Squash is a racquets and ball sport played by two (singles) or four players (doubles squash) in a four –walled court with a small , hollow rubber ball. The players alternate in striking the ball with their racquets onto the playable surfaces of the four wall of the court.


The objective of the game is to touch the ball in such a way that the opponent is not able to play a valid return. About 20 million people play squash regularly world wide in over 185 countries. It was previously known as squash racquets because the ball was “squashable” and dates as far back as the sixteenth century.

There is a difference between squash racquets and tennis racquets as squash racquets usually has an elongated egg shaped head, tending more toward oval or a triangular oval, while the tennis racquet is also usually heavier than a squash racquets because it needs to touch tennis ball which are considerably bigger and heavier than squash balls.

There are different aspects to consider when buying a squash racquets. Below are a list of factors to take into consideration. Here is the complete info about the best soccer balls from different brands.

Top 15 Best Squash Racquets In 2023

1. HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet

HEAD Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet


Design and Build

The head microgel 145 squash racquet is popular design for all players seeking a powerful strike. The head microgel has a 20mm beam , balance 335mm and comes with one grip size.  The racquet has a smooth feel, right length, and size for a squash player of any level.

MicroGel has awesome features –it wraps and deforms to absorb shock, and rapidly takes on it’s original form. This means you get the perfect partnership for smashing the competition and enhancing your skills.

The innovative MicroGel technology offers a superior low density from the special silicone –based construct. Due to its tear drop shape, it is able to offer even more power thereby creating a perfect blend.  This is one of the most preferred designs, especially well fitted for those players who are looking for a more commanding strike.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

You get all which you would expect from a professional racquet, such as improved speed, accuracy, and power, but what is most impressive here is feel of the racquet. Not only does the grip feel comfortable and secure but any vibrations are taken from the racquet. The grip on the handle conforms to your hand to give you the most comfortable experience possible. You will also find that any vibrations are channelled down through the racquet and out through the handle. You get zero feedback or vibration through the head, giving you even more accuracy and precision than you would expect.

Its special silicone based construction increases the level of responsiveness of the racquet which is further pronounced because of the microgel and the stiff carbon fibres. The design is such that it creates consistent stress dispersal that helps to improve the player’s game. The string patterns is 12 x 17 in mains and crosses. If you want to find a racket to help you train better, this is the right racket for you. The best part is that it offers brilliant control. the open string pattern combines with flexpoint technology to prevent an all –round racket with a well –balanced experience.

  • Racquet comes stringed
  • Lightweight for power and speed
  • Excellent grip
  • Includes cover for protection
  • Handle absorbs vibrations
  • The contact with the ball is smoother than many other alternatives.
  • Expensive
  • No choice of color
  • Against heavier balls it can be considered as less stable.

2. Tecnifibre Carboflex (S) Squash Racquet Series

Tecnifibre Carboflex (S) Squash Racquet Series


Design and Build

The lightness of the racquet makes it easy to generate lots of power on your shots. This can be double –edged sword (or double –edged racquet). Professionals will find that their swing and technique is improved, and this is because their swing is already good.

Beginners may find that it is harder to hit a shot initially until they improve their swing. It is very powerful, quick and easy to maneuver. This makes it perfect for volley, drops, or any shots that require good head speed.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

If you already have an accomplished swing, then you will find that this racquet will give you more speed, accuracy, and power. Your are going to able to hit your targets easier and leave your opponent lagging behind. It is also a great racquet for attacking the squash ball on the volley. When you hit the ball, you will also notice that there are little in the way of vibrations. The racquet is balanced, and any vibrations are filtered down through the handle and out of the racquet, giving you a more pleasant playing experience. This is the racquet which is geared towards advanced players, and those advanced players will find a lot to like. It is the best racquet we could find, and one which will improve all aspects of your game. The power on this racket is new and improved compared to older rackets. the power is well suited for many people and it is great to volley with and has enough power to be suitable for plenty pf players who prefer basic length games.

