5 Main Differences Between Hardcore and Casual Gamblers

Gambling has been one of the favorite activities for many people, for centuries and ages. Online gambling came as an option with the appearance of the internet and grew popular ever since.

In its beginnings, online gambling offered popular casino games such as roulette and blackjack. Until today, countless casino games have been developed to use all the potential internet and computer graphics had to offer. This is how some of the most popular online gambling games such as The Book of Ra, were born.

The online gambling industry today is huge, worth a couple of billion US dollars. Thousands of online casino websites are only a part of this picture because there are also betting websites, poker rooms, fantasy sports leagues, and much other content for those who enjoy games of chances.

So, gambling became accessible to anyone willing to try it out. Without a need to physically enter a casino or have a lot of money for it. Online gambling websites such as njcasinoo.com make it easier to track down daily bonuses. Aside from creating lists of the safest online gambling platforms, they also update the list of the websites that offer daily bonuses, which gamblers can use to play without investing their money.

All of the above mentioned has influenced the rise in the number of people gambling. Some develop an addiction and become a “hardcore” gambler, some manage to keep it casual. What are the main differences between these two? Keep reading to find out.

1. Casual gamblers know when to stop


This is the most obvious sign of gambling addiction; anyone can recognize in a person.

The main trait by which you can recognize a hardcore gambler is the obvious passion he develops for gambling. Like with any other thing people get passionate about, they simply are not able to stop and are completely obsessed with the activity. They’re unable to stop thinking about it, whatever they do. In their free time, even before bed, a hardcore gambler thinks about the next chance of gambling and the money he is ready to bet on.

Casual gamblers are the complete opposite. Their minds are not obsessed and consumed by gambling. They are aware of where gambling can lead them if they do not get up from the table or leave the mobile app. The activity is not the priority, and there are many other activities during which they do not think about gambling at all.

2. Casual gamblers see gambling as a social activity


Gambling be it in a real-time casino or online can also be a social activity. Something fun you like to do with your friends on a weekend trip, or when celebrating special occasions.

When a person is a casual gambler, the primary intention of gambling is not to win at all costs. The main intention is to do the activity to blow out some steam, release stress while spending time with people close to him. They can be compared to, for example, a social drinker. The one that does not drink every day to suppress some negative emotion or experience, but rather get carried away while they are with a group and having fun.

Hardcore gamblers tend to gamble alone, every chance they get. They do not feel the need to share the passion for gambling with anyone but themselves. You can recognize them in a casino, by being alone and completely concentrated on the game, not paying attention to anyone else. These are also people who spend a lot of time using their cell phones. Whenever there’s a group of people discussing something or just small talking, they are typing on their cell phones with full attention and focus.

3. Hardcore gamblers go all the way


A casual gambler knows what is a reasonable amount of money he can afford to gamble with and lose before he says “stop”. While hardcore gamblers will continue investing everything they have in the game until there’s nothing left. Until they are in deep debt, and they start searching for a suspicious, at times an illegal, alternative way of gaining money they can use for another bet to get them out of the mess.

Hardcore gamblers often lose the feeling of stopping and continue gambling with not only their own but also someone else’s money, until they are forced to face the situation, they are in.

4. Hardcore gamblers tend to lie and keep secrets


The reality is that many of us might have hardcore gamblers in our family, but are unable to recognize them because online gambling can be very discreet. So, if you notice some of your friends or family is giving excuses or lies about where he’s going to secretly go to a casino, or find some alone time to gamble on their phone, this might be an alarm.

Gambling for fun does not end up with keeping secrets and lying to your friends and loved ones, because casual gambler has nothing to hide or be ashamed of. When a person who gambles is aware that his actions are completely wrong and that they should end, the feeling of guilt appears, and the hiding begins.

This means that if you notice some of your close friends are running out of money, and you have no idea where they are most of the day, there’s a big chance they have turned into a hardcore gambler and you need to react asap.

5. Hardcore gamblers keep denying the problem

Becoming aware of the hardcore gambling problem is the most important step towards recovery. Hardcore gamblers hardly ever admit they have a problem, and in most cases need a little help to recognize it. Admitting they are unable to combat what they are facing with, in this case, a gambling issue, can be tough, in some cases even impossible without an outside help factor.

Casual gamblers do not get emotional about the activity at all. If they crossed the line at one point, because they got carried away, they are capable of admitting this and even punish themselves by avoiding gambling for a longer period of time.