Get A Job That Doesn’t Require a HIGHer Education

Attending college and obtaining a degree definitely has its advantages for those wishing to pursue certain careers. However, in recent years many of those weighing whether to enter into higher education or go straight to the job market are finding lucrative long-term careers in a rapidly growing industry.

With both the medical and recreational use of marijuana already being legal in multiple states and additional states passing various levels of legalization almost every year, exciting new career opportunities are opening up. Whether you’re looking to start your first career or just need a new one, the marijuana/cannabis/CBD/and hemp industries may be exactly what you’re seeking. Visit site.

Entry Level – Cultivation

“Trimmers” are responsible for trimming away the leaves and separating the buds and stems of the plant so the buds can be properly cured and readied for sale. If one of your long-term career goals is to work in cultivation and/or becoming a master grower, this job will give you first-hand experience with the growing process. A good majority of assistant growers started as trimmers and worked their way up.

Entry Level – Budtender

This is the more popular entry-level cannabis industry job and is highly sought after. Depending on your individual state laws, you may have to be certified or undergo required training to work in a dispensary but as many have found, you almost have to start as a budtender if you have aspirations of becoming a dispensary manager.

Some Experience Preferred

For those with management or pharmacology experience, being a dispensary manager can be a dream job. As the well-paid face of the dispensary, managers are responsible for dealing with state inspectors, interacting with law enforcement, working with vendors, and managing the staff and day-to-day operations.

Depending on your experience and education, other positions you may be interested in are:

  • Security – either at the dispensary or company cultivation centers
  • Sales –  intrastate/interstate B2B sales
  • Marketing – internet and traditional marketing that adheres to state laws
  • Courier – responsible for transporting large amounts of marijuana from the cultivation center to the dispensary or processing center.

Experience Definitely Required

These next careers in the cannabis industry are highly sought after, coveted, and pay extremely well. But of course, this means that you’re going to need either experience or education on your side.

Extractor – responsible for using various chemical processes to make highly potent cannabis concentrates and products. Since if the process is not done correctly it could lead to explosions, carnage, and death, it’s a position for the skilled and highly-trained.

Lab Worker – responsible for testing and confirming that the company’s products contain the proper levels of cannabinoids and that there aren’t any pesticides or heavy metals present.

Master Grower – requires a degree in horticulture or extensive experience growing cannabis in the legal industry.

One of the main benefits that attracts so many people to jobs in the cannabis industry is that for those that are dedicated and hard-working, promotions are generally pretty easy to achieve. Starting out as a budtender could lead to managing a dispensary in just a few short years and it’s not hard at all to work your way up from Trimmer to Cultivation Worker and on to Assistant Grower.

Another Great Possibility

Aside from providing the much-beloved marijuana, there are a lot of positions in the cannabidiol (CBD) industry that may interest you. Netting over $2 billion in sales in recent years and continued growth potential, this particular job market is showing some great potential for the coming future. Check out some of the best jobs currently available in the CBD industry.

Marketing – Just as with the legal marijuana industry, CBD companies rely on great marketing to help them expand their reach and business as a whole. However, unlike the majority of regular businesses, those in the CBD industry are restricted from many traditional advertising venues such as Facebook and Google and, depending on their HQ location, some are only allowed to advertise within their own state. This makes skilled marketing professionals highly in-demand and if you want to work in this exciting and expanding field, it’s actually possible to earn well into the six figures.

Farmer – If you happen to own some, hemp may well be the cash crop you’ve been looking for. If you can grow quality hemp, which is now legal in many states, or take the time to gain the skills necessary  to grow hemp that’s good enough for extraction, you can earn about $250 per acre.

Lobbyist – Responsible for advocating for laws that benefit the CBD industry and its patients as well as keeping lawmakers and politicians informed about anything CBD-related, lobbyists are an integral part of the ever-growing industry. If you’re passionate and want to help make a positive impact on thousands of lives, this position could be well-suited for you. While most lobbyists usually start out as unpaid interns, it’s not hard at all to quickly earn $25,000 to $35,000 per year and can get your foot in the door as a professional lobbyist.

Extraction Tech – There is a dangerous, delicate, and precise science for Cannabidiol extraction and if done incorrectly, it can be extremely dangerous. While this position does generally require a PhD or similar degree, the position generally starts around $75,000 per year and up.

A Job That Always Needs Skilled Professionals

Bongs (aka water pipes) and many traditional pipes for marijuana smoking are made via glassblowing and a career in this field can be thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial. However, you’ll definitely need plenty of training for this one and unfortunately, only a handful of trade schools and even fewer universities offer certificates or degrees in glassblowing. The majority of professionals in this field typically learn through hands-on and/or on the job training and experience.

In order to get this type of experience, it’s often necessary to become a glassblowing apprentice to assist a master glassblower with basic duties while learning those valued techniques. Talented glassblowers can have a very lucrative career and professionals working in glass manufacturing can start out as much as $45,000 per year.

As you’ve seen, there are plenty of career paths in the marijuana and CBD industries and depending on the path you choose, you could have your dream job once and for all. Just be certain to research any prospective employer and the position you’re interested in and enjoy your new career without necessarily needing higher education.