The maneuverability of this racquet is excellent, making it easy for one to switch sides, volley, cast over head shots or any shots that require quick reflexes.  Its balance point makes it head heavy and coupled with the long main strings, the design provides a larger sweet spot coupled with plenty of power. Its remarkable power is coupled with lightness and great balance and the ball can easily be placed to the back of the court with the help of this racquet. The contact is also great and creates a solid touch. Its feature durability is higher than other models and has made the accuracy even better given that vibrations have reduced.

  • It is well made and balanced
  • It is strung and has excellent contact with the ball
  • Due to its construction, an intermediate player’s game can improve
  • Professional quality
  • Good tension in strings
  • The tension on the string is very high.

3. Head Graphene XT Cyano 110 Squash Racquet

Head Graphene XT Cyano 110 Squash Racquet


Design and Build

The head graphene XT cyano 110 will take your game to a higher level. It has a beam of 20mm and head size of 500 cm^2. It is one of the latest range of squash rackets that has the garphene XT construction.

It is the perfect racquet for the ambitious player offering powerful strokes by using head’s new graphene xt technology to lighten the racquet for even better maneuverability but not losing any power. This means that you will have a faster racket while you apply the same weight behind the ball. Because the material structure is improved.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

The graphene cyano 115 is an upgrade from its previous model. despite being lightweight, it is still incredibly powerful and features the new version of the graphene technology which is known as graphene xt which has lower weight without compromising on the racquets strength or power. Graphene is head’s newest breakthrough technology. This material has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel, which makes it the ultimate substance for creating new head racquet frames with exceptional properties. It allows an optimal redistribution of weight from the tip to grip. Hitting difficult is far easier while users are required to expend lesser energy. Now volley shots and power shots are both great without requiring fierce swinging.

It enables a redistribution of weight compared to traditional frames, taking weight out of the middle and adding weight to the top and bottom to allow player to generate more kinetic energy when they hit the ball. This design allows you to generate more power with less weight and less effort. The combination of its light weight and its heavy head balance makes the sport much more enjoyable. The graphene XT technology also distributes weight evenly and the player can make powerful strokes with lesser effort. The control and feel is great too and the racket feels natural to hold as well as to swing.

  • It is very light and heavy head
  • It has the perfect balance of power and control for intermediate players
  • It improves precision during the game
  • It is much lighter than its contemporaries
  • Affordable
  • It can be perceived as brittle.

4. Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X –Speed Squash Racquet

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X –Speed Squash Racquet


Design and Build

The tecnifibre carboflex 125 X –speed has an even balance point, meaning that although it is light, both power and control should still be accessible. It comes gripped with a black tecnifibre dry grip, which actually feels very comfy without being slippy at all.

The 125 X –speed has a teardrop frame shape which does assist with power should you need it. The light weight gives me a lot of maneuverability, as a player who likes to use a lot of wrist, especially at the front of the court, this ease of movement is key.

The tecnifibre carboflex weighs 125 g (+/-5 g), has a head size of 500 cm^2, balance of 350 mm (+/-5 mm) and the string pattern is 14 x 18.the racquet is already factory strung and comes with a racquet cover. It is a top seller for a reason and this new version has an additional aeroshaft design which have better control, greater feel as well as iblades in order to further enhance the flexibility.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

The best way to describe it is that it feels incredibly smooth. The tecnifibre carboflex  X–speed 125 is an amazing all round racquet. It looks great, feels great and does n awesome job of assisting all essential aspects of competitive squash. The renowned carboflex range has had many updates, improvements, and additions. This latest addition with the aeroshaft design improves the players control and creates better ball before than experienced in the past.

The racquet is available globally and is a new improved version of previous models. The weight is perfect for many competitive players and this difference in shaft shape improves the game critically on three levels. It creates better control, ball feel as well as quicker speed when swimming the racquet. By using the carboflex X –speed, players can manipulates balls even further and it is so light and comfortable to use, a player could be fooled into believing that they are not even using a racquet to play, just their arm. You can even add and remove speed depending on how you play the ball.

