5 Fun Online Casino Games you probably didn’t know existed

Gambling can be a great way to spend your free time, and as a bonus, you can actually end up with profits. This concept is what people love the most, and the fact that some of the most popular games were created centuries ago only proves this theory. Now, casinos are constantly working on something new that they can add to their offer, which is why today we have so many variations of these popular games, but what about those a little bit less popular? On the contrary to what some may think, the fact that they are not that famous doesn’t mean that they are not profitable, so let’s check them out, and who knows, they might be that something special you have been waiting for.

Teen Patti


Teen Patti originates from India and has been with us for centuries now. It is also known as flush or flash, and the rules are pretty similar to the 3 Card Brag game. Namely, it all starts when the dealer deals two cards to players and two for themselves, with five cards placed face-up on the table. After dealing cards, each player uses one or both cards to get the best and strongest hand in combination with those five face-up cards on the table, and the winner is the one with the best hand. It’s a pretty simple yet highly engaging game, and the fact that it is also a fast one only contributes to its popularity.



Even though online casinos have dice games on their offer, the majority is not that into them, but luckily there are people who want to try them. One of them is craps, and although many people think it is impossible to win some big prize by playing it, the reality is much different. What’s great about it is that it has a low house edge, which means that it can be highly profitable. The most successful tip is to bet smaller amounts of money and do it strategically, which is the main advantage of this game because if you decide to do that, you cannot lose a lot of cash. Craps is a game of luck, so keep in mind that you will have bigger chances for a payout if you play more, and of course, Lady Luck has a tremendous impact on the outcome.

Crazy Time


Let’s start by stating the obvious, and as the name says, Crazy Time really offers something unique. Namely, it represents a mix of several different games set up in a unique way to provide users with the best possible experience. The fact that it was first introduced in 2023 and that it’s already one of the player’s favorite says a lot about the amusement level it provides. Furthermore, what’s perhaps even more important is the fact that, with the right strategy combined with your experience and gambling skills, you can make large profits. Online casinos are all about having a good time with the possibility to win money, but with Crazy Time, the chances are much higher to make some quick cash.

As for the concept, it all starts with a dealer who is in charge of spinning the wheel. The role of the dealer is also to explain and provide detailed instructions, so even if you are entirely new to Crazy Time, you will get around and learn the rules pretty fast. There are four numbers on the wheel on which you can place a bet and four bonus rounds. The numbers are 1, 2, 5, and 10, and, in case the wheel stops on the number five, the bet will be multiplied by that number. The essence of the game is to have a little bit of luck and end up with the grand prize, which you can claim when the wheel stops on the bonus round called Crazy Time as it represents a maximum bonus multiplier (20.000). Of course, only those who guessed the right number or/and the right bonus round get the win. As you can see, Crazy Time definitely is something new and highly entertaining, and unique and rich game content only enhances the overall gambling experience.



Bingo is popular all across the world, and it is almost impossible to find a person who did not play it at least once. Although it is so popular, we do not expect that we will find it in every casino because it is not a part of a regular casino offer. Well, it is most likely that it is going to change, and bingo will become a part of regular offers because the gambling industry saw how profitable it could be. The concept is simple, and all we need to do is form a linear matrix in a 5×5 matrix out of numbers. It might look too simple, but it depends on luck, not just on thinking, so it is impossible to win every time, but it is pretty amusing and tempting to wait for the next number and hope that you have it. Even though it is not played with high initial investments, the prizes are pretty high, meaning that besides the fact that this game is profitable for casinos, it can be profitable for players too.



There are many variations of Powerball, and almost everyone is familiar with it. All that’s needed is to choose some numbers and hope that they will be the winning combination. We can choose the numbers from 1 to 90, 60, or less, a combination consisting of 7 numbers, or have the list of 15 or more of them on our ticket, and it all depends on the variation we play. The options are numerous, and this great game was in our hearts from our early ages as many of us played it as a board game, so seeing it in online casinos and having the opportunity to win some money is something that we all waited for. That is probably the main reason why Powerball will become popular in online casinos even more than in land-based ones.