Gift Boxes – Hot Care Package Trends

Gift boxes with lots of little things have been very popular in the last few years. It all started with beauty boxes. You could order a box full of beauty products, mostly small packages, for a certain amount of money, and some brands even offered a subscription so you could get a new surprise box every month. The initial craze for this kind of gift for themselves and others has subsided, but they seem to be popular again. Why not be when with these gifts you can fully express your creativity and beautiful wishes for any occasion – wedding, birthday, recovery, childbirth, and even send a message “sorry”.

It’s 2023 and care packages are officially in! What with distance being the new reality during COVID times, it has been harder and harder to see our friends and maintain relationships. More and more people have been turning to letterbox gifts to convey messages to family and friends. So, whether you want to just say hello, or reach out to somebody, take a look at these hot care package trends!

Personalized gifts are becoming increasingly popular, and choosing the perfect one is sometimes a real challenge. In the sea of offers, we try to find the most original and perfect one that will cause that “wow” effect on every recipient with which we will know that we have guessed!

It happens to us many times that we can never think of a suitable gift for our loved ones. We think they already have everything, but at the same time, we want to give them something special that they will remember forever. The value of a gift is not reflected solely in its value, much more important is the message it carries and the effort put into choosing it. Gift boxes became popular a few years ago and are gaining in importance every day. Why not when there are countless possibilities and combinations to make this gift perfect for any occasion.

Filling a box with artisanal treats has been all the rage lately. It has become a staple of any care packages. Whilst we were trapped at home last year, it seems society became used to finding comfort in food! A favourite of ours is local honey. Usually easy to obtain at farmers markets, this elixir not only tastes great but has serious health benefits too. If you suffer from hay fever, local honey is often used as a remedy to combat this. Alongside this, you can even look at baking your own sour dough bread to compliment. Wrap this up and you have a beautiful handmade gift for your friends and family to appreciate.

You can never go wrong with alcohol, and we have certainly needed it this year! Remember, it is always worth doing some research into local wines and spirits, to add that personal touch that shows someone that you care. Craft ales are also trending this summer, with cans and bottles from independent companies proving to be an excellent gift to quench the thirst of a stressed loved one! Not only do these cans look great, but they have a fantastic range of flavours to suit all tastes.

Additionally, self-care products make a terrific gift for anyone who needs a pick me up. There is a fantastic range of online beauty products for both men and women – ideal for a night in after a hectic working week. Why not try some organic face products that can be both soothing and reenergizing for the skin? A favourite of ours is our handmade coffee scrub. Just upcycle an old glass jar with a ribbon and a label, before making your scrub. All you need is some fresh ground coffee, brown sugar, vanilla essence, and some coconut oil. Mix well until combined into a luscious homemade exfoliant. Pop in the jar and you have a beautiful hand made gift for a loved one.

Candles, scented soaps, massage pads, creams – all these are gifts that bring a big smile to the face of women, and especially supermoms. And when you get all those gifts packed in a specially designed wooden box with special dedications, you can’t take the smile off your face.

Or why not let someone else do the hard work for you? Box-sized hugs are a fantastic start-up company who specialize in crafting prestige boxes for your loved ones. You can even select what products go in their specially designed letterbox-sized packages, making it completely customizable to individual taste and preference – the perfect Box Sized Hugs. They can even include a handwritten note to make your care package extra special. One of their bestselling boxes is their ‘Boss Babe – Thinking of you’ box which makes an ideal gift for anyone in your life that needs a boost. The box includes pampering products, a cute notebook and pen and of course our favourite – chocolate!

Gift ideas need to be individual and special in order for the gift to make sense at all. When you know someone for a long time, it is really difficult to continue to be innovative in gifts. Every person is different but there are similar types of people as well as the preferences they have.

Sometimes buying gifts can be hard work. The first thing you need to do is set a budget. Think about what the person you are preparing a gift for loves, what are her interests, hobbies? Even if you are a more superficial acquaintance, you can probably remember at least the basic preferences that a person has – likes to exercise or prefers to spend time in front of the screen, likes nature, pets, games, cooking, diving, which series interests him/her?

Decorative little things, whether they are wall decorations, figurines or similar things, are an unmistakable gift – we all love beautiful things and we all enjoy the occasional change in the living space.

In any case, a gift should be a small thing to cheer up and make the other person happy. Simple, practical, and funny gifts are always a good choice regardless of the occasion and the person in question.