  • The racquet offers a very solid hit
  • High performance top of the range squash racquet
  • A high –quality string that gets better at gripping and cutting into the ball the more it is used
  • The new racquet has cast ultra –thin edges for structure reinforcement
  • The new racquet has a morphed shaft design that provides maximum ball feel and control
  • Some players do not like the string
  • Only advanced players can enjoy using this racquet.

5. Head Graphene Touch Speed Squash Racquet

Head Graphene Touch Speed Squash Racquet


Design and build

The head graphene touch speed squash racket is designed with power in mind. The large 500 cm^2 tear drop head provides lots of power. The graphene touch speed is the heaviest of the speed power silo, which makes it an overall more stable racquet for the powerful back court player.

This is the perfect speed racquet for you if you need a power racquet, which offers stability and control to your back court game.The construction is solid although it does not come with a bumper guard.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

The speed and power is controlled within the slim body and the player will feel. They have ultimate control over the ball even when it’s close to the wall. The strings can be changed according to the style of play, this will determine what works best. No matter what strings one chooses, the speed and power of the racquet will still come to power within its lightweight construction. Due to slim body shape, it makes the racquet aerodynamic and easy to maneuver hence the ball can be retrieved even closer to the ball.

It features the new graphene touch technology, an evolution of graphene XT, which provides exceptional touch and a solid feel during the most powerful strokes. The groove is a part of the upper part of the frame and creates an enlarged space where the strings can move easily during ball contact. The AFP technology allows the player to choose between different patterns depending on their needs. The straight string pattern maximizes power control while the fan shaped pattern maximizes control.

  • Provides a best balance with a firm hit
  • it has excellent swing with great control7
  • the head heaviness improves the game
  • the strings can break with use even if the player is not a heavy hitter.

6. Head Microgel CT 135 Corrugated Squash Racquet by Head

Head Microgel CT 135 Corrugated Squash Racquet by Head


Design and build

It will give you more power than you are already getting while not detracting from your accuracy. This racquet from head has all you need to improve your game when you are still learning inns and outs.

The racquet is light enough to be swung with a lot of power and follow through, and the extra stiffness means that you can generate more torque and power in every shot without losing any accuracy. The head microgel is a corrugated squash racquet with frame weight 135 grams, head size 500 cm^2 and balance 385 mm. The racquet is already factory strung and includes a full cover as well.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

The racquet comes pre –strung when you but it, and the tention in the strings is great. This racquet is a lot more forgiving than the other racquets on our list, so you are not going to loose any of your accuracy. The newer versions of the racquet have incorporated the corrugated technology which increases its power and also improves control. The microgel property of the tennis racquet absorbs the impact of the tennis ball and can impact the whole frame but just for a brief moment before it returns to its original shape.

This racquet is also available in different weights although the balance is among the best with this as it is on the lighter side. The string patters complement the game as the long main strings are free without a bridge at the throat. The larger racquet head are also creates a greater sweet spot which in turn improves the control of the game. This racquet has also been endorsed by a top Egyptian squash player karim Darwish. While head racquets have a great reputation for a reason, the newer versions with the corrugated technology are great because of their stiffness and power.

  • Cover protects racquet from harm
  • `12% more stiffness for more power
  • Excellent torsion
  • Amazing handling, affordable
  • Not professional –level
  • It requires the player to have great physical power.

7. Black Knight C2C White nXS Squash Racquet

Black Knight C2C White nXS Squash Racquet


Design and Build

The black knight C2C models have been extremely popular teardrop racquets among many thousands of squash enthusiasts. The black knight C2 has a frame weight of 140 grams and head size of 500 sq cm.  

These c2c frame deliver solid power with great control thanks to the combination of advanced materials and their vibra plate technology. This can be attribute to the combination of advanced materials alongside their vibra plate technology. The long main strings are further enhanced with the power channel head which had greater room for power.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

Long main strings are augmented by a power channel head for extra punch. The vibra plate technology ensures a shock –free hit, and the nano carbon fibre (nXs) provides excellent durability. the c2c also features a unique maple leaf design proudly celebrating black knight’s Canadian roots. the teardrop frames are powerful and dynamic. The bubble shaft creates a better flex response and absorbs vibration as well. The white racket frame weights 140g and has an even balance present within a stiff frame. The frame also delivers solid power with great control .

