Big Stars in the World of Horse Racing

Sport is the most important part of the entertainment industry, with a wide selection of interesting sports and many live events. Besides many popular sports, we have to mention horse racing, as one that is very popular for a long time. During centuries of history of horse racing, we could see many incredible horses and skilled jockeys while creating history in this traditional sport. Reviewing all of the famous races, people, and horses will take a long time. In that matter, we are going to introduce you to some big stars that were winning various competitions in recent years.

Red Rum

According to, Red Rum is one of the most popular racing horses in recent times. He managed to win many competitions and remain in the top rank for a long time. Red Rum was at the height of his career during the recession and gave joy to the lives of British racegoers by warming their hearts with his talents. Also, he is famous as the first horse to have won the prestigious Grand National 3 times, and 2 of those were consecutive successes. For many years, his achievements went unmatched, and he held the record for the highest number of Grand National wins.

That was until Tiger Roll came along in 2018 and won the event, and then returned in 2019 to do the same. Many believed he could have done so again in 2024, break the Red Rums record, and taking a new one for himself, but sadly the event was canceled for the first time in many years. Red Rum competed in many prestigious events along with the Grand National tournament. This horse retired in 1978.


When it comes to success in horse racing, men’s minds will go straight to the Secretariat. It is a racing horse who was retired in 1989 but had one of the most prosperous careers a horse can have. The interesting fact is that he became successful at an early age and managed to win eight following races while being only two years old. His biggest achievement is the Triple Crown. Besides many titles, he also holds a record at the Belmont Stakes that measures the distance that he won by. The amazingly talented horse beat out his opponents a total of 31 lengths, a record that remains unbroken for the event.

Lester Piggott

When it comes to the other stars of the sport – the very talented jockeys, one of the most famous of which being Lester Piggott. Piggott is highly regarded in the sport and led a successful 42-year long career in which he rode a total of 4493 winners, as well as being a champion flat jockey 11 times. His amazing achievements also included winning many prestigious events such as Saint Leger, the Oaks, the 2000 Guineas, and the 1000 Guineas. To evidence his mark that he left on the sport, there are many statues erected in his honor at different famous racecourses such as Ascot and Epsom.


Winks is another great horse that has won many titles. He was foaled in 2011. During his highly successful career, he managed to win over $25 million in prizes. This female horse holds a record for winning the most top-level championships. Also, she is only one of three horses that is the part of the Hall of Fame. Winks got this honor in 2017. Another amazing achievement is winning 4 times in a row at the Cox Plate race. Moreover, she was titled as the Horse of the year four years in a row between 2015 and 2019.

Man o’ War

We also had to take a look back at the early years of the 20th century and Man o’ War, the most popular stallion of that era. This horse was born and raised in the United States, has a record of 20 wins and one runner-up. When we calculate the inflation rates, this horse has managed to earn over $3 million. The most interesting fact about this horse is that he was quite aggressive. Also, Man o’War was recruited as part of the British Navy Forces. One of his greatest achievements is winning both English and American Grand National Tournaments.


This female horse is one of the most successful in the history of this sport, by managing to win 19 from 20 races in her career. She was raised in the United States and won over $7 million in prizes. She also represents one of the best investments in this sport since her price was only around $60,000. Her biggest achievements are titles at the Breeders Cup and the American championship. The greatest honor is the title of American Horse of the Year in 2010.

Ruby Walsh


Besides riding skilled and powerful horses, many other factors could improve jockeys’ chances to win. Ruby Walsh is one of the most successful riders in the history of this sport. He has over 2,700 wins and over 200 Grade 1 prize. During his extraordinary career, he managed to win over $28 million. Walsh was a champion of Ireland 12 times. Also, he won near 60 titles at British National Hunt.

John R. Velazquez


The famous Porto Rican guy holds a record for the highest earnings ever in horse racing with over $400 million. He has over 6,000 races won. He is still active to this day, and his next big achievement could be a Triple Crown in the United States. Also, he has 16 Breeders Cup titles.

Bill Shoemaker

Many people who are familiar with this sports claim how Bill is probably the best jockey ever, with near 9,000 wins and eleven Triple Crowns. He was one of the highest-paid horse racers during the 30s. Also, Bill Shoemaker takes part in the Hall of Fame and National Museum of Horse Racing. Another interesting fact is that he successfully managed to be an excellent jockey for over 40 years.


Kelso is another horse that deserves a place on this list, with many races won and being proclaimed as the horse of the year five times in a row. This horse was one of the best during the 60s. Also, we have to mention that this horse managed to present excellent performances for a much longer period than average racing horses.