Give Your Home an Elegant Touch with These Simple Tricks 

Give Your Home an Elegant Touch with These Simple Tricks 

If you’re like everyone else, you choose your space based on practical considerations. You fail to change the dull colours on the wall or completely neglect the garden (or both). Beautifying your surroundings isn’t a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, so take into consideration the possibility of a different kind of life.

Achieving the look you want is easier than you think, so put yourself ahead of the game by having the fundamentals in place. Whether you’ve just moved into your home or lived there for years on end, there are several things you can do to give it a touch of elegance.

Use Furniture with Character

Use Furniture with Character - vintage era


The search for the perfect furniture can turn out to be a never-ending quest with a few possible endings. There are so many options to choose from, so picking one seems like an impossible task. You can decorate with antique furniture, especially wooden pieces, to make your home look graceful.

Antiques are one-of-a-kind, so they naturally stand out. Much of today’s furniture is practical, but it’s a tad bland. You can combine antique furniture pieces with newer furnishings to create a space that is truly unique. Nobody will have the same setup as you. A few carefully chosen pieces is all you need to transform a home and give it personality.

From big marketplaces to independent shops, there are many places where you can find the vintage furniture of your dreams. Second-hand furniture keeps things in use and out of landfills, therefore, reducing the need for cheap, trend-led furniture.

If you’re decorating your home with wood, resist the urge to select furnishings in the same species or tone because they can make the space feel flat. Mix different styles and pieces of furniture to create a personalised look. Colour matching the walls can be a great way to create a cohesive, polished look, but things can go south if not done correctly.

Spruce Up with A Drinks Trolley

Spruce Up with A Drinks Trolley - home decor


With rising prices, most of us prefer a big night in over a big night out. It’s no wonder drink trolleys are experiencing a revival. If you want to entertain at home, a drink trolley is a must-have because it has ample room for drinks, mixers, glasses, and an ice bucket.

Drink trolleys used to be considered a relic of the past. Well, not anymore. They’re now a fashionable way for people to display their spirits and glassware while enjoying the functionality of a moving bar. You can dress up the drink trolley with a decorative tray, snack bowl, or coasters. If you have the room, add some fresh flowers.

Put Ribbon on Anything

Ribbon-trimmed curtains - Put Ribbon on Anything


To achieve elegance, and save money in the long run, fill your space with ribbons. Decorating with ribbons isn’t only fast, but it’s also affordable. Most assortments of ribbons are available at competitive prices.

Ribbon is a versatile material, so you can add a fresh twist to your classic home without sacrificing style. Grosgrain ribbon is the easiest one to work with, meaning it can be used for a broad variety of projects – its vibrant colours and structural integrity make it ideal for indoor décor needs.

Many stores are happy to offer an extensive selection of ribbons and bows from first-rate materials. When you purchase ribbon wholesale, you make a cost-effective decision.

In what follows, we’ll present some DIY décor ideas so that you can enhance your home painlessly.

Ribbon-trimmed curtains

Curtains play an important role in home design because they enhance the ambient and style of the space. You can add some pzazz to the curtains using double-sided satin ribbons. Simply trim the ribbon and glue it onto the curtains. Equally, you can loop the ribbon around each side of the curtain and tie it back to the window frame.

Dining table centrepiece

In case you didn’t already know, your dining room table is a blank canvas. A genuinely exquisite centrepiece can become the statement of the entire room. Wrap both sides of the ribbon around the vase to meet in the middle. Pull the ribbon tight and around to the back of the flower pot. Repeat until you have the entire vase covered.

Ribbon wreath

A wreath has no beginning and no end. It’s ideal for a child’s bedroom, your own crafty space, or the front door. Even if you’ve never DIYed before, you can make a wreath with ribbon. All you need to do is to cut pipe cleaners and attach ribbons to them. It’s that simple.

Create A Colour Block

Indeed, it’s not easy to create an entire room in just one colour, but the results can be spectacular. Colour blocking may have started on the fashion runways, but it’s an excellent décor tactic. If you’re only painting one section of the wall, you’ll have leftover paint that you can use for other home improvement projects.

You can use colour blocking to highlight a piece of furniture or serve as wall art. The idea is to find patterns and complementary colours to achieve an awe-inspiring display. You can split the walls in two by using paints that imitate the look of mould.

Give Your Staircase an Update

Last but certainly not least, give your staircase an update. The stairway is the first thing visitors see when they walk through the door and sets the tone for your personal style. The question now is: What can you do?

Well, you can rip out the carpets and replace them with elegant flooring ideas. For example, you can use ceramic tiles which withstand staining, scratching, not to mention they’re easy to maintain. If you have your heart set on stair carpets, go with a design that’s both hard-wearing and practical.

Ceramic or hardwood flooring can become dangerous if anything spills or the kids run with socks. The cost will depend on the style you choose.

Wrapping It Up

We hope this list of home improvement ideas will inspire you to tackle a new project. Bringing a sense of elegance into the home isn’t necessarily a difficult task.