The BK cushion grips are ideal for non-slip control and the ashaway strings are among the most popular in the squash world. The materials and technology used to make this racquet are brain wave, carbon 4, and carbon nXS. The rad cushion grip helps to create gripping. The vibra plate technology can also modify the racquet’s cross section, by doing this it can stiffen the head against torsion on impact as well as interrupt shock transmission throughout the entire racquet, frame to handle.

  • Racquet generate power easily
  • The grip has distinct ridges
  • Not suitable for beginners

8. Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet

Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet


Design and Build

The black knight bandit 3 squash racquet was designed for the intermediate to advanced player. the bandit offers lightweight moderate stiffness and the maximum legal hitting area. This racquet does not come with a cover from the manufacture.

But you have the option of adding a full cover. It has a full outside pocket, a handle strap and a large shoulder strap as well as a ventilated a pocket to let your grip breathe and best.The black knight size can be checked to ensure a great fit by checking the role model number. It is made of high modulus graphite and berrylium and weights 140g. Its length is 27 inches .

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

Contrary to how well –made and high performing it is, it comes at a surprisingly affordable price. Made of high modulus graphite, it’s super lightweight yet powerful –the perfect combo. You will be able to swing with ease and accuracy. Through this racquet, users will experience a balanced level of stiffness and a wider hitting surface area. The high modulus graphite improves the racquets durability while the beryllium allow makes it lightweight, stiff yet provides that stability. While the model does come with a half cover. It does not include full one. However, that can purchased separately. As the racket is easy to maneuver.

The bandit 3 in inexpensive and light. It is available in the teardrop shape and its factory strings make it durable. It provides great control with even better power, all available in a light racquet. It is among the most reasonably priced squash racquets in the market. It is designed with the intermediate and advanced player in mind. Its rigidity index is 89 and the string material is kevfibre. This model is more suited for the experienced user as it is very maneuverable and power driven.

  • it provides lightweight and powerful experience to players
  • recommended for intermediate and advanced level players
  • the beryllium allow composition increases stiffness and stability
  • the sweetspot is relatively smaller than other brands
  • the grip does not work for beginner level players

9. Head Graphene XT CYANO 120 Squash Racquet

Head Graphene XT CYANO 120 Squash Racquet


Design and build

This comes from the graphene XT cyano 120’s slightly higher weight, which increases the racquets’s overall swing weight for more control. The racquet features a power –supporting unique teardrop shape and a bigger head size.

The power elements typical for the cyano silo are also due to the innovative graphene XT technology, which shifts the weight to where you need it most as well as the revolutionary corrugated technology (CT2), which inappropriates extra –long corrugated rails in the racquet’s shaft for additional stiffness.

This racket has been designed in order to increase the user’s power as well as quicken their ability to respond. The squash racket head size is 77.5 sq inches and the corrugated technology CT that can be found at its throat having more explosive play.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

this racquet comes factory strung with brand recommended strings inclusive in the price. If you are aggressive poer player who is seeking some control support, don’t look further than the graphene XT CYANO 120. However, customised string selection and tension racquets are available. The head graphene XT CYANO  120 squash racquet is made to increase your power and quicken your reaction time. This quality racquet is delivered strung with a perfect power string in a 12×17 pattern and includes a full protective cover.

This racquet is ideal for attacking players and features graphene XT CYANO technology that works by distributiong weight better so that you can swing faster and hit with increased power. The head is a good 77.5in2(500cm^2) size and corrugated technology 2(CT2) in the throat gives you more explosive play. These racquets are named after the technology they use i.e graphene XT is sed by the racquet itself. This leaves the attacking player with an advantage. The racquet also has striking colors and an advantage due to its teardrop shaped form as it provides sufficient control even it the ball is hit very close to the frame i.e the sweet spot is the frame is far greater.

  • the combination of low weight and heavy head balance makes hitting difficult balls much easier as you do not have to swing so fiercely
  • volleys and power shots are amazing
  • the control good and the racquet feels natural to hold and swing
  • the only disadvantage is that it is more brittle –the lightweight frame takes its toll.

