Why Headline Is An Important Part Of Your LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn has quickly become the most popular way for professionals to communicate. This platform enables users to meet new people and expand their network. However, to boost your profile, you must maintain it immaculately, specifying your job experience and highlighting your skillset. Nonetheless, most users fail to understand that writing a headline is as essential as filling out your experience details and educational qualifications. Therefore, this article will highlight why it is crucial for users to write a sensational headline that will capture every employer’s attention.

What is a LinkedIn Headline?


If you’re wondering what a headline is on LinkedIn, an easy way to remember it is that it’s the way you introduce yourself to visitors. LinkedIn is a professional-only social media platform that allows you to locate the ideal job, network with other professionals, share your projects, and learn new skills.

How will you establish a name for yourself on such a platform? Your headline is the first thing you should think about. Your entire profile will fail to stand out if your headline isn’t compelling enough.

LinkedIn headlines are the first thing individuals see once they click on your LinkedIn profile. They momentarily lay out who the individual is and what makes them extraordinary. As a result, writing a headline is one of the most crucial things you can do to boost your profile.

The point of the headline is to urge other LinkedIn users to tap on your profile and give an outline of what you do. A headline needs to be under 120 characters that make it around 18 words. It is crucial that you keep your headline concise to help employers understand your skills better.

Tips to Create a Professional LinkedIn Headline


Creating a professional LinkedIn headline is critical, and here are some tips to help you get started. Keep it short and sweet. It should be easy enough for even the most inept to comprehend. Unless absolutely required, avoid using heavy jargon in your headline.

Direct speech encourages your visitors to interact with you more. As a result, phrase your sentences in indirect speech. Your visitors will feel more welcome if you use second-person phrases. Make a point of being explicit about your abilities, and make an effort to incorporate your credentials straightforwardly and concisely.

For more information on how to write the perfect headline, visit blog.closelyhq.com. If you’re just getting started with LinkedIn or already have an account, make sure to follow these tips.

Why Should You Have a Compelling LinkedIn Headline?

1. It Might Help You Rank On Google

If you apply for a job, an employer or human resources manager will likely enter your name into LinkedIn’s search header or Google to check your profile out. Even sending an email to a new client can result in a LinkedIn search (provided you have enclosed a link to your profile). Now is the perfect time to Google yourself if you haven’t already. On the first page of search results, what do you find?

Another advantage of having a good LinkedIn headline is that it can be challenging to rank on Google’s first page. Still, LinkedIn is a well-known and influential network – and Google is interested in it. As a result, getting your LinkedIn profile to rank on Google is usually easier than getting your handmade website or online portfolio to rank. If a prospective employer sees your LinkedIn profile first, it’s time to create one or update your existing one to stand out from the crowd.

2. You Can Catch The Eyes Of Recruiters

Because most hiring managers and recruiters already use LinkedIn, it will help you find a job faster. When it comes to screening prospects during the hiring process, 87 percent of recruiters say LinkedIn is the most effective – especially for those under 45. (90 percent ).

Having an active and well-designed LinkedIn profile with a strong headline will significantly boost your chances of being discovered by firms trying to recruit people with your talents and experience. In other words, rather than actively looking for and contacting each company, potential employers will contact you if they believe you will be a good fit for their corporation.

In addition, 75% of workers who recently moved jobs utilized LinkedIn to help them make their decision. The fact that you have a LinkedIn profile with a great headline demonstrates that you are concerned about your professional image. It proves that you are tech-savvy enough to use social media and have remarkable achievements that you are proud to put forward for prospective employers.

It shows recruiters and potential employers that you are personable and would be a good fit as one of their company’s faces. A well-crafted profile with a concise headline will attract and pique the curiosity of the relevant people. It might even be enough to persuade them to contact or hire you! Use industry-specific keywords to represent yourself and cement your expertise in your field to give yourself the best chance.

3. Creates A Better First Impression

Within the first 20 seconds of reading your LinkedIn profile, a hiring manager or recruiter will form an opinion about you. A properly written and filled profile, complete with an up-to-date headline describing your talents and experience, will capture the reader’s attention right away.

Include significant accomplishments, project examples, and value-added abilities near the top of your profile to keep the reader’s attention and provide a solid first impression. Remember to include a picture in your profile. It will assist in humanizing it and put a face to the name. Keep in mind that your photograph is a representation of yourself.



People on LinkedIn are full of relatable talents and quick to criticize inclinations. If you want to grow, you must stand out from the crowd. Make sure you have a great headline that tells other users about your profession or brand to be unique.

Simply take your time, consider many viewpoints, and make changes to your LinkedIn headline until you’re delighted with it and your LinkedIn profile begins to produce results.