Nowadays everyone wants to experience virtual reality as it is one of the best trends in mobile tech. In order to experience virtual reality trends, VR headsets compatible with your smartphone are the most inexpensive way to experience from the ease of your home. VR headsets are very pocket-friendly, the slots in the headsets work well with your smartphone, they also support virtual reality games and apps.

Companies like Samsung manufacture their own VR gear headset technology, therefore, finding a headset for a Samsung smartphone is relatively easy for Samsung. But if you are an iPhone user then finding a VR headset that is compatible with your smartphone may prove to be quite a difficult task for you. In this review.

Best VR Headset For iPhone

We will try to make the task of finding the best VR headset for the iPhone easy for you. By going through various reviews and trends available on Amazon we have found and reviewed the most popular best VR headset for the iPhone and also listed down some other best options of glasses as well.

Note: Before getting a VR headset for your smart it is recommended to pay close attention to the compatibility. As compatibility of the headgear depends upon the lock feature of the iPhone, some models are compatible with specific iPhone sizes. Reviews help you understand the experience and let you select the best option. 

1. Merge VR

Merge VR


Our top choice for the best VR headset tech for the iPhone is Merge VR as it is incredibly easy to use with great reviews on Amazon. It has brilliant features and trends that support numerous Google cardboard experiences best to use at home for families and children to enjoy. The reviews are important for you in making the best decision before making the purchase.    

The material & design of the headsetsOperationCompatible AppsPrice

The material & design of this headgear is one the best to attract you, it is made from flexible foam which is also durable enough to withstand bump and drops. Because of this, you feel relaxed and comfortable when using it. They are available in all bright colors, so you can pick according to your choice and preference. The design is user-friendly and it makes you feel as if it is specially designed to cater to your entertainment needs. It can go compatible with IOS and android, providing ease of access for all.

It has the operation at its best, as you can adjust the distance from eye to lens in order to ensure you get the comfort in using Merge. Rather than getting dependent upon the hand controls, it gives you two spring operating buttons on the top of these glasses allowing you greater control while using it with different phone apps. 

In order to check for the compatible app downloads, you can log into the designated website of Merge Miniverse to get the real benefit of the headgear. The apps are mostly free or even if it requires some investment its too cheap to take the risk and make your life easy. Also, you will find a form to sign up in order to keep you posted for the latest developments and updates regarding the apps and games or getting more knowledge of your Miniverse world.

On the downside, this model isn’t really meant for young children, and is suggested for kids 10 and up, so some parents may want to consider cheaper deals for their youngsters.

$48, you can check on Amazon along with the reviews and discount deals.

  • Gives you access to Miniverse as a designated website for apps.
  • Most apps and games are free or minimal charges.
  • One of the best headgear for iPhone.
  • Compatible for both IOS and android phones.
  • Durable and flexible enough to resist shocks and bumps.
  • Super easy to set up.
  • The best material feels soft on the face.
  • For a google Cardboard headgear, it gives the best experience.
  • It doesn’t work best for children younger than 10 years.
  • Not very interactive
  • Only limited to high-end phones

2. View-Master Deluxe VR

Mattel View-Master Deluxe VR Viewer


One of the best cheap options to get from Amazon, and if you are a newbie you should consider this option as the investment is too low and the risk is worth taking. You can go to Amazon for checking reviews and deals that will ultimately help you in buying decisions, as reviews play an important role in choosing the best trends. 

The View-Master Deluxe is a headgear that comes with basic yet best features to cater to your needs and compatible enough to go with any phone functions, whether IOS and android. It gives the best virtual game playing experience out there.

The Material & designOperationCompatible appsPrice

The material is trendy and comfortable enough to satisfy your use for extended hours and durable enough to resist the shocks. The design has the best wider lens options with an adapter for old models of the iPhone 5. It has an easy open and close latch and also has a built-in adapter.

 It has a wheel that enables you to switch between different focus levels. The lens is wide enough to show focused images.

This headgear is compatible to go with Google Cardboard and also has its own app and game downloads of View-Master to give you the best kind of experience.

It the best option to get in Just $12. Also for deals and reviews, you can check Amazon.

  • Side buttons of this headgear is a little awkward at first.
  • No head strap included
  • Cheaper to get from Amazon.
  • Best compatible with IOS and android phones.
  • Recommended for the use at home or a classroom.
  • Comes with an adapter for using older versions of iPhone 5

3. I am a Cardboard VR V2

I Am Cardboard VR Cardboard Kit V2


The material is a bit stronger and durable it is best for newbies who are less caretaking and want something they can sleep with. Due to its stronger outside, it is recommended especially for people who are new to experience the VR headsets, as this headgear can resist shocks and mishandling in the best ways than the other ones.

With softer foam buttons than the previous ones, velcro strips can hold the headgear for long hours making it one of the best worth trying options in the list of VR glasses.

The Material & designOperationCompatible AppsPrice

You can visit Amazon for checking prices and reviews to help to take in the right decision. The reviews are important for you to look for, as they will definitely tailor your buying needs and let you select the best option you are looking for. It is recommendable to avoid such reviews that are overgeneralized and not specific.

The buttons are made from foam instead of the magnetic ones to get hold on to the display functions in a best and comfortable way. It goes with both android and IOS phones for ease and liberty. 

It is designed to work best with app and game downloads of Google Cardboard SDK only.

Just in $8, you can get it from Amazon and also check for reviews and deals available.

