How Hard is the CCIE Lab?

One of the most difficult exams to take is the CCIE lab. From the exam data, we know that on average 8000 people take part in the CCIE lab every year. You can assess how hard the CCIE exam is just by knowing that a person took the exam a total of 19 times and still have not passed this lab exam. This shows the level of how hard the CCIE lab is and only the best can clear the exam.

Those who have taken written and lab exam shared that written exam is a lot easier because always follows a traditional style and format of exam. For the lab exam, one must be ready to use all the experience from the networking career to pass it. No one gets a chance for error. This is the main reason people who take this test often find it difficult and fail.

Why the difficulty of the CCIE lab exam is high?

The person attempting the CCIE lab exam must be experienced and have a problem-solving mindset. Because this exam pushes all limits of practical experience and skills for managing networks. The candidate will have a total of 8-hours to completely configure & troubleshoot the network of Cisco to prove their skills and be another step closer to passing the exam. To qualify a candidate must score 80% points. If you are looking forward to passing the CCIE lab exam, make sure you can handle the pressure and speed to do the task on time without putting a dent in the quality.

How to pass CCIE lab on the first attempt?

The most important thing is making sure all the workbooks you are using are fully up to date. The most common mistake lots of candidates make is that they don’t verify before indulging themselves in exam preparation if they are using the right material or not for the CCIE lab exam. Remember that you need to study and practice hard for the CCIE lab exam.

What are the steps for passing the CCIE exam?

Getting nervous before a tough exam is common, and sometimes candidates feel more anxious because they don’t what works best to pass the CCIE lab exam. So, we also decided to write some tips for the candidates. We hope following these steps you will get good grades and pass the CCIE lab exam. If you’re interested to learn something more about CCIE so please visit here

1.   Schedule your study hours:

Studying the whole day and putting your health at risk is not the right way. Starting with building a schedule will surely help you maintain your study and practice time as well as you can make sure you stay healthy for the lab exam. The recommended time for practice and study is 3-4 hours per day and if you feel committed you can give an extra hour as well. Don’t waste time on cheat days, because you will need all the preparation you can get to pass the exam in a short time.

2.   Choose only the best CCIE training institute:

The 2nd most important thing is choosing an institute to prepare yourself for the lab and exam. You can consider taking your time and putting it into researching and finding a good institute. The institute must have the best passing percentage of students for CCIE lab and exam. SPOTO is helping the CCIE lab exam candidates prepare under the supervision of the best trainers. To grow and build a career in CCIE networking SPOTO should be your only choice.

3.   Don’t fall prey to pressure and nervousness:

CCIE lab is a tough take but that does not mean you should lose confidence in yourself. Instead of freaking out give time to prepare for the lab exam and practice a lot. Don’t let the pressure of attempting to pass a tough exam like CCIE lab. This can cost you your passing marks. Be calm and composed and prepare well for the exam so you could easily get through the CCIE exam.

4.   Focus lab exams prep:

Those who believe a written exam is important should know that the root cause for failing the CCIE exam is the lab part. You need to give equal importance to both the written and lab part of the CCIE exam. So, you get the highest marks to clear the CCIE exam and earn the CCIE certificate.

5.   Make structure and outline of the syllabus:

While preparing for the CCIE exam and lab try to bring structure to your preparations. Make outlines of all the important topics and study and practice them regularly. With correct outlines and highlighted material, you can easily revise when the exam time is easier. Outlines work as the core points of the subject under the practice of discussion. They can help you remember for a long.

How can Cisco CCIE lab learning with SPOTO lab can help you?

Cisco CCIE lab learning with SPOTO lab is the best institute for help with CCIE exams and preparation. If you are unaware of this opportunity of getting trained by the only best trainers in the market, then you must check it out. Read below some of only the best reasons why SPOTO should be your number one choice when choosing an institute for preparations and CCIE practical exam training.

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  • SPOTO helps students take a mock test with 200+ questions just like in the actual exam.

Last words:

Keep SPOTO on top of your list of best institutes and reach out to our support team and we will guide you through the whole process. We make sure when you leave you to leave as a certified CCIE expert. So, don’t wait any longer and reach out for more details.