Getting Your Mental Health Certification: What’s Involved In The Process

The field of mental health is growing rapidly. As advances in mental health accommodations have increased since 2020, patient expectations also have shifted. Telehealth and telemedicine rest at the forefront of these significant shifts in mental healthcare, and new careers related to mental health are also cropping up.

One career focus that is blooming is the mental health coach career. Using tools and techniques like the inner dynamic model and neuro linguistic programming, mental health coaches can help clients improve their quality of life by assisting them in removing blocks to improve positive self-talk and eradicate limiting beliefs. As a subtype of life coaching, mental health coaching is a resource to help those with or without underlying mental health conditions address limited ideas and improve their quality of life.

If you’re interested in obtaining your mental health certification, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ll discuss what’s involved in the process so that you can join the community of individuals enthralled with this life-changing career path. Continue reading the article below to learn more about the mental health certification process.

Complete The Prerequisites

Before starting your Mental Health Coach Training, you must have completed your prerequisites, including the NLP Integrated Life Coach Training. All of the program materials are online, so you can complete your mental health certification at your own pace and get your certification on your own time.

Join A Mental Health Certification Program

There are various tracks you can take to complete your online mental health certification program, depending on your interests. To earn your certifications for the Mental Health Coach Certification Track, you’ll need to complete the training and mentoring classes to meet the standards for accreditation.

After you’ve enrolled, you’ll start the Mental Health Coach Training cohort, which consists of multiple frameworks for your learning. Included in the cohort are:

  • Weekly classes (live, 120-minute classes)
  • Homework and paired activities
  • 10 weeks of structured learning

Take Advantage Of The Available Resources

Additional training programs are also available to enhance your knowledge and understanding after you’ve received your mental health certification. You’ll receive four certifications by completing your online mental health coach training:

The following certifications you’ll earn are as follows:

  • mental health coach certification
  • master coach certification
  • life coach certification
  • NLP Master Practitioner certification

In addition to the live classes, you’ll get unlimited coaching hours and will receive 165 ICF training hours to ensure you are confident with your learning.

Get Started Right Away

You do not need a specific degree in counseling or psychology to begin your mental health certification program. Mental health coaching is not a substitute for counseling and therapy, but it is considered a healthy complement to these treatments.

Start Your Training Today And Make A Difference

Make a difference in the well-being of your clients by becoming a certified mental health coach. Follow the online program and complete your training to start your journey as a certified mental health coach.