10. Head Liquidmetal 120 Squash Racquet

Head Liquidmetal 120 Squash Racquet


Design and build

Liquidmetal’s unique atomic structure is 2 ½ times stronger that titanium and delivers 29% more power. TSC (total sweetspot construction) extends the sweetspot throughout the entire racquet head, resulting in ultimate control.

With the weight of 120 grams having headsize od 475 sq cm. This racket is slightly smaller in the head area yet the 120g weight gives it a very familiar feel and have the perfect balance between head and handle.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

Head liquidmetal 120 squash racquet the most powerful liquid metal racquet. Liquid metal technology fr pure energy and perfect power. Total sweetspot construction for more stability and this is lightest racquet in the range crafted for intermediate players. This racquet will enhance your power and shot making skills. The head manufactures are known for creating leading squash racquets and they are available is different budgets. The string provides excellent control and contains the vibrations within itself, reducing the impact of the ball and thereby improving the player’s game as well.

It is made from high modulus graphite, liquid metal and intellifibres. It provides the user with a fantastic game due to its full graphite construction and it is the ideal racquet to use when you are transtioning from an intermediate to an advanced player.It offers a great amount of feel, power and is a very forgiving racquet. They are made of lead tape plus silicone inside the handle which provides a great grip. The liquid metal technology is designed to return a lot of the energy back to the ball and provides a stable frame.

  • It creates an enjoyable hit as the sweet spot is easy to find
  • It provides a great grip and is excellent for attacking players
  • It reduces the impact of ball.
  • Because of the lightweight it proven responsive.
  • It is not suitable for beginners.

11. Head Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet

Head Nano Ti 110 Squash Racquet


Design and build

A great entry level racquet which is perfect  for beginners. The racquet has a lot of  balance and will give you amazing control over  your speed and power.  You do not need to be perfect with every shot to generate your power and speed.

The Nano has been around for so long that most long time squash players are familiar with it and they use it as one of their favourite racquets. The lightweight Nano –titanium creates a better swing as well as improves their hitting control. the head nano has a head heavy balance.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

The racquet is durable, versatile, and accommodating. The handle is comfortable and helps to filter out any vibrations which may affect your shot. This racquet is suited for both beginners as well as professionals and as long as one plays consistently, the racquet doesn’t drain your energy and creates a high quality performance because of its sturdiness  and efficiency. The synthetic gut creates excellent playability and the model is easy to move fast i.e the reaction shots are far more effective. This squash racket is good to look it and is durable as well. The grip is balanced in order to give it a better performance.

The Nano titanium technology is integrated and involves the racquet’s structure on a molecular level which is then strengthened through titanium weaves. The technology also comes with greater stability and power. The integrated frame dampening and air wing technology makes use of rubber in lays between the frame and the bridge in order to dampen its vibrations. This prevents further arm injuries and lower air resistance for players. With a head size of 77.5in2, a frame weight of 110 grams, and head heavy balance of 360mm, this is constructed using nano titanium. Complete with a string pattern of 14 x 18, the Nano Ti also makes use of a head synthetic strung gut.

  • Lightweight yet has a great power
  • Easy to handle
  • Covers help to protect the racquet
  • Comes pre –strung
  • It has ample room to hit the sweet spot.
  • Could use a better grip
  • Its head size is smaller than other racquets

12. Black Knight 8110 Super Lite Squash Racquet

Black Knight 8110 Super Lite Squash Racquet


Design and Build

The 8110 classic is a high modulus graphite (HMG) frame with a little extra weight (155g) for those players who prefer to have a little something extra behind their shots. With a solid feel and huge sweetspot, this model has been in our line for over 15 years and is enjoyed by many.

