How to Improve Your Health: 11 Apps Students Use Everyday

Today, our phones combine a lot of functions. They are personal assistants, coaches, nutritionists, personal assistants and fair mentors all in one.

Blood pressure monitors, pedometers, all kinds of fitness bracelets … People who take care of their health no longer need dozens of devices. Most modern phones have similar built-in features, or you can install applications on them. Below, we have prepared a list of convenient and useful programs that help you monitor your health.

But before we begin, let us remind you that no application will change your health without your personal motivation to improve it. Of course, workouts and doctor appointments will take up time in your schedule. And if you struggle to manage it all, just outsource some of the tasks. All you have to do is google “writing a research paper” and a talented writer from Essaypro will be found in no time. With them on your side, all parts of your life (including academic performance and mental health) will finally be under control.

1.  Health On iPhone


This program is one of the few that are already installed on your phone. Firstly, this is a full-fledged medical record where you enter all the health data you know. Second, it records your activity for days, weeks, months and even years. Together with Apple Watch, Health tracks your activity, breathing, exercise, and heart rate:

  • Activity: it records how much you move and motivates you to add more exercise;
  • Mindfulness: reminds you to take a few deep breaths and relax. A great way to relieve stress and improve your mental balance;
  • Nutrition: whether you’re counting carbs, calories, caffeine, or other important nutritional metrics, the Health app makes it easy to manage your goals and keep track of what you’re eating. Indeed, minding your diet is one of the key ways to get healthier and receive the energy you need;
  • Sleep: numerous apps share data with Health so you can get a healthier sleep pattern.

All in all, Health allows you to keep track of a wide range of data, from blood pressure and blood glucose measurements to many other records.

2.  Apple HealthKit

Apple HealthKit improves healthcare and here’s how. The application saves the user’s health and physical activity data on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Then, you can share this information with your doctor. Based on the HealthKit API, Apple Watch collects data about your daily activity, heart rate, and finished workouts. The program downloads data from various services and applications and transfers them to the Health application.

3.  Google Fit

Google Fit automatically records your running activity, such as your speed, pace, route, altitude, and more. The app syncs with Google watch. The platform collects information from other services to track your physical activity, nutrition, sleep and weight. Just like Apple HealthKit, it expands the possibilities of medical care. The program collects a variety of information about the user’s health, and thus, you are free to send it to the doctor.

4.  Waterbalance


The application ensures that there is always enough water in the body, as a great water balance is a key to vigor, proper metabolism, good skin condition and rapid removal of toxins from the body.

The Waterbalance app is easy to use and will remind you to replenish your water supply when needed. You just need to enter your current weight, mention each glass you drink in the application, and the program itself will calculate how much water your body needs.

The main thing is not to forget to note what and when you drink. The program keeps records of indicators and compares them with the norm. If the numbers are different, you will receive a reminder to drink another glass of water.

5.  Lifesum

This application is for people who monitor their weight and take care of their nutrition. In your personal diary, you record what you ate and how much. The program shows the calorie content of meals as well as the content of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Then, Lifesum gives you advice on improving your diet. Plus, here, you can explore popular diet programs and create an individual diet program.

The application takes into account your physical activity indicators and is synchronized with other services. At the end of the day, you receive the summary on whether your day was active enough.

6.  BetterSleep

Throughout the night, this app tracks sleep phases by body movements, analyzing light or deep sleep. In the morning, the alarm clock built into the program will wake you up at the most favorable moment.

7.  Asics Runkeeper – Run Tracker


Programs of this type are used by millions of people around the world and for good reason. The application allows you to keep running statistics, build routes, count calories, communicate with friends and share your sports success.

This is the perfect app for running, cycling and hiking. Runkeeper captures all the details: your route, distance, average speed and pace as well as the time spent.

During the run, the program tries to motivate you and reports the current results so that you can correct the training process right on your way. A nice bonus is that you can listen to music while jogging.

8.  QuitNow!

The application will help you quit smoking and you will certainly be surprised by how fun it will be. The program keeps track of the time you don’t smoke, money saved and cigarettes that you were able to avoid. Moreover, QuitNow! shows how the user’s health improves over time.

9.  Calm

The first thing you need to know about Calm is that it was called App of the Year 2017. It is an awesome meditation and relaxation software. So, feel free to relax your mind and use breathing exercises. It also has a story mode for falling asleep easily.

10.  Happify

Happify tracks your emotional well-being and helps get rid of anxiety and negative thoughts with quick yet easy exercises. All of them have been developed by leading scientists and experts in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and positive therapy. Of course, regular use of Happify cannot replace a therapist, but it certainly can help you find peace.

11.  Sleep Cycle

As you know, good quality sleep is a necessary condition for feeling well. Chronic lack of sleep can cause a gradual failure of all systems. In the meantime, sleep fights stress, makes digestion much better, and gives the nervous system proper rest.

Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock that can wake you up at the most optimal time for your body. Thanks to the smartphone’s speaker, the application listens, analyzes your sleep behavior, detects the phases of short and deep sleep and helps you wake up at the most appropriate moment.

To Wrap It Up

In this guide, we’ve collected apps that solve many widespread problems, be it tracking your physical activities and water balance, sleep patterns and mental hygiene. So, find the program which suits you best and let it change your habits and routines for the better.