Can Max Versappen Be the Next Formula One World Champion

Football/soccer, basketball, tennis…these are all sports that people around the world follow. However, if you are a big fan of cars, then we are pretty sure these sports are going to be too slow or monotonous. However, we are pretty sure that Formula One is going to meet your requirements and expectations even more. 

Well, there is one thing that you probably want to figure out right now. It is hard to predict who is going to be the next Formula One World Champion, but there are certain insights that you may want to know. The information below will be extremely interesting to you in case you are a big fan of Max Verstappen. We will analyze together with you whether he will be the next Formula One World Champion or not.

Before Everything – Who Is Max Verstappen

If you are a big fan of this young driver, then you do not have to read this part. However, if you are making the first steps in the Formula One world, then this part can be significant. For starters, Max Verstappen is a young driver from Belgium (currently Genk). Believe it or not, he is the youngest F1 driver of all time that managed to become a member of Scuderia Toro Ross. That achievement happened in 2015. An even more interesting fact is that he is also the youngest race winner of all time. 

Another thing that people should know about this young champion is the fact that he is collaborating with Red Bull Racing. The collaboration between the worldwide brand and the driver started in 2016. They both signed a contract that has become beneficial for both sides only 5 years ago. Max managed to show his talents while the Red Bull got an amazing promotion. 

Speaking of his entire career, the last season is probably something you would want to know. He ended up in a third-place which is a great achievement when you put into consideration who his competitors are. 

So, What about This Season?

This season is a bit turbulent for young Max Verstappen. The first race in Bahrain was a good chance for him to start the season with a win. Unfortunately, he did not manage to achieve that as he ended up in second place (which is not bad, of course). On the other hand, when the Emilia Romagna race came, he managed to correct that which was an excellent result. 

Also, it is important to mention that he finished in second place two more times after that. Races in Portugal and Spain allowed him to raise his chances of becoming a winner, and he used those opportunities very well. However, the number one spot in Monaco is something worth mentioning. That achievement raised his chances of becoming the champion even more! 

Is everything that perfect? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is “NO”. The race he had in Azerbaijan is a chaotic moment within his entire career. Believe it or not, he had an accident with the tire of his vehicle that did not allow him to finish the race. If you were watching that race, then you know the moment when Max kicked the tire. You can only imagine how frustrated he was. 

It would be unfair not to mention that he had the chance to win the race at some moment. However, Lewis Hamilton managed to lock him up somehow and finished the race in the first place.

So, Are There Any Chances Max Verstappen Will Be the Champion?

Lewis Hamilton is probably the name that people around the world have heard many times. This counts even for those individuals that are not big fans of this form of competition. However, Hamilton (together with Mercedes) has a big chance to become the champion once again. Speaking of Verstappen, his chances to end up in the first place are becoming lower and lower as Hamilton’s ambition to become a champion is extremely the same from the very beginning. 

However, saying just “no” would be unfair as there are still some chances that things will change in the future. In the previous season, Verstappen managed to win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the final race of the entire season. This was not enough for the youngster to become a champion, but it was some sort of good warning for the Mercedes. 

Despite that, it would be good to compare Red Bull Honda’s results from the previous season. They are much better this year and, if they work together even harder, they may surprise the entire F1 fan community

So, Does He Has High Odds?

While you are reading this article, the odds for both players are a bit different. For instance, the odds that Hamilton will end up as a champion are -125. On the other hand, the odds for Verstappen’s trophy are +100. However, the odds change all the time, and they probably won’t be the same in the next few weeks. 

On the other hand, no one says that they are the only ones who have the chance to win. However, the chances of other players are a lot lower compared to these two individuals. For instance, according to many online sportsbooks, the odds that Sergio Perez will win the race are +5000 while odds on Valtteri Bottas are +15000. Even if you do not bet, you can understand the difference is extremely high. 

Final Thought

Let’s make some sort of summary. Max Verstappen has high chances of winning while Lewis Hamilton is still the favorite. However, according to many experts that actively follow Formula One, Verstappen has enough experience to continue working on his goal while he is under pressure. Whether he will manage to reach the title depends only on him and his direct competitor. 

Anyway, if you truly want to figure out and predict who will win the Championship, then you need to follow the latest news at websites such as as many factors can influence the path of Max Verstappen. Those small details are something that people often do not notice, but they can be extremely influential.