out from its previous versions. The cover, bladder and casing of the ball are manufactured with high-quality materials. Moreover, thermally-bonded linings ensure durability, shape retention, and a controlled bounce.
There is no question about the strength and durability of the Beau Jeu. If you keep it well-maintained and with care, the Beau Jeu can last for a longer period than your expectations. In case you wonder about synthetic leather, let us tell you that this material is only found in high-end, premium-quality soccer balls, and the Beau Jeu features the same casing. The thermally-bonded lining will give you a softer touch; however, it requires frequent pumping in order to retain its shape. It only comes in size 5 and has the highest FIFA rating for its water-absorption properties, weight, size and shape retention.
Since the patterns on the outside are not cyclic, you may think that its flight patterns could be deceptive visually. However, the Beau Jeu has the ability to provide a top-class performance, and you can easily spot it during kicks. Since it features top-notch construction and high-quality materials, the chances of the pattern being a hurdle while playing are zero. All in all, the Beau Jeu is all about consistency and quality. It is able to provide an accurate projectile flight and visibility. And the best part is that this soccer ball can withstand all weather conditions, so no staying back on rainy days.

4. Nike Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball

There is no single soul on Earth who doesn’t know Cristiano Ronaldo, is there? Even if you are not a fan of soccer, you will still know this name. The CR7 Prestige soccer ball by Nike is named after him.

Just like Cristiano, this ball is also meant to be played at a professional level. Have been looking for something really good? Get ready to be taken away by the speed, trajectory and correct flight of this ball.

Nike Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
Inspired by a prolific soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, the balls features a neat and clean design, just like his style of playing. The elegant combination of black and white with light strokes of blue makes the soccer ball appear visible and vibrant on the field. The layer on the exterior is manufactured with rubber, polyester, polyurethane and EVA. For better grip and précised flight, the ball features 26 machine-stitched panels and the textured outer. The butyl bladder is tough, strong and eliminates the need to pump it continuously.
The reality is that this soccer ball doesn’t boast high-quality due to its machine-stitched panels and polyester-reinforced butyl bladder. The shape retention is quite good unlike those with a latex bladder. Also, you can easily use it on hard fields. Though the ball is tough and strong, don’t make your expectations way too high.
The texture on the exterior helps to transfer that energy and force from the foot to the ball. And for this specific characteristic, it gives that accurate flight every pro would want. However, one little downside is that the pattern can hold up some dirt in it, so it is better to avoid playing this ball on muddy surfaces. Unlike inexpensive and low-quality products, this one has a better seam tolerance. Also, it has the ability to give you a consistent feel. The ball comes in size 4 and size 5; hence, it is recommended for practising and children’s professional games.

5. Adidas Performance MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball

This Top Glider Soccer Ball is a part of Adidas MLS Soccer Collection. It features a good design along with strong built, which makes it ideal for practise sessions and real on-ground games, to know more about MLS Soccer matches visit this website.

This Glider Soccer Ball by Adidas comes in all sizes except size 2, which makes it suitable for players of all ages. The smallest-sized balls carry a price tag of under $15 and sizes above them are under $100. 

Adidas Performance MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The inspiration behind this ball’s design is taken from three pillars of MLS: club, community and country. Available on the market in three great designs, these balls have the ability to make any game alive. Moreover, it features a sturdy water-resistant PU shell enveloped around a butyl bladder. The panels are stitched by machines; hence, they may not last long, but they sure will give that soft feels to touch for better control.
This soccer ball features TPU (thermoplastic urethane) casing, which further ensures to keep all dirt and water at bay. Moreover, the butyl bladder will avoid the frequent need to air-pump the ball. The machine-stitched panels along with nylon-woven lining ensure maximum flexibility and durable performance. However, one thing to keep in mind is not to play or kick the ball on a sharp, rocky ground as the ball’s exterior can tear up.
If you use the soccer ball excessively, there are chances that it may lose its shape gradually. But, let us tell you that this Glider one is white in the room of blacks. Since the bladder is made of butyl, the firm surface won’t deflate easily. Even after excessive usage, you will find the air pressure constant. Since the exterior of the ball is quite slippery, it may skid on turf grounds. But the outer part will get rough eventually over time. This ball by Adidas is ideal for both professionals and street players. It demonstrates just the accurate amount of consistency and stability up in the air required for developing skills and practicing.

6. Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball

So here comes another soccer ball named after a renowned soccer player – Lionel Messi. Any soccer enthusiast would want to get their hands on this ball not just because of his name attached to it but also the quality it brings on the ground. This ball by Adidas is available in many sizes with different price tags.

The cheapest variant carries a price tag under $10, and the most expensive one comes under $70.

Adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The amazing Messi ball comes in a wide variety of colours and some of the designs are unique and vibrant, just similar to the actions of Barcelona on the field. Specifically, the electric mix of white/solar red/red/solar orange/blue/shocking pink is too good to see in action. The mix and match of vibrant colours, unique graphics and panels make the ball prominent and visible. The casing on the outside features 100% injection-molded TPU, making the exterior surface soft to touch. Moreover, it also features nylon-reinforced, and the butyl bladder is also made of high quality.
Undoubtedly, the Messi soccer ball by Adidas adds value to the soccer kit. Kick it, and you will feel the same experience as if you were a professional player on the field. Die-hard madness for soccer? You are definitely going to enjoy it. Since it is stitched with machines, and every single component is of high quality. Moreover, the bladder helps in shape retention and keeps the ball inflated. Also, it sports nylon lining for durable performance.
You have to pump the air into the ball when you get it at your doorstep. The Messi ball doesn’t boast the traditional 32 panels. Planning to buy any other ball at this price point? Better get your hands on this one, and feel like a pro.

7. Adidas 2016 MLS Official Match Ball

The 2016 MLS official match ball is another extraordinary and attractive product by Adidas. You can purchase this ball if you are a really serious player and ambitious footballer. If you want a high-quality ball for better practice and training, you can consider getting your hands on this ball by Adidas. Though it carries an expensive price tag, it provides extraordinary performance on the field. 

Adidas 2016 MLS Official Match Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The exterior casing of the ball is like is close to the one you may have seen in official match balls. The exterior of the ball has a prominent logo of MLS league. As far as the graphic part is concerned, we must say that it is a pure form of art. The graphic designers have wisely designed this Adidas MLS ball with star-spangled patches that represent the United States along with maple leaves that represent Canada. Just as discussed, this ball also boasts TPU casing for durability. But the main credit goes to the thermally-bonded lining and machine stitches.
If you are considering adding value to your tool kit, get your hands on this one. It boasts great features that further contribute to exceptional performance on the field. Since the ball comes in only size 5, it is only suitable for adult players and children of age above 12. Since this ball is specifically designed for professional matches on the ground, it is made with durability in consideration.
Since the ball is made with quality in mind, it is supposed to motivate players to demonstrate exceptional actions on the game field. It holds the motivation and spirit due to the incorporation of the latest technology by Adidas. With the amazing and wise incorporation of six identical panels, you can expect an accurate flight along with an exceptional trajectory. Moreover, with the help of a textured surface, the ball doesn’t skid and provide better control. Also, the construction of top-quality casing helps in providing a better touch and grip. Last but not least, the low uptake of water helps in keeping the circumference intact in its shape.

8. Adidas Performance Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball

Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball is a part of the Adidas Euro 2016 collection. Pro players use this ball for training sessions and other purposes. In order to meet high standards of professional and honed players, Adidas have embedded the latest technology in the Glider ball. It is able to withstand extreme pressure.

Adidas Performance Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
Available in multiple colour combinations, the ball boasts a graphic design that is not only lively but the best representation of the tournament. The TPU casing and machine stitches hold everything together in an intact shape. To add more strength and stability to the overall structure, manufacturers have used the butyl bladder and nylon wound carcass. The best part is that this Euro 16 Glider Soccer Ball is available in all sizes. The size 5 is ideal for adults and children of age over 12 years. On the other hand, size 1 is ideal for those who want to develop and hone their soccer skills.
The sturdy TPU casing helps to keep the abrasion at bay. So, you can absolutely play on hard surfaces without having to worry about your ball. The machine stitches and nylon wound carcass helps in keeping the structure tough and sturdy. The butyl bladder keeps the air inflated in the ball for a longer period. That means there is little to no maintenance, and you can enjoy playing with a pumped ball for quite some time.
You can play with the ball barefooted as it is soft enough. But yes, it is not soft enough to wear out anytime soon. Though it is a bit heavier for a size 5 ball, it still provides a précised pass along with an accurate trajectory. However, be mindful of not playing with it in your backyard, as the heavyweight can break your glass windows. The quality of the Glider doesn’t match with a match ball, but it still is a good option if you want something budget-friendly and with good quality.

9. Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS Ball

As the ball plays an essential part in playing or practicing soccer, a great quality ball is important. The MLS top training NFHS ball is considered to feature great quality.

A collection of MLS soccer offers a good quality training ball that a player wants. Though this ball doesn’t demonstrate quality like that of a high-end match ball, the seamless exterior, good material quality, and approved size by FIFA will take this beyond the expectations of a person.

Adidas MLS Top Training NFHS Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
This ball features 4 designs with different combinations of colour and graphic designs. A ball has a black and white colour combination which comes with different mix combinations, including iron metallic, silver metallic, night shade and grey. The three pillars of MLS are club, country and community which are the source of Nativo’s inspiration. The ball sports a solid thermoplastic polyurethane, butyl bladder and thermally-bonded linings. This ball is certified by NFHS by passing FIFA tests, circumference, rebound and uptake of water.
The reasons for calling Navito as top training ball are because its features are of good quality and great resilience. Though it is a low-priced ball, it will show its potential once you put it to test on the ground. As far as its durability is concerned, TPU plays a good role in durability, and for solid bonding among interior and exterior casing, TSBE technology has been used.
For performance, a great quality ball will always be consistent and smooth on every surface. Moreover, it must retain the shape, have an accurate flight, and water-resistant. And the good news is that Navito ball has all the features like TSBE technology that allows for trajectory flying shots. Moreover, it is soft to touch and has water absorption properties. It gives good bounce and feels. Navito is consistent, durable and fit for every requirement that a person wants.

10. Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball

The dilemma arises between purchasing low price balls and regretting later on it and having a good quality material and top-notch ball and dealing with a collapsed purse. But wait, Mikasa is here to the rescue!

The Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball provides a great deal for every buck you pay. Unlike cheap products prevailing in the soccer market, this ball comes in all sizes (available in size 3, size 4 and size 5) that too in less than $50. Pretty good, no?

Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
These Serious Soccer Balls sport great design and come in 4 different shades – black, purple, green and red. These 4 different shades are in white color background. This Mikasa Serious is available in 3 sizes so every age group player can use it. If the ball is hand-stitched, it becomes heavier than other types. Why? Because such balls are specifically designed for indoor surfaces, and these are not bouncy enough. However, you can use it outdoors as well just because the construction is strong enough. This ball can work well at practice sessions instead of an on-ground soccer game.
The life expectancy of this ball is long-lasting, as its features show durability. It sports a durable cushion stitched with synthetic leather. The butyl bladder is used to keep the ball intact in its shape; hence, this ball features the same material for better air retention. The Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball is not expensive and provides a good quality ball in the market of cheap products. The best part is that this ball comes with a 1-year warranty by Serious so that you can use and play with it without any worries.
The ball is soft because it is covered from a deluxe cushion cover. As it has a softer touch, children can use this ball as practice headers and chest lobbing. While kicking and heading with cheap soccer balls, it feels like hitting a hard surface whereas these deluxe cushioned-cover balls do not feel anything close to it. The bounce of this ball is reduced due to its heavyweight, and while taking flight shots and crosses, it gives a slight genuine movement and the bending of the ball is also convenient and reasonable. Mikasa Serious provides you with great quality in fewer prices to enjoy a good experience in the form of a premium product of quality on the market.

11. Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball

Looking for something of high quality yet affordable? The Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball lies in that category. It boasts a good design with quality that too at an affordable price tag. It is available in three different sizes, and it is ideal for practicing sessions and backyard games with friends. 

Nike Pitch Team Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
Available in three different and vibrant colours, including white, yellow and eclectic green, this ball will surely be a stand-out in terms of its colour choice. Each of the three variants sports dark patches to complement and adjust the overall vibrant appearance. Moreover, the ‘just do it’ logo completed the overall look of the ball. Vibrant and unique colour combinations help players to keep track of the ball on the field. The Nike Pitch Team also boasts colourful casing to keep track of it easily. Also, the colours are vibrant enough to make children fall in love with it at first sight. And adults, too.
Since it features TPU casing, the Nike Pitch Team has a solid and sturdy construction and build, so there is no room for questions on this subject. Moreover, the butyl bladder and machine stitches guarantee durability. The butyl bladder is great to retain the structure and dimensions of the ball.
The conventional 32-panel design along with TPU casing helps players to have an accurate flight, and it also gives a soft feel. Since the surface is shiny and slippery, it can skid on hard surfaces. Sporting a good bend and précised flight, the Nike Team Pitch makes your game easier each time. There is no need to air-pump it on a continuous basis. Moreover, it features a soft cover which makes it ideal for children as well. This is great for it allows you to feel as if you were playing with an expensive match ball. And if it ever wears, you can get your hands on another one, as it has an inexpensive price tag.

