5 Easy Shopping Tips: How to Choose a Mattress

We can all agree that getting enough sleep is one way to maintain good health. A great way to start this good sleep journey is by getting the best and most appropriate mattress for you. We may often overlook it, but mattresses affect our ability to sleep well. Choosing the best mattress can be time-consuming and even tiring. But knowing the mattress’s details is necessary to make the process easier for you.

Let’s talk about sleep first. Why is it necessary to get good sleep? As mentioned, it is vital to achieving good health. Furthermore, having enough sleep can lead to better productivity and concentration. Sleep is just as important as a proper diet. Thus, one should focus more and give importance to choosing what’s best for them.

To help you choose the best mattress type, here we will make it easier for you. You may have prepared a couple of options in mind now. But skip the long list and check these easy shopping tips we prepared for you. Read more to learn about the different mattress types and factors to look at when choosing a mattress.

1. Mattress Types

If you are new to choosing a mattress, you have probably come across different options. You may be unfamiliar to all, but mattresses do have different types. The market now offers different mattress types for different needs. Many have already mentioned that what matters most is your comfort preference. Here are some mattress types and their benefits you can consider:

Innerspring Mattress


If you want that traditional feeling while sleeping, an innerspring mattress can be your best choice! It has a coil spring core system that provides excellent support to your body while at rest. These are bouncier mattress types compared to other types. Furthermore, one of its greatest advantages is its affordability—a popular choice for budget shoppers.

Hybrid Mattress


Do you love double comfort? Hybrid mattresses can give you that! It has two notable elements: a coil-based core and a comfort system of either memory foam, latex, or gel. The coil-based core support system is composed of micro-coils. It combines the bouncy feeling of an innerspring mattress and the contour feeling of the foam.

Latex Foam


Latex foam is known for its durability and comfort. Like other mattress types, latex foam can also provide moderate contouring to your body. If you are also an eco-conscious shopper, natural or organic latex made from the sap of rubber trees can be your best choice! Click Here to learn more about the best mattresses this 2024.

2. Firmness

Comfort varies in different people. Thus, you must find what makes you comfortable the most. Some people may enjoy a soft bed, but some will surely not. Firmness describes how the mattress is hard or soft. Different mattress types vary in firmness.

You don’t have to worry much as you can freely choose what firmness level you prefer. Also, remember that choosing the right firmness may depend on the individual’s weight. To fully understand the firmness level, we will compare the options for you.

  • Extra Soft and Soft – These firmness levels are best for side sleepers under 130 pounds.
  • Medium Soft – The best firmness for sleepers under 130 pounds and side sleepers under 230 pounds.
  • Medium – The best choice for back and side sleepers with pounds between 130 to 230.
  • Medium Firm – This firmness level is best for sleepers between 130 pounds and 230 pounds and side sleepers over 230 pounds.
  • Firm – Side sleepers over 230 pounds; also best for back and stomach sleepers with over 130 pounds.
  • Extra Firm – Lastly, an extra firm level would best work for back and stomach sleepers over 230 pounds.

3. Sleeping Positions

What position do you usually use when sleeping? Some may be aware, but of course, some are unaware. If so, take some time to discover and know what sleeping positions make you feel comfortable the most. That way, it would be easier for you to choose the right mattress type.

Knowing your sleeping position means what body parts need more support. Boost your comfort and avoid body aches by choosing the best mattress that suits your sleeping position. The different sleeping positions are as follows:

Back Sleepers

This type of sleeper usually puts great pressure on their lower back. A too-soft mattress means the torso can sink in more, while a too-firm mattress can’t accommodate curves in the back. Thus, a medium-firm to a firm bed can do best.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers have sharp pressure points in the shoulders and hips. Too soft mattresses can cause these points to dip out with the spine, while too hard mattresses can promote misalignments to the pressure points. Thus, medium-firm mattresses can also be the best option.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers put too much pressure on their lumbar spines. To avoid the U-shape body while at sleep, a firmer mattress is recommended. This can be the best choice as not to feel suffocating while sleeping face-down on the bed.

4. Where To Shop

Shopping in stores can be a great advantage to see the actual quality of the mattress. The traditional way of shopping has always been the choice for many people since then. Shopping in stores can provide you with a greater variety of options. What more? In stores, you can shop the sales! You can also negotiate with the salesperson to get the lowest price.

But because of today’s situation, shopping online has been an alternative for many. Also a great way to shop is through online shopping sites. Shopping from home can let you shop anytime you wish to shop. This can give you enough time to think about what’s best and explore the different types available online. Decide, buy, and wait for a few days or weeks for it to get delivered straight to your doorsteps!

5. Budget

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a new mattress is the budget. Setting a budget means controlling your shopping journey. But remember not to compromise your comfort over the price. Expensive mattresses indeed can provide you the best quality, but always consider your comfort. Make your budget a guide to shop smart.



Choosing the best mattress is easier when you are aware of what exactly you need and want. There are many more available mattress types around, but again, what’s best depends on you. The tips mentioned above can guide you to start your journey in finding the most appropriate mattress type. Thus, follow the tips above but always follow you and in no time you’ll surely achieve the best sleep like never before.