Gaming Sets from Logitech – The Best Gift for the Gamer

Whether you are a gamer yourself or search for a perfect gift for a gaming friend, sets from Logitech will be a perfect choice and a good present for every occasion. Logitech is a company that creates a wide variety of gaming devices, starting with gaming mice and ending with race wheels. Whatever piece of set you seek – Logitech may propose you a decent device for an acceptable price.

H2 Headsets

Qualitative sound is one of the cornerstones of the gaming experience. It does not matter if you enjoy the ambiance of horror games or listen to your enemy footsteps in online battles – the qualitative sound is essential for comfortable and full-fledged gaming. To achieve good sound, you need to have a good headset. Logitech may offer you some of the best headsets on the market, both wired and wireless.

One of the prominent models is G533 Wireless Headset. It is a sturdy gaming headset with big head cups and a noise-canceling microphone. The work time of the headset is around 15 hours; it is more than enough for several intense gaming sessions without an additional recharge. The headset has wide compatibility and can be attached to any gaming platform. It fits poorly for outside use but works perfectly as a gaming headset.

As a wired alternative, G Pro Gaming Headset Black may be advised as a good gift for gamers. The headset has wide and comfortable earcups that prevent overhead and weariness after long gaming sessions. The headband is metal reinforced. It prevents the headset from premature breakage. The microphone is not so impressive, but it gets the job done. Anyway, the Logitech G-series of headsets is a perfect opportunity to make a fellow gamer happy.

H2 Steering Wheels

Steering wheels are a universal device that will compliment any fan of the racing genre. Casual races, arcades, and simulators – all of them become deeper with the steering wheel attached.

One of the best choices on the market would be Logitech G29 Racing Wheel. The device mimics the design of a sportscar and gives the feeling of a realistic racing wheel. At the same time, this ps4 racing wheel has the functionality of a gamepad that does not restrict device usage strictly in-game.

G29 has dual-motor feedback technology that contributes to the immersion during intense races or long rides in truck simulators. The leather covering finished the overall impression of a real wheel used in games.

Logitech may provide one of the best products on the market. Still, there are numerous other options in terms of gaming periphery, including steering wheels. You may check out this TOP 5 Steering Wheel for Ps4 by Insider.Games to choose from the best models on the market available. From this list, you may choose not only a ps4 steering wheel but a device for any gaming platform.

Another prominent steering wheel from Logitech is G923 Racing Wheel. It is similar to G29 in several ways: leather covering, accessibility of a gamepad, qualitative feedback. The real difference is in the design. G923 resembles more of a racing bolide than a rally wheel. It is thinner and more streamlined, which works well as a ps4 racing wheel. Therefore, the real choice here is aesthetics preferences.

H2 Gaming Mice

A gaming mouse provides both comfort and efficiency in video games. Strategies, MMOs, and FPS games feel different when a player has a gaming mouse instead of a regular one. Unlike office devices, gaming mice are designed for long sessions, with ergonomic design and additional buttons for intense gaming. Logitech has nice offers with wired and wireless devices.

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse is a nice example of a qualitative product. The device has a modest design and color scheme without flashy RGB lighting. The mouse provides an ergonomic form and anatomical design instead. The device is oriented on right-hand users. It has a pad from the left side to keep your fingers rested and increase the overall comfort of usage. The working time of the mouse is around 250 hours of constant usage without additional recharges. It is a qualitative wireless gaming mouse with good sensitivity, eleven programmable buttons, and a comfortable form. It is a true appreciation for a gamer.

A wired alternative for G602 would be Logitech G300 Gaming Mouse. It has a strict design, with color pubs on both sides of the device. The pubs have eleven color options, which can be changed by special software. One of the indisputable pros of the mouse is its ambidextrous design. It is a lack of gaming mice focused on left-hand users. On the contrary, G300 may be used by any user. It lacks expressiveness in the design, but it provides comfort, wide customization, and decent sensitivity of a gaming mouse. Besides, the price for the device is more than optimal.

H2 Gaming Keyboards

The final set of gaming equipment is a gaming keyboard. Cybersport disciplines, as well as single-player games, usually require intensive input and fast reaction from a player. A decent and qualitative keyboard is one of the parts of efficient gaming. Durable keyboards by Logitech may serve well for this purpose.

Take, for example, Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are the next evolutionary step of gaming devices. GPro has nothing extra in its form. It is ergonomic and finds its place on a working table easily. At the same time, it has programmable button lighting that underlines the gaming nature of the device. The most important feature of the keyboard is its mechanical input. Each button is pressed with a distinctive sound and has pleasant feedback. There will be no accident inputs with this keyboard – it is precise and sturdy.

As for a wireless alternative, Logitech MX Wireless will do well. It is a compact wireless keyboard that provides freedom in the place and position of device usage. It has a distinct input and a solid time of use per charge. In combination with the other Logitech MX finely complements the other Logitech wireless devices, creating a perfect wireless gaming set.