9 Reasons To Book A Family Photoshoot Every Year

It is often said that pictures convey a thousand words; hence photos are the best way to convey emotions and make memories. Photographs have come a long way. The old pinhole cameras used to use a box with a pinhole covered by a dark black cloth to click a picture.

The pinhole camera was replaced by cameras that had reels, and the negative reels had to be developed chemically in dark rooms by expert photographers. The twenty-first century, however, has seen the most rapid advances in the field of photography. With the advent of the digital age, every mobile phone has a camera, and the cameras are getting better with every changing year.

Family photographs, however, are very special; they uphold a tradition and have a much deeper meaning than any other candid picture. Milestones in the family are great occasions for getting together for a photograph. New births in the family are a great milestone as the family gets its youngest member. Hence people can visit musenphotos.com if they are looking for newborn family photography.

Reasons Why It Is A Great IdeaTo Have A Family Photoshoot Every Year


They Reflect The Heredity And Genealogy

An image where multiple generations are sitting together to get clicked is the best reflector of the genealogy. If a person’s great-grandchildren want to know who their great grandparent was or what they looked like, the picture can be a great guide.

A few years back, there was a social media trend where people posted their images twenty years apart. The changes brought in by aging can be easily spotted. Moreover, the stark resemblance between the picture of a father’s old image and a son’s latest image can be deciphered.

Hence, they are a great way to look for hereditary traits. In some families, all men have a long pointed nose, while in others, they all are exceptionally tall. Thus, these images become a crude way to mark hereditary traits.

A Tradition

Whenever a family photograph is clicked, all members have to travel from all over the world to a familiar place like the traditional home. Thus, it becomes an occasion for a reunion where people who may have somehow lost contact can meet and catch up with each other.

When relatives across generations meet, it can be a great occasion for sharing old anecdotes and reliving old memories. In fact, it is a great way of rebuilding lost connections as people make time out of their busy schedules to fulfill an old tradition.

Tabulating The Growth Of Children

Adults do not change much after they are eighteen years of age; however, children grow rapidly. When a new baby is born, the new parents are busy, and they cannot keep tabs on how fast their child is growing. In such cases getting pictures clicked every six or nine months will reflect a change in the baby’s appearance. Once the baby grows up, the parents can take pride while looking at the old pictures.

Celebrating An Achievement


These yearly photographs can be the best gift for celebrating a career milestone. They are great gifts for special events like graduation parties, weddings, baby showers, etc. When a child graduates, a picture that was clicked fifteen or sixteen years back can show the child how far in life he has come.

Likewise, when a new member gets added to the family, showing these photos to the new member can help them feel an instant connection with their new in-laws.

Connects People To Their Roots

Some people achieve a lot in their lifetimes. There are many who have the perfect rags-to-riches stories. The old images are a reflection of their roots. The old house, the family, and the place where people are originally born all help remind a person of their roots, and it gives them a sense of humility and gratitude.

A Way Of Repaying Back To The Older Generation

It is often said that the best gift that the younger generation can give to the older generation is their time. As older adults are usually lonely, when their children and grandchildren come back for their family photo, it shows them that they are still important.

Satisfies Everyone

Clicking a photo every year has a big advantage in that it can satisfy everyone. Whenever a picture is clicked, somebody or the other is dissatisfied with their clothes or unhappy with the way the picture turns out to be. Also, many times people might not be able to make it despite their best efforts; hence an annual picture can satisfy everyone. If somebody was absent in a particular year, they could always be present the next year.

Makes Memories For A Lifetime

Births and deaths are inevitable; thus, a family will get new members and will also lose a few loved ones every year. When an unfortunate death happens in the family, the reunion for clicking the picture might be the last time everybody bonds with that member. Hence these memories become all the more precious as they are symbolic of the last interaction with a loved one.

Best Decorations And Albums

A wall in the living room that is dedicated to family pictures can be the best way to decorate the wall. It can strengthen familial bonds despite the increasing physical distance and the passage of time. And old albums are the best way to help children build bonds with their relatives whom they have probably never met in their lives.



An image may be the best way to create memories, yet getting a huge family together for an event annually is easier said than done. Hence to keep up the family ritual, people have to plan accordingly. Moreover, with the latest advances in digital photography and canvas printing, the images will last a lifetime without getting spoiled.

Hence with technologies like canvas printing, the problems like moisture, dust, and UV damage are considerably reduced, and the pictures remain beautiful forever.