  • Best for newbies as it is also one of the cheapest options available.
  • Compatible for both IOS and Android, the iPhone works perfectly using this gear.
  • Available in many attractive colors to best match your persona.
  • Ideal gift to introduce someone to virtual reality
  • Has a durable protective sleeve
  • Designed to work only with Google Cardboard SDK.
  • The ease of use is limited.

4. BlitzWolf VR Headset

BlitzWolf VR Headset


Blitzwolf VR headset is one of the best and sturdiest you can get from Amazon. It provides you with an option to choose from a range of big display phones to make it the best experience for you while you are using it. It gives you a feel of as if something is specially designed for you to hold on your head or its a part of your head that fixes perfectly on it.

For reviews, you can check Amazon before making the decision. The reviews can really be helpful for you in assessing your needs and utility before making the best purchase.

The Material & designOperationCompatible AppsPrice

The BlitzWolf comes with two best features. Although there are more to add in the list, particularly these two make this headset more demanding and best adaptable. One, it is a stronger one that becomes super fitted best to use for hours in exchange for the price you are paying for other similar products. It is designed in a way that it can go easily to large phone displays up to 6 inches. 

It operates with both adjustable pupil to lense distance and focus features. In other words, the distance between the lens can be adjusted to focus on one single image. This is a very and handy feature available in a VR glasses, correct usage may prevent a headache. You can only play simple games as there are no additional buttons present.

Works with any source of app and game downloads compatible with the iTunes list.

You can get these glasses for $ 24, also you can check Amazon for deals and reviews.

  • Strong and best-fitted.
  • It can accommodate large phone screens up to 6 inches.
  • Compatible for both iPhones and Android operating systems.
  • Durable & trendy.
  • Lenses are of good quality.
  • The headphone jack is available
  • Very comfortable.
  • It can be heavy for children.
  • It has a magnetically attached case.
  • Price is a bit costly.
  • Extra strap on the back is sometimes a hassle.
  • Leather padding cannot work with prescription glasses.

5. Zeiss VR One Plus

Zeiss VR One Plus


The Zeiss VR One Plus headset is of the best and unique in its kind, Zeiss is a leading name in the technology world. It allows the people with glasses to wear them in a comfortable way, thus allowing ease of access. For reviews, you can check Amazon before making the right choice. These reviews are really helpful for you in order to understand the experience and the right utility.

The Material & DesignOperationCompatible AppsPrice

The design of this headset makes it easy for people to deal for long hours without adjusting the pupil distance from the lens. The product “eye box” has enough room that even a person with glasses can comfortably wear. The ports on them are designed in the best way to work for long hours enough to give ventilation from getting both screens and glasses fogged up. You can check Amazon for price updates, reviews and deals, this will definitely help in making the right decision.

This head just needs to be connected to get the best real feel of virtual reality, as there are no buttons for adjustments, they are only viewing glasses.

Google Cardboard app downloads work best with these glasses, finding other app downloads might be a problem. There are also different apps and game downloads offered by Zeiss that can work with the VR one.

You can get this for $ 52, also you can check amazon for price updates, reviews, and current deals.

  • Very durable and best viewing glasses.
  • Functions with both iPhones and Android systems.
  • Optics are best in their kind.
  • Great design and well built.
  • Different smartphones can be best used with the helo of trays.
  • Costly in comparison to other competitors leaving optics aside.
  • There are no controlling buttons.
  • Display to fit size is limited, a maximum of 5.5 inches.

6. Homido V2 VR

Homido V2 VR


Homido V2 VR is a multipurpose headset that has technology that goes with everything. Goes with all Android and IOS operating phones, to give you a wider choice in selecting what is best for you and how you want to utilize this product.

For price updates and reviews, you can visit Amazon in order to facilitate you in taking the best decision. These reviews mean a lot to you in making the best purchase according to your need & utility.

Material & DesignOperationCompatible AppsPrice

The design is very trendy and inspiring and the comfort level is also enhanced to wear for long hours from other glasses, provides extra cushioning to the eyes and the best comfort you are looking for. Durable enough to bear the shocks and bumps if mishandled.  

It provides you with an adjustable pupil option enabling you to focus on the screen in the best way possible. The head strap is a T-shaped one, providing you with more durability as compared to other options of glasses available in the market. It worth considering these VR glasses keeping in mind the features and the durability reasons.

Downloads the apps and games only from the Homido Center store than other compatible forums.

It is a costly one you can get from Amazon for $60, you can also check reviews and deals on Amazon.

  • Good quality glasses.
  • Possesses the best lens with good focus options.
  • Best compatible with IOS and android.
  • It can only get apps and games from the Homido center store.
  • It is high priced
  • It is a bit heavy to feel on your head.


Before going to go for these glasses you need to be very clear about, what exactly you want to utilize them for, are you getting them for children under 12 years, or your purpose is to get the ones that give you the premium optics quality. 

The answer to these will definitely tailor your search and let you choose the one best for you and your specific needs. There are VR glasses that are not recommendable for children due to the fact that they have a very heavy feel. Also if your purpose is only viewing then, we recommend you to go for the affordable options. The affordable ones are neither complex nor delicate, also they have all the basic functions & features under the affordable price tags.

 We highly recommend the ones that are easily compatible with IOS and android, also they give you a variety of access to get free apps and games from the store or buy them at a very cheap price. The highly-priced ones are not bad either, recommendable for people who know the handling of using the professional ones. We hope this will give you a good read is selecting the best one.