It is very durable, evenly balance, and stiff. Can be used for both singles and doubles play. Strung with ashaway supernick XL Ti for better performance and with TUF grip on the handle for the ultimate feel. These racquets have been around for more than a decade and have earned an esteemed reputation for a reason.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

The light weight and extra long main strings provide tremendous power and speed. But this racquet is also loved for its very solid feel on the ball and great durability. the 8110 is a classic model, made from a high modulus graphite (HMG) frame. Their solid feel is coupled with a large sweet spot that creates a reliable performance backed by immense power. They are solid and well –built racquets with HMG, Kevlar, and S-2 glass fibre frames that work for beginner.

Its durability and perfect balance and stiffness makes it perfect model for both single and double plays. The frame is made from carbon4, XMG, and berrylium. This is a great brand for those looking to move from advanced to professional playing. For players who sweat more when they play, an over gripshould be purchased as this will help them develop a grip and it can be changed easily and more quickly. The racquet is also loved by players because of how firm it is and the fact that it lasts for ages. The durability and playability are unmatched and the wide string as well as stiff frame make it an easy racket to use that is able to exert immense amounts of power.

  • It provides great balance and light weight
  • Its light weight helps in power shots
  • Its weight can take some getting used to, especially for beginners players.

13. Head Spark Tour Squash Racquet

Head Spark Tour Squash Racquet


Design and Build

The head spark tour squash racquet has a 77.5in2 (500 cm^2) sized head which gives you access to good power, enhanced by the amplified fibre technology (AFT) which works to stiffen the racquet therefore increase power potential.

The frame weight 160g (5.6oz) and its even balance gives good feel and manoeuvrability. The racquet is supplied with a full cover to protect it off the courts and it has been strung with a synthetic gut string in a 12×17 pattern.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

This squash racquet of head is teardrop –shaped, which means that the racquet has longer strings so can create more powerful strikes. This racquet is great for the allround playing style. It is very easy to control. The head spark tour squash racquet is the lightest in the spark series. With its new exciting colourway, the spark tour is the perfect tool for the once –in –a –while power allround player.

AFT is head’s new amplified fibre technology which provides increased stiffness for more power. The carbon fibre stretching in the manufacturing process results in improved bonding which ensures incredible power. This racquet will make sure that your first steps on the tennis court won’t be your last. The pre –strung spark tour comes with a bigger head for more power, which will make you perfectly equipped for your recreational game. This is great brand for those looking to move from advanced to professional playing.

  • It is an great allround racquet
  • Affordable
  • It provides great balance
  • It helps in power shots.
  • This racquet is not ideal for those who play regularly or professionals.

14. Prince Pro Tour 850 Squash Racquet

Prince Pro Tour 850 Squash Racquet


Design and Build

The pro tour 850 features princes’s revolutionary EXO3 technology designed for players seeking an enhanced performance frame. It has a head size of 480 sq cm and strung weight 164 grams, also having unstrung weight 129 grams with the string pattern of 14×15. It’s head is heavy and generates power without a big swing.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

Lightweight power, superior sweetspot area and unique maneuverability for unsurpassed power, accuracy and feel.

Offering a traditional ‘crsip’ hiting feel and increased control and touch.The EXO3 is revolutionary because of its patented energy bridge which serves as an exo skeletal structure that suspends the string bed away from the frame. This racquet provides them with racquet power, a sweet spot area that is large as well as great maneuverablity coupled with power, accuracy and excellent feel.

A patented string suspension technology that liberates the string bed allowing the strings to respond more freely –even at the outer edges resulting in more power on off –centre shots. This racquet is ideal for those who are looking for a springy bed of strings as this is what helps make it very powerful and create an enjoyable squash experience. The hits themselves are seamless. This can make it seem like the player has less time to prepare, however, in certain situations it may work best when the game is slower so this can be boring for a more aggressive player.

  • it is very powerful and solid racquet
  • as it is powerful it creates an enjoyable squash experience
  • it is head heavy and creates a solid feel with good control
  • there is not much time to prepare before shots.

15. Dunlop Blaze Inferno Squash Racquet

Dunlop Blaze Inferno Squash Racquet


Design and build

Dunlop blaze inferno squash racquet is a great choice for those who are new to the game and features an oversized 77.5in2(500cm^2) head allowing for powerful shot –making. This heavier (170g) racquet has a head light balance for speedy handling and offer a 16×18 powermax string pattern that further enhances power.

