How does bad Weather Cause a Car Accident?

With changing seasons come shifts in weather conditions. While you may love the rain and the snow, they are not so loved by drivers who regularly use the road. Your chances of meeting with a road accident increase significantly when the roads become wet and slippery. However, that does not mean the weather is entirely at fault, and drivers have zero liability.

Responsible and reasonable drivers should prepare themselves ahead of time for the weather. They should take measures to avoid accidents as much as possible. Orange County personal injury lawyers can educate you about your legal rights after a weather-related car accident. Contact them now.

How does bad weather cause car accidents?

Bad weather comes in the top ten causes of car accidents in the United States, and it is not difficult to understand why. Rain, snow, and fog not only make the streets and the road wet and slippery, but they also make it difficult to scan the road for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. Drivers tend to be more nervous on the road during these times, which can slow down their reaction time and the brain’s ability to judge when you need it the most.

Along with impairing your vision, bad weather can hamper your vehicle’s performance. Your vehicle will have a harder time stopping. Worn and damaged tires have a higher risk of skidding or sliding on the road. This is known as hydroplaning. While hydroplaning, other vehicles can come in the way, resulting in a collision. Even if the road is empty, you could still crash into a wall, tree, or animal.

High winds are also the cause of many accidents every year. Winds of 40 mph or gusts over 58mph can blow debris onto the roadway, which results in dangerous conditions. Dust kicked up by winds can also cause vision impairment.

Who is liable for the accident if weather conditions have caused it?

Just because the weather conditions had a part to play in the collision does not mean that the driver had no fault of their own. Almost all car accidents can be avoided. If taken proper measures beforehand, one can avoid weather-related car accidents. Some of the measures a driver can take are as follows.

  • Paying attention to the road and scanning the road on both sides to determine sudden hazards.
  • Being highly cautious, especially when traveling on a snow-covered, wet, or foggy road.
  • Checking the vehicle’s parts, such as tires, brakes, engines, etc.
  • Checking the weather conditions before heading out and choosing a route that is least affected by the conditions.

In some accidents, the drivers may be held liable, while the roads may be blamed in others. Your attorney can investigate your case and help you determine liability and negligence in a car crash.

Referrals are the best way to find a lawyer

There are a number of ways to get referrals for finding the best attorney in the town for personal injury plaintiffs. However, you should choose the ways, which can save your time and effort. Below mentioned is the best approach in hiring an experienced lawyer:

Contact your friends and colleagues

Your friends and acquaintances can suggest to you the name of the best lawyer who can fight for your personal injury claim. If your friend is telling you all the good things about the lawyer, you should place him on the priority list. Moreover, if you take your friend’s name while contacting him, he will give you more preference. However, you must make the final decision after meeting the lawyer in person.

Search in the local directory

It is also a good idea to search in the directory of bar council in which you will get the names of personal injury lawyers. To choose the best one, you will have to visit and discuss with a few of them. You must interview them to understand their style of working and personality. You should trust your gut feeling when choosing a lawyer.

Characteristics to look in an attorney

Below mentioned are a few characteristics that you should keep in mind:

  • Experience and credentials- If you want to win the case, you should always hire a lawyer who has earned a name for himself in the respective field. His experience and rewards should speak for him and his work.
  • Settling the amount- By discussing with him about the insurance company and damages, you can get some idea of the settlement amount. You should consider opting for a realistic approach rather than keeping your hopes high.

Alternatively, the internet is the best place where you read the reviews of a few attorneys nearby.

Is it worth hiring an attorney?

People find it difficult to hire an attorney because it might make them spend a lot of money. On the contrary, it can save them a lot of money. If you have suffered severe or major injuries, you might not be able to visit the court. In such a case, a car accident lawyer can take away all your stress and worries. He can evaluate the compensation that you deserve by looking at the damages and injuries caused to you. It might not be possible for you to do it all alone. Moreover, he will take the money after you win the case as stated in the contingency agreement. By hiring an attorney, you will increase the chances of winning the case and getting justice in a timely manner.

What kind of lawyer do I need to contact?

Any licensed car accident attorney is able to handle the case. However, it is highly recommended to go through the experience and areas of specialization. You should not hire any other attorney because a personal injury lawyer knows the traffic laws in a better manner. He has studied this field in-depth and he knows how to handle and present the case in court. Besides that, he might have dealt with similar kinds of cases and he can use the facts and verdict in your case as well.

While filing for a case, you must clear some facts on the personal level as well. The car accident claim should not be taken as a medium to get money from another party. The stats also show that people use this law to make money. When you are fighting your case, you should follow all the guidelines and regulations as mentioned by the state law. Harassing someone to get the money should be avoided.