7 Reasons Why Infrared Heating Technology Is Becoming so Popular

Today, we can increasingly notice the effects of infrared technology. Its application is widespread and is used in saunas, high-quality materials, food processing, etc. Of course, its greatest application is when combined with traditional heating methods. Either way, there are plenty of reasons why people are using it more and more.

This is mainly due to the high efficiency that this technology provides. It is a large thermal coverage that is extremely even. Of course, the functioning of the system ultimately depends on the product but it is, in any case, a very popular choice. That is why this market is constantly growing and a new one is coming.

Traditional systems cannot be compared to revolutionary infrared technologies and that is another reason why people choose it. If you are interested in why people adore this heating system so much, keep reading and discover in the rest of the text.


Less air circulation

This is very important for all people, especially those with respiratory problems. Thus, traditional heaters cause significantly higher air circulation, which means that all dust and other germs float in the air. It is not good for health, and people who have asthma, bronchitis or something similar find it very difficult to bear this situation. That is why the use of an infrared system avoids such things. This means that all the dirt stays on the carpet and other places, because there is less air circulation.

People are taking this fact into account and that is why they are increasingly opting for this system. This is completely normal, because every respiratory symptom gets much worse and leads to big breathing problems. However, the infrared panel can be said not to use air as a transport medium and to provide clean and safe heat without complications.

Absence of moisture


We present to you another reason why people choose this system. One of the biggest nightmares is the appearance of moisture. This happens when someone uses warm air currents, because this way it is transmitted much faster than with colder air. Thus, the traditional system greatly increases this process. However, the presence of moisture is not the biggest problem, but what follows its appearance.

It’s mold, and you all know how bad it is for health and how ugly it looks. As with the previous situation, mold also has a bad effect on the respiratory organs and is the cause of many allergies, infections, etc. Sneezing and the like are also very common. On the other hand, the infrared heating system really has very little effect on the air temperature and therefore the chances of humidity are minimal. This means that your health and home are equally safe with this advanced system.

Good blood circulation


The traditional system is pretty bad when it comes to this. The heat in the air is felt only superficially and therefore your skin suffers. So, this system dries out your hands and the rest of your body a lot. This leads to side effects such as cracking or, in the worst case, infection. However, if you opt for an infrared heating system, your whole body will feel the heat and there will be no possibility of the skin drying out. It is about the fact that the temperature then penetrates deeper into the skin and thus increases the level of oxygen in the bloodstream.

Well-distributed heat

As we have already said, with this system you will feel warmth all over your body. In addition to the excellent circulation that is achieved this way, you get excellent heat dissipation as opposed to using a traditional system. So, there is a big difference in their actions. Infrared heating extends to the ceiling and so heat everything in the room, it refers to the body and furniture. This gives a great feeling of heat that stays longer while cooler air is kept in the lower part of the room. We even found information on the website www.futofolia.hu that infrared technology provides 17.9% better heat feeling than gas heating, which you will admit is not small percentage at all.



In addition to a perfectly balanced heat movement, a great advantage is fast heating. You need really little time to be able to heat the room with this kind of heating. On the other hand, traditional heating requires a slightly longer waiting period for people to get the desired temperature. Of course, the heating rate depends primarily on the system specification.

In any case, it pays more to own this heating system, because even with different specifications, it is much better than the traditional one. This primarily refers to the length of heat retention. After you turn off this heating, the heat goes out very quickly.

Cost-effectiveness of installation

When it comes to this process, the infrared system has proven to be a much simpler endeavor as opposed to the traditional ones. In addition to lower costs, which are also a feature of this system, it has been shown that the installation implies a much easier procedure because they work on electricity. So, they don’t need pipes and the like. Because of this, they are very grateful for the installation, and people are thrilled with this choice because of the aesthetic design.

Of course, when you choose something that is designed to fit into any room and can come in a very flexible shape, it gives your room more space. Due to the large selection of installation options, this heating system is quite popular today and that is just one of the reasons.

Excellent flexibility

When we mention the flexibility of this system, it is important how it fits into our living space. However, this is not just about aesthetic design. Depending on its setting, we can get a higher or lower heating capacity. This is great to know if you want to reach a certain temperature that you need in a given room. For example, you can choose between a panel that you will install so that it hangs on the wall, or you will attach it all the way to the wall. Whichever consideration you make, you will get a slightly different outcome when it comes to temperature.



As you can read, infrared heating technology really has great advantages over traditional systems. It is very popular precisely because of all this. However, it is perhaps the most sought after on the market due to its economy when it comes to heat distribution. This way of saving is a great advantage that most have recognized.