12. Nike Mercurial Fade Soccer Ball

Due to strong competition because of so much variety in the market these days, many brands are coming forward to create better replicas to satisfy the needs of their diverse customers. Moreover, it also gives a bit of advantage when one doesn’t want to splurge over a ball just for a warm-up or practice session.

The strong and unique design attracts many people towards this masterpiece. The football replica is strong yet trendy. The ball has the quality to stand out in the field. You can get it in 30$. It is the best option for private training and backyard sessions with football cleats.

Nike Mercurial Fade Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The ball has an attractive black background along with a striking red colour. The traditional white logo completes the whole design. Unlike balls with a conventional 32-panel design, it sports 24 panels which ensure that it can perform well against kicks of professionals. It is made of butyl bladder and strong TPU casing.
Though it can’t match the level of quality and durability of an official match ball, this ball can serve you for long if it is well-maintained. It sports TPU casing that allows strength and feels soft to touch. Unlike the latex bladder, the butyl bladder is comparatively harder.
The vibrant and unique colours along with bold graphics make this ball visible and prominent while playing. Though its slick surface may irritate players in wet weather conditions, it gets rough gradually. Moreover, the 26-panel design is great for précised projectile flight and trajectory. As we mentioned earlier how the butyl bladder helps in keeping the ball inflated for a longer time, the Nike Mercurial also features the same bladder material in order to keep the maintenance level at low. All in all, the Mercurial Fade helps to hone soccer skills by serving you with high quality and great features you would find in an expensive match ball.

13. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

When it comes to soccer balls, nothing beats the old-yet-gold traditional style of soccer balls. It is an indisputable fact amongst soccer fans that the traditional black and white triumphs over any and every design. Whether you are buying it for your kids or wanting to start practicing or playing matches in the park in your leisure time, this should be your first-choice soccer ball design.

Being exceedingly affordable, we have the aforementioned design in three befitting sizes (Size 3, 4, and 5).

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
As mentioned earlier, holding and playing with a classic black and white soccer ball will carry a giant wave of nostalgia with itself. About the design, the soccer ball is built in pure synthetic leather attached to the circular structure with machine stitching. One of the many issues of owning a soccer ball is the maintenance of its shape. However, you need not to worry about that as this classic structure cannot be disoriented by any amount of kicks.
No matter what the size of a product, good quality is the first choice of every customer. In terms of soccer balls, providing superior quality is directly proportional to increased production costs. However, surprisingly this is not the case here. The synthetic leather casing is extremely high-quality and requires only basic maintenance to maintain its original form. The basics of proper and regular cleaning of the soccer ball are literally the only thing required to maintain the look and feel of the leather. Furthermore, the lifespan of the ball can be increased if you avoid playing with it on rough grounds as it can wear out the cover. The machine-stitched panels on the soccer ball ensure that the casing remains attached to the inner structure.
As mentioned earlier that the quality of the soccer balls is of the highest grade, the material is extremely soft to touch and kick. It is observed that if a ball manages to maintain its shape, it is usually pretty stiff. However, the Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball shows stable behavior in the air and long-distance shots. As far as the weight and dimensions of the soccer ball are concerned, they are maintained flawlessly ensuring the accuracy of its trajectory. The ball offers great rebounds that serve as stepping stones in learning to pass, dribble, and shoot – precisely.

14. Select Sport America Numero 10 Soccer Ball

When we talk about reliable soccer ball manufacturers, Select is always one of the top soccer brands. Their product America Numero 10 is one of the best soccer ball pieces in their entire stock. Despite being a budget ball that is tailor-made for indoor and outdoor practice sessions, it can give its competitor budget soccer balls a run for their money.

