7 Signs You Need to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Is your recruiting process producing high-quality employees who contribute to your company’s success? If you may believe that your new hire process is effective, it is equally important to review it on a regular basis to ensure that you are getting the most out of your recruiting budget.

The recruitment process is an important feature for any company and firm. If it is not properly planned and followed, it can lead to a decrease in the value of the company after a time. Hiring teams play an important role in hiring new candidates for the company. To help you in improving the recruitment process, here are seven signs that your recruiting process needs to upgrade. Also, here is astorsearch.com which can help you. Take a look at them to see if any of them need to be changed.

1. Employee Turnover Is High


There have been high turnover rates from 0.6% to 15.7% from 2013 to 2014. If new hires come and go often, it’s a warning that something isn’t quite right. Quick turnover or employees shows either poor quality in hires or lack in the necessary skills required for the job. Examine how long new hires remain with the organization or those jobs that seem to be in the recruiting cycle all the time. Companies should find a solution to this issue and fix this cultural fit as soon as possible to improve the recruitment process. As nowadays after many years of decline now the turnover rates have risen again.

2. Nobody is interested in your job openings


The next feature due to which the recruitment process feels low can be the candidates’ interest in the job openings of your firm. It is more frustrating to get to know that people are not interested in the position your company released. It can be due to past reports of the company.

Candidates find the company disorganized and find some negative comments on the internet or heard some negative reviews from someone. This is due to your firm having received critical reviews about the business from past candidate experience. It’s most likely related to the hiring mistakes you’ve made. Talentmattersin.com will assist your businesses at any level of the hiring process, from developing an offer and investigating staffing requirements to locating applicants, hiring them, and onboarding them.

3.Your inbox is overflowing with unqualified candidates that don’t meet your eligibility criteria

Hiring managers’ toughest hassle is sifting through hundreds of applicants in every work category to find the best match for their company. Screening the best applicants from a pile of unqualified applications will eat up a lot of your time.

4. Employer Branding or a Lack of Innovation


Sometimes lack of Innovation in a company can also lead to less recruitment. Candidates see fierce competition nowadays as companies are trying to impress job seekers and are trying to establish a good reputation in the job field. Because of this reason, it becomes difficult to choose and attract the best applicants.

Recruiters find almost 75 % of applications form under unqualified for the post. Even many candidates who are qualified are sometimes ruled out in this process before the interview. Talent Matters will help in eliminating excess applications of only unqualified candidates before the interview process. Also, they will help in providing a branded job platform and a prominent social presence to attract the best applicants for the required openings.

5. There’s a lot of paperwork to deal with

There are lots of applications which lead to lots of sheets to store and spreadsheets to be made. Many recruiters waste their time in doing so. Not only will searching for data take longer, but the whole process will become more difficult for all to be involved. Talent Matters will help you in reducing paperwork, so you no longer have to search for data.

6. Interviews are often postponed


For a variety of reasons, such as a lack of rooms or staff members, interview schedules can alter. However, repeated reshuffles can damage your company’s credibility. Hiring department heads and managers may also be required during an interview process, and they rarely have time to get involved in this reshuffling which destroys a company’s image. Improving this thing can help in getting better results.

7. Recruiting for more than one position

If you only need one employee and have a committed hiring team member, the recruitment process will require a lot of time and also money. Consider how much time you need to devote to finding the ideal applicants when you need to recruit more staff. When an organization and its resources made so much effort to hire someone, and still the hired candidate doesn’t match the requirement, then it’s a great disappointment for the company.

It makes no difference if he does not fit in with the team, if he lacks sufficient integrity, or if he leaves the office without any specific reason.



The effectiveness of a company’s recruiting plan can have a direct impact on its results. If a company hires qualified and skilled employees, it will help the company to grow successfully.

An organization can save lots of money and time by enhancing the recruiting process and reducing errors. While recruiting, the company should always be specific about the positions it is looking to fill. It should have an experienced recruiter team that can choose an ideal employee for that specific position. Experienced recruiters know when an applicant isn’t the best fit for a job and remove them early in the process, increasing the chances of hiring the best candidate. It also saves your time and money.

You can offer applicants compelling reasons to apply by describing what makes your business special. Also, give valuable and detailed information about open positions, and outline the advantages and incentives that your company provides to its employees.

By making certain changes in your recruitment process, you can hire the best and qualified employees for your firm in less time and within the budget.