6 Benefits Of Gas Fireplaces And How To Install Them

We’ve all thought about having a fireplace at one point or another. Imagining an area in your home where wood will be burning while you’re sitting next to it and enjoying a cozy atmosphere is definitely nice. When it comes to actually doing this, however, you start realizing that things are not all as imagined, and that you could benefit more from getting a gas fireplace than the one that uses wood. The modern world has brought about a modern solution, and you should get additional info about it, and people are turning towards it more and more.

Sure, while you might have imagined wood in the past when thinking about installing such a heat source in your home, after coming across the gas option, you’ve started realizing that it may be quite a beneficial option as well. If not more so. Deciding if you want to get a gas fireplace, however, won’t be that easy, since you’ll want to know what the benefits of it are before doing it. Well, that’s precisely what we’re going to help you learn.

Benefits Of Having A Gas Fireplace

Benefits Of Having A Gas Fireplace

The appearance of these devices will be appealing to most homeowners, but nobody will decide to buy something based on appearance alone. Especially not when it comes to heating devices. Thus, what you want to do is figure out what other benefits come with having a fireplace, apart from the aesthetic appeal that certainly cannot be denied. So, below I’ll list some of those benefits to expect.

1. It provides You With Constant Heat

While fireplaces that use wood constantly need to be taken care of and refilled with wood so as to continue burning and providing you with heat, the gas ones will provide you with constant heat without you having to lift a finger. The device will start working after you turn it on and won’t stop until you turn it off, while you won’t have to worry about it in between. The continuous heat it will provide you with is certainly a huge plus, as it means your home will always be warm and cozy when you start relying on gas fireplaces.

2. You Can Save On Your Energy Bill

Seeing high energy bills one month after another will make you wonder what it is that’s causing such a level. Some of your other heating devices may be using a lot of energy, thus leading to a higher bill, and especially so if they’re not functioning efficiently for one reason or another. With a gas fireplace, it is estimated that you can save up to 25% on energy bills.

3. It’s Easy To Use

The ease of use is another appealing benefit to consider. Not having to worry about lighting a fire up when you get home and then waiting for a long time for the place to get a bit warmer is undeniably a good thing. With one simple flip of a switch, you’ll get your home warmed up instantly, which is undeniably a huge advantage to look forward to.

4. There’s No Cleaning Required


Not using wood means you won’t have to keep on cleaning not only the fireplace, but also the area around it. Sweeping and tidying up is not necessary, and neither is cleaning along the chimney to prevent build-ups. Sure, you’ll have to clean your device from time to time, but it will be quite easy and much simpler than the cleaning process that a wood burning fireplace would require.

5. It Is Environmentally Friendly

While this may not be the biggest benefit for you, it is actually a great benefit for all of us, i.e. for the whole planet. Basically, a gas fireplace is environmentally friendly. No fumes are released into the air, making this a sound and a healthy choice for the future.

6. As Well As Stylish

While it’s clear that the aesthetic appeal isn’t the factor number one why you should get these devices, it is still a benefit worth considering. Being quite stylish, these devices will fit in with any interior. Plus, there are different designs and sizes to choose from, making it sure that you’ll manage to find what works best for you.

How To Install One


Installing a gas fireplace requires you to prepare the necessary materials, to prepare the area for installation and to actually set the device up. If you’ve never done this before, it would be best to get professionals to do it for you, since you don’t want to make any errors along the process. If, however, you have some experience, you know that you need to buy a platform for the fireplace, set up the device, install the exhaust piping, complete the direct venting system, and connect the gas line and electricity as well. Hiring experts is always the smartest and the safest move, though.