Select Sport America Numero 10 Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The design of America Numero 10 soccer ball aligns perfectly with Select’s claims of their products being of the best designs. It consists of detailed patterns on the cover which have nine different colors. If you plan on playing in dark and poorly-lit places, then you should opt for a bright colored variant of the America Numero 10. The motivation of sticking to the traditional 32 panel-design on the cover is a true testament to the company’s loyalty towards a worthy design. Being the first company to create that design, they believe that this design provides the perfect experience you should have while holding a soccer ball. The America Numero 10’s exterior casing is an FPUS 1500 synthetic leather. With the panels machine-stitched to the inner structure, it gives the cover a premium look and feels.
Since Select is a renowned soccer ball manufacturer, superior quality is their middle name. With the ball being extra soft to kick yet durable, it can provide long drill sessions and frequent match days. It consists of a 1.5mm thick PU cover along with the zero-wing latex bladder which ensures that quality and performance are not compromised. The America Numero 10 is both NFHS and NCAA approved coming with a two-year warranty.
Despite the ball being soft to kick, you might hurt your leg if you play barefooted due to the thick PU casing. The zero-wing latex bladder will require regular pumping but once pumped, it provides the maximum touch and bounce experience. Being responsive to the first-touch is the foremost expectation from a ball, which is fulfilled completely with America Numero 10. It guarantees some good bending and true flights in the air.

15. Hetoo Waterproof Soccer Ball

Are you tight on budget? Looking for something of good quality but affordable? We have an option for you. The Waterproof soccer ball by Hetoo will be your perfect companion to accompany you in your backyard game rounds with your buddies. Available in less than a $15 price tag and three sizes, it is suitable for learning purposes. 

Hetoo Waterproof Soccer Ball


Design and ConstructionDurabilityPerformance
The Waterproof Soccer Ball by Hetoo sports a colourful and vibrant design, complementing the white colour in its background. The company claims the ball to be of the official size and weight dimensions. One of the best parts of this product is that it is eco-friendly because the polyurethane used is free from toxic PVC, sub-standard rubber, phthalate. The panels are machine-stitched to the carcass inside. Another great thing is that it comes with an included ball bag and a pump needle. We bet no big brand is going to give all of that free of cost.
The eco-friendly polyurethane is easy to handle and durable. The stitching and the butyl bladders hold everything together with consistency and stability. It is soft but hard enough to withstand those strong kicks.
The biggest advantage is that this soccer ball by Hetoo is not only durable but water-repellent as well. With 3% absorption rate, you can take it out on rainy days as well. It is constructed smartly so that it retains its size and shapes. The weight distribution is absolutely on point to provide a better performance up in the air.
Is There Any Relation Between The Price And The Quality?
Yes, there is. Soccer balls come at price points between $20 and $150. Undoubtedly, high-quality soccer balls carry an expensive price tag, but they deliver exceptional performance. Unlike cheaper products with substandard components, these balls are far better in terms of quality and construction. Premium brands do make sure of accurate flight, exceptional trajectory and shape and air retention. We know it is really annoying to buy a soccer ball with a limited budget. But if you are purchasing it to play on the streets with your buddies, a cheaper option will also do its job. Also, there is no point of spending on a soccer ball that costs a fortune if you are not a pro.
Construction and PerformanceCare and Maintenance
The construction and the quality of materials are responsible to predict the ball’s behaviour on the pitch. Well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and others embed soccer balls with the latest technologies to deliver accurate flight along with exceptional performance on the field.
With care and maintenance, your soccer ball can last many seasons. Even if you use it excessively, the ball can still hold its shape. Some tips are:

  • Dirt and soil can damage the ball; it is better to wash and dry after every use.
  • Try maintaining the correct inflation point.
  • Protect the ball from extreme heat and cold.
  • Never sit on the ball.


Check out some other models available on the market right now:

adidas EPP II Club Soccer Ball Active Red/Silver Met 3
  • Machine stitched surface
  • 100% TPU cover
  • Rubber bladder
GoSports Classic Black and White Soccer Ball with Premium Pump - Available as Single Balls or 6 Pack...
  • SIZE 3 BALL: Ages 8 and under
  • SYNTHETIC LEATHER: Increased durability and soft touch feel
  • AIR RETENTION: Butyl bladder to maintain roundness and air pressure
  • AIR PUMP: No athlete wants to feel stranded when their ball needs air pressure. Thankfully GoSports thinks ahead and includes a premium air pump to maintain optimum pressure
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: Enjoy playing soccer with the traditional ball design you know and love
adidas Tiro Club Soccer Ball Team Solar Yellow/Black 3
  • A versatile ball that makes your team work.
  • Butyl bladder for best air retention
  • Football for training sessions
Champion Sports Coated High Density Foam Soccer Ball
  • The soft coated foam cover is tear-resistant and durable for indoor or outdoor play
  • High-density foam offers consistent weight for shooting accuracy
  • Features a classic soccer ball style
  • Size 4
  • Color - yellow/black