7 Biggest Smartphones of All-Time

Smartphone devices have completely revolutionized the way we live. Today, you can do anything with your smartphone device, from taking pictures to navigating your way through the city: the possibilities are endless. Still, the journey to what we have today has been long and full of incredible breakthroughs in the industry. Some smartphone devices were more memorable than the others, as they introduced innovative features that completely changed the way we use our phones.

In this article, we’ll list the smartphones that left a huge mark on the industry and paved the way for many other models we know and love today.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of it!

1. Apple’s iPhone


This phone was so influential that many people out there believe it was the first smartphone ever made. It is not, but it’s certainly a phone model that changed the game in its entirety. It was so packed with innovative features, that it became a smartphone symbol back in the day. Most phone manufacturers tried to replicate the unique features the iPhone had, and if it wasn’t for that, our phones would probably look much different today.

So, yes, the iPhone was incredibly revolutionary when it launched back in 2007. Apple’s newest models such as iPhone 12 Pro are, naturally, much more impressive, but what makes the original iPhone so important is the impact it had on the industry.

2. Blackberry Curve


Do you remember the times everybody was so obsessed with Blackberry phones all of a sudden? All of our favorite celebrities at the time seemed to use it! Well, there was a good reason for the Blackberry smartphone’s popularity. Its physical keyboard may seem a bit outdated today, but it was revolutionary back then. Other than that, the Blackberry curve introduced many different features that made it useful in the business world. Typing, emailing and other productivity tasks were made easy. Today, we do so much work on our phones that we may take it for granted, but back then, it was a huge deal.



You probably remember the HTC EVO series. The screen size was considered to be massive at the time, and it did wonders to push larger screens into the mainstream. What’s more, it had an incredibly innovative design that inspired many smartphones later on. It worked on Sprint’s new 4G WiMAX network, which allowed for lighting fast (at the time) downloading speeds.

So, while HTC EVO might not be your pick today, ten years ago it was massively popular. It left its mark on the industry and inspired advances in mobile phone technology.

4. Motorola Droid Razr Maxx


While you don’t see many Motorola phones going around today, back in 2012 when they launched their Droid Razr Maxx smartphone model, everyone went crazy about it. The reason behind this was an extremely powerful battery and a modern, slim design. It was one of the first smartphones with such features, so it was quite impactful.

The battery life is now one of the top priorities for all smartphone users all over the world. Having a strong battery and still being slim and portable was deemed impossible just a decade ago, and Motorola’s Droid Razr Maxx was one of the first phones that managed to do it.

5. Samsung Galaxy EDGE


While Samsung had its fair share of innovative solutions, their Edge line stands out in a major way. It was something never seen before and it inspired many phone manufacturers to develop their own lines. Just a year ago Oppo which is one of the most innovative Chinese phone manufacturers according to majordroid.com, has developed the world’s first waterfall display. This incredible innovation wouldn’t be possible without Samsung’s edge line. While it’s still early to tell, it could completely change how smartphones look and function.

All in all, we can’t go over this list without at least mentioning Samsung’s Galaxy Edge, as it’s one of the recent big breakthroughs in smartphone design.



What’s special about HTC Dream is that it’s the first smartphone to run on the Android operating system. It helped popularize the operating system we all know and love. While there are constant debates between iOS and Android users on which is better, nobody can deny the widespread use of Android: it accounts for about 95% of the 3.1 billion smartphones, worldwide.

Funnily enough, when it first launched, the smartphone was criticized for its operating system. Nonetheless, it’s a huge milestone for smartphone development so it found its place on our list. Even though Motorola’s Droid had a greater influence on spreading the Android OS throughout the world, we can’t deny that the HTC Dream played a huge part too.

7. Nexus 5


Made by LG for Google, the Nexus 5 was a huge deal when it originally came out. It was deemed to be of extremely high quality at the time, with unparalleled specs at an affordable price. It’s still considered to be one of the best Android devices to ever come out, and that’s rightfully so. Even though it wouldn’t be that impressive today, back in 2013 when it first came out it was all the rage.

It may not be as popular as the iPhones and Samsungs of that period, but it’s still a classic, and it brought something fresh to the scene. All of this is why we just had to include it on our list!

The bottom line

With so many revolutionary smartphone devices that came out in the last decade, it’s hard to pick out only a couple of them. In this list, we tried to give you a short overview of our favorite smartphone devices that have made an impact in the world of mobile phones. There’s still more of them that could be part of this list, and many are yet to be launched. The smartphone industry is developing at incredibly fast rates, so in the next few years, we’ll probably see even more game-changers than ever! Until then, let’s all enjoy the nostalgia and appreciate the phones that brought us to where we are today!