The racquet is not the perfect pick for intermediate and advanced players, but for those learning to get a hang of the game, the grip and solid swings can prove to be highly beneficial.

Uses and CapabilitiesAdditional Features

It is headlight and its feature of balance compensate for the equipments overall heavy weight. As a new player’s racquet, this head light racquet can make for an amazing choice as it ushers optimal style and control.  Overall this model is easy to handle and sweep smooth shots. The Dunlop blaze inferno squash racquet is ideal if you are a new player.

This model provides an edge over many other racquets with its advanced features to train you well at playing professional squash.The weight is ideal as it is light enough yet durable. The strings are 16×18 in a powerpax pattern i.e designed to enhance power and increases the sweet spot. The racquet comes with a full protective cover.

  • The Dunlop blaze inferno squash racquet is affordable and the use of additional gears like the safety eyewear and dot balls will make your court ready.
  • The balanced and control of this model are attributed by its graphite and alloy composition that triggers minimum vibration
  • The reasonable price racquet will not burn a hole in your pockets.
  • the string pattern on the racquet limits power for control, thus making it relatively less handy for advanced players
  • the head light balance is suitable for beginners level players but may not be the best choice for professional players.

Racquet Throat Shape

The throat or the head of the racquets also has a different impact on the racquet performance which includes:

  • The amount of power a player can exert.
  • How the ball feels against the string (touch and control).
  • The area of the string that enables a crisp/clean strike.

There are two types of racket throat which are referred to as open (or tear drop) and closed.

Open throat Squash (teardrop)Closed throat SquashElongated Teardrop

Open throat squash rackets have a larger string bed area, a larger sweet spot and therefore tend to be more forgiving and offer more power. These work best for intermediate and advanced players as their wrists are accustomed to the game and can be used to control the game. The small sweet spot can cause miss initially, but you can easily get used to an open –throat within a few sessions.

Closed throat squash rackets have a smaller string bed and sweet spot and as a general rule will therefore suit a more experienced player looking for enhanced control.

This has the most power and the greatest tear drop area. Elongated teardrop has far more power than the open throat variety but it has lesser control which makes drop shots more difficult to shoot. It is best used by advanced players as the player needs a strong and flexible wrist. A strong flexible wrist is needed to compensate for this, which is something only advanced players will have develop. However this comes with a noticeable drop in control, which makes it especially difficult to line up accurate drop shots.


There are three categories of balance:

  • Head light: this is when the head is lighter than the shaft.
  • Heavy head: the head is heavier than the shaft.
  • Even : it has an equal balance.

The weight of the racquet is not always evenly distributed. In some, there is a deliberated uneven distribution of weight resulting from size, shape, material and construction in order to work with each person’s style of play. A head  squash racquet is best for players who look for quick volleys or like to flick the ball. They will also suit someone with established upper body strength. A head heavy racquets adds power to shots, making it easier for players to touch the ball harder with a large swing.

A balanced racquet predictably has a consistent distribution of weight offering the best of both worlds, manoeuvrability and power but at neither extreme. Historically, pro players used head heavy racquets but the game is getting faster and more aggressive to these days more often they favour the head –light.


The general range of overall racquet weight is typically between 110g up to 190g, so there is quite a difference between the heaviest and the lightest. When you make your own selection, remember that the weight advertised does not normally include accessories like strings and grommets. So when choosing the best weight for you, account for additional weight of these extras. As the racquet affects the following parts of the game.

  • The power the player is able to exert
  • How fast or slow a player swings
  • The amount of stress that is experienced on the wrist and forearm muscles
  • How many shots a player is able to play
  • How durable it is.
There are three weights ranges that are available:
  • 125 grams or lesser
  • 130 grams -140 grams
  • 145 grams or heavier
A lighter squash racket (125 and less);

It usually feel really good when you hold them for the first time. The main benefits are that they feel very maneuverable. And drop shots, flicks, and quick touch feel great with them.it is generally the best choice if your style of play is aggressive,fast and involves snapping through the ball in order to make directional changes. These are easy to manoeuver, and can perform drop shots, flicks, and quick touch. It also causes many miss hits especially if you have tendency to cut the ball; the weight will exaggerate that shot. It will also have lower durability.

