7 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Building Design Consultant

If you are planning to build a house or some other structure, keep in mind that it will require advanced skills and experience to create and finish such a project. That is the main reason why people are hiring construction designers who can provide their expertise and help you to determine the best outline of some construction.

Therefore, choosing the right person for this job is one of the most important parts of the project. It is always the best solution to hire well-known companies like JK BuildingDesign so you can be sure that they can provide you with high-quality and right solutions.

Moreover, it can be difficult for people with no experience to even determine the right person for this job. That is the main reason to learn more about the process of selecting the right designer. Here are some important questions that will help you determine if the person is the right one for the job.

1. Previous Experience


The easiest way to find out if the person is capable of providing the right services is by asking about some previous projects. If a designer already has a rich portfolio with multiple buildings and spaces he designed, and which are already constructed, you can check them to learn more about the style, modern solutions, materials, quality, and more.

That will help you find out if the person is experienced enough. Also, you will be able to check the most common style used by the designer. For example, a person used to traditional design is not the best one if you are interested in getting a modern construction.

2. Is it Good with Remodeling?

In case that you are planning to apply some changes to the current structure so you can make it bigger or simply to improve the appearance, it is essential to check the capabilities of designer with such a project.

The reason for that is that some of these people are much better in creating structures from scratch, while they might not be the best option when it is needed to recreate an existing object. The reason for that is that some existing structures might require more skills and experience if you want some serious changes to be added to the size and appearance.

3. Can You Contact Previous Clients?


The problem with modern advertisements is that people can easily fake some of them. For example, an architect can add projects made by other people in his portfolio only to attract more clients. If you are not sure whether this person was really the one behind some project, you can always ask it to give you contacts of some previous clients so you can check if he is honest and reliable.

Besides that, reliable designers often share this info on their websites, where you can get more details about different projects, exact addresses of structures, and, in some cases, even contacts like emails and numbers from previous clients.

4. Are There Any Challenges?

There could be all sorts of difficulties related to the construction or renovation. You should keep in mind that designers tend to create outlines and scripts that often can appear unrealistic, and it might be late to find that out after the construction company finds it impossible to apply some solutions introduced in the project.

When it comes to challenges, they can be related to the design, ground, type of the existing structure, and more. Therefore, the experience is crucial since only experts with many previous projects can create accurate plan for construction of redesign.

5. Price and Additional Expenses

Construction designers are often those responsible for the flow of the process as well. In that matter, you should ask in advance about the price, and check if there won’t be any additional expenses added to the contract.

For example, you paid for the creation of the design, but you now have to spend more money to pay this person for monitoring or adding additional changes. The best solution to avoid this situation is to set everything in advance and combine all details so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

6. Relations with Contractors


There are two options available. You can hire an individual who will create a scheme for the house or hire a whole team of people with the designer as one of them. Both options can provide some benefits. For instance, hiring a designer separately will provide you with higher flexibility since you will be able to research the market for the best designer for your price range, and then find the right constructor separately. However, keep in mind that the lack of communication between these two parties can also be a problem.

On the other side, you can hire a team of people where designer is also responsible for monitoring. This is common in professional construction companies. You might need to spend more money, but this is the safest option when it comes to quality, time needed to finish the project, and more.

7. Ability to Provide Solutions


In most cases, people who decide to hire designers don’t have so many experience in both design and construction. However, you might have a clear picture of how you want your house or some other facility to look like.

Still, the problem might be that the picture you imagined can be much more expensive, or it could have certain flaws that will affect the design and quality. Hiring a professional will help you avoid these issues since it will provide you with advice of why some things you imagined might not be the right solution.

Last Words

The essential part of choosing a good construction designer is to be sure that the person has enough experience and that he is aware of your preferences when you are investing in construction or remodeling. That is the main reason to never rush with your decision and to always research the market by checking both various projects and previous constructions created by people you are interested to hire.