The History Of Halo And Eternity Bands: A Look At This Timeless Jewelry Trend

Since time immemorial, jewelry has adorned and enhanced the beauty of the person wearing it. The designs and styles have varied, but the essence of jewelry remains the same- to celebrate life. May it be a wedding, an engagement ceremony, a birthday or an anniversary, jewelry pieces have added to the beauty of the beholder. And these jewelry pieces are then used and kept with great care to ensure they always dazzle.

In the ever-changing world of jewelry designs, one trend that has never gone away is timeless pieces! Any jewelry piece with a classic design that will not wear off and is created with great craftsmanship can be referred to as a timeless piece. Such pieces are created using precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. Many types of jewelry are considered timeless, including pearl necklaces, diamond stud earrings, halo bands, tennis bracelets and the latest addition of eternity bands.

Halo Bands


A halo band is a hair accessory that sits on the head like a crown or a halo. They are made of a thin metal or plastic wire on which various jewels, flowers and gemstones are embellished. The wire is almost invisible, giving the illusion of an adorned halo, hence the name.

The tradition of wearing halo bands is ancient, and in many Greek statues, goddesses can be seen wearing a wreath of flowers. The design has evolved over centuries with the addition of jewels, precious gemstones and intricate patterns. But to date, these jeweled ornamental bands are popular, especially amongst brides. They are also referred to as headband halos or wedding halos, as they are worn by the bride during her wedding, with the wedding attire.

While the designs and embellishments have changed over time, they continue to be considered timeless and elegant accessories. They can be worn back on the crown of the head to create a regal, crown-like effect or, in a traditional style, at the front of the head.

Eternity Bands


An eternity band is a ring with smaller diamonds surrounding the large centerpiece. It is synonymous with being a perfect piece of jewelry, creating an inimitable shine befitting for celebrating the special events of life.

Such bands have been around for some time but were considered normal rings until they gained popularity as a symbol of eternity in the 1960s. They became popular when many celebrities and affluent people spotted them. They also became popular amongst couples as infinity bands, marking their union for infinity or eternity.

To date, they remain a popular choice as wedding and engagement rings. They are considered timeless due to their simplicity yet elegance. They are designed to be cherished and worn for a lifetime rather than being short-lived.


A timeless jewelry piece transcends trends and fashion fads. It lasts forever and is often passed down through generations as family heirlooms. Halo and eternity bands are such timeless jewelry pieces. Their basic design stays classic, yet they can be made to look trendy by adding contemporary gemstones. They are characterized by their simplicity, elegance, and versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions and outfits.