Skills required to use light squash racquets
  • A strong wrist to ensure a follow through on the racket that provides a crisp hit
  • A strong forearm which will ensure that you are able to reach to the back of the square court.
Medium squash racket (130g -140 g)

it creates common weight range that is used, even by pro –players. Flicks and delicate drop shots are possible with these. While they are not as manoeuvrable, they have better follow through and increased power. These rackets will never be quite as maneuverable as light ones, but a skilled one should be able to execute a good 90 -95% of the racket shots with a medium weight one. This is while maintaining the benefits of increased power and better follow –through.

A heavier racket (145g and more)

Itwill aid those with a slower swing who need the extra weight to add power and are able to use it to make the other person do the lion’s share of the leg work. Juniors and smaller players often go for lighter weights since they are in better proportion with their own size and weight. Squash is a game of muscle memory and proper swing technique, and you do not want to become accustomed to a heavy racket.


Beams range in thickness from 16mm to 21mm with thinner ones offering more. Manoeuvrability and so being best suited to the more advanced players. A thinner beam racquet is more suited for a more experienced player as it leaves more room for maneuverability as compared to a racquet with a thicker beam.

There is a lot of science behind strings and most racquets come pre –strung with a fairly basic string that might not be the best choice for you. Consider a restring of your brand new racquet, which may sound like madness but can certainly make a difference to your game. Squash racquet strings vary by material, texture and tension and collectively the variance of these factors result in numerous configurations that only a true expert can fully explain.

There is a wide variety of materials and textures. Higher price and better quality have more grip and you will experience a better feel on the racket. But be warned they are also generally thinner and more prone to snapping so need replacing more often

The higher the tension of your strings the less power you get as there is little give but the more control you can enjoy so it is really a playoff between which you need more of. Restringing is usually neglected until it’s too late. If you play once a week it’s best to do it at least once a year.Usually the good string patterns are available in the following:

  • 14 x 18 –this size is standard for open throat and tear drop racquets.
  • 16 x 17 –mostly available in tear drop racquets
  • 18 x 17 –found in some open throat options
  • 16 x 16 –not as common although equally useful.

Grips come in a standard size and are the easiest thing to alter whatever your racquet choice. You can buy replacements and add on overgrips to suit the size of your hand, how you hold the racquet and your style of play. The racquet control is maintained by your fingers. The thicker the grip, the lesser your control from the racquet. For a junior player, a smaller racquet is preferred as it gives the player more of a chance to control the game. The thicker the grip, the lesser your control from the racket.    

Most squash racquets under fifty dollars are made from aluminium or composite use and are better suited for recreational use.

Like all sports, the advances in technology have made for a confusing and sometimes costly marketplace. You can pick up a basic racquet for very little but it will mostly like prove a false economy in a short space of time. Consider your budget and all above factors and we are confident that you can get the best squash racquet to match your game and last a long time.


Racket durability is the big factor for choosing a squash racket, especially if  you are on a budget. The durability of a racquet is dependent on the following factors.

  • Weight: lighter racquets are generally more fragile as the material for the frame is this.
  • Brand: certain brands are known for having cracked frames after just a few games. Go with the brands that are well known.
  • Manufacturing year: squash brands are making their rackets more fragile nowadays, clearly to cause more cracks and more profit for them. older models tend to last longer.

Note that the brands that produce durable /less durable rackets can vary from year to year. Sometimes a line of rackets get released that break extremely easily, from a brand that was previously known as being very durable.

Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Squash Rackets


A reasonably –priced teardrop between 130g -140g, will give you the best opportunity to improve your game on a budget.

This will expose you to head-light models that can let you practice new shots, and better performing frame materials. At this skill level, you can also experiment with open throat and elongated teardrop head shapes.

At this point you can play around with different head shapes, weights, and balances to see what suits you best. Since advanced players each have their own set of skills and preferences, it is difficult to recommend one certain model.