10 Useful Engineering Software Tools and Apps Every Student Needs

We could say that nowadays we have apps for almost anything you can think of at our fingertips. But, if you’re keen on engineering or if your education goes in that direction… have you ever thought about those special tools and apps that can come in handy to students in this field and make their daily educational activities more easy?

As we all know, a good laptop is not a luxury anymore, but an absolute must, especially for young people who need a bunch of demanding engineering programs for educational purposes. If the article from laptopexplorer.com is to be believed, such computers need to be modern and durable, and they need to have great graphics. The problem some students might face is that some of them haven’t been exposed to technology so much and aren’t really familiar with it. But, if you’re a motivated freshman then it’s highly likely that you might need these tools we’re bringing to you in the following lines.

1. C++


C++ is an old programming language often used as a basis in the engineering field. You’ll come across numerous projects and assignments that’ll require knowing at least one programming language.  C++ boasts with simple syntax and it could actually be rather beneficial to you, especially if you’re a mechanical or electrical engineering student. C++ is often recommended as a good starting point and a stepping stone for future learning of more complex languages, as most of them have their syntax based on C. After you master it, you’ll be able to easily pick up any other language.

2. Excel


Most of us probably think that we’ve already learned all about Excel, but truth be told, if you know how to create a table and don’t know how to use macros, functions, and formulas, then you shouldn’t include this in the ‘Skills’ section in your CV. Excel is super handy for processing large amounts of data and automatically handling various tasks. However, you definitely need to know more about it than just knowing the mere basics.

3. FingerCAD


CAD or Computer-Aided Design software is beneficial for design and chemical engineering students mostly. This is drafting software and you should learn how to use it no matter where your focus in your career is. The more different software knowledge in your studies you have, the more you stand out and can make use of it. With this one, you can draw bridges, houses, geometrical figures, or anything else your heart desires when it comes to technical drawings.

4. DropBox


This tool is super useful for keeping your files, group projects, and all other important data stored in one place. You can access your data from any device as long as you have an Internet connection. Dropbox keeps your documents safe and protected. It’s great when you’re working in a group as any of your group members can delete or edit the file they have access to.

5. Lecture capture apps – SoundNote (iOS), Office Lens


Advanced technology allows us not to be bothered by scribbling every letter we hear in our notebooks. Nowadays, we have a chance not to waste our time on that and make sure we won’t miss out on any vital information. With lecture capture apps such as SoundNote, there are both visual and audio forms of recording or noting the lecture.

Office Lens is an app that enables you to store photographs of a whiteboard and convert the photos to PDF, PowerPoint, or Word. When the revision hour comes, you can just look into your OneDrive or OneNote and easily access all necessary pieces of information that have been stored. Also, there are some other apps that are mainly made for audio recordings such as Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder and Notes Plus.

6. Revision apps (StudyBlue, GoConqr, Exam Countdown)


A few years ago, revision was equal to boring, but luckily this modern era allows us to make it fun – although it sounds impossible! With StudyBlue you can use a set of flashcards to test your current knowledge and revise. There’s another app that can help you revise by creating mind maps, notes, quizzes, and flashcards too. Also, it allows you to work with your friends from all over the world. If you want to keep track of the remaining days of your exam, then check out Exam Countdown.

7. Exam prep app (Bench Prep, TCY Exam Prep)


There are plenty of apps that are used as exam prep for the admission process. With Bench Prep you can track your progress and connect with other users that take tests, quizzes, and use other prep materials. TCY Exam Prep is created for business students in the USA and India and it allows students to access study resources for different kinds of tests and exam banks.

8. Student planner apps (Timetable, My Class Schedule, Class Timetable)


These types of programs are becoming quite popular lately, as the key to completing studies lies in good organization. Numerous students want to make a good learning schedule, which is why Timetable has a fancy interface and My Class Schedule and Class Timetable have a more traditional spreadsheet layout for planning. This has become popular due to various reminders and alerts coming straight to your devices or phones instead of having the plan on paper.

9. Video call apps (Skype, FaceTime)


Most students are already aware of Skype and FaceTime as these programs help them stay connected to their classmates and professors as well. You can make video calls anywhere and with anyone – and it doesn’t necessarily have to be performed on a laptop. You can enjoy good video calls on your phone too. However, making a call on a bigger device is more convenient because you have a chance to multitask.

10. Engineering Professional

If you learn how to use this, you’ll seem like a pro and simply impress your professors. Engineering Professional has been designed to cover formulas for different aspects of engineering, such as civil, mechanical, environmental, hydrology, chemical or electrical ones. This is a great reference tool to use if you want to boost your performance and get more knowledge.