Guide on Logistics Recruiting in 2024

Imagine this – you have a business that used to bloom and now you are always behind your competitors, your workers slacking, and everything isn’t the way it used to be, or another scenario could be that you are simply expanding, you are quickly in need of new skilled workers to stay competitive in your operation branch. You know you have to implement some changes but you either do not have time, resources or staff that is capable of pulling it off. Whether you have a brand new, or even a long-standing family business one thing is for sure, you are always on a hunt to find talent that will differ you from other companies in your niche and push your business forward in this time of everlasting changes and difficulties.

These past years have been difficult for both you in search of fresh talent as well as for those offering that talent to you. Most of us aren’t aware but the demand is greater than supply which is why we are in a huge tug of war between talented individuals who are able and willing to work and the supply chain of those talents. According to some researches, the main problem now is to find adequate candidates that have at least a satisfactory set of skills for jobs that are the most sought out for. We had some divergences when it comes to skill and pays, but as time progressed it became more and more obvious that skilled workers want more money for what they offer. That is logical and it had to be remedied as soon as possible to differentiate those who can do their job instantly from those who know how to get things done but still need an acclimatization period.

Now whatever the reason or need for fresh new workers you have two options either employ your staff to go and look for new workers or outsource this job to a company to do it for you. You probably are always watching the cost side of all things, as you should, but keep in mind that outsourcing this kind of work isn’t always the costliest option. If you do not have the manpower internally to conduct such a task than it might cost you more than you realize, and it all comes down to usually choosing the wrong candidate for the job.

What most businesses do now, mainly those that don’t have time, processes or skill to do this by themselves, is decide to turn to staff agencies. These types of agencies will quickly, objectively and professionally manage your staffing needs. Most of these already have pre-screened candidates that have been tested and trialled. This is important because these candidates have been carefully picked out of the many that are undesirable and that might affect your business negatively. One more good thing about these companies is that they offer candidates based on your needs and you can opt to hire full time, part-time, fixed-term and contract employees.

Another benefit of going down this path when hiring is that these agencies will usually guarantee the hire by themselves which means that if you are not satisfied with the first pick for a just reason, then you will get a new prospect with no additional costs for your company. This way you save time, resources and most importantly surpass that miss-hire that will give you nothing but headaches.

Working with A Logistics Recruiter

To work with one of the best you need to look for reliability, experience, speed and award-winning recruiting companies that will guarantee their picks. Agency’s that boast with these attributes are the ones that have a long history and that understands the market the best. They are the ones with a huge pool of potential candidates for you and they are the ones that can stand behind their picks. Those top 0.01% of companies are rare but one of those is CulverCareers and they surely boast with their professionality as well as speed and quality.

These types of companies have a very difficult task. They have to cover every aspect of the market and know it better than anyone. You always have to be in touch with both the candidates as well as businesses that are on the lookout for fresh and skilled workers. All you have to do is define a role in your business, set the requirements and just how the role fits in your business. Second thing is to make a profile of the person that will fill this position and the rest is on recruiting agency to figure out.

After you supply them with the said above, the agency will start looking for suitable candidates. Since most of them, as we previously stated have a pool of candidates that are already checked, they will start from there and if nothing is satisfactory than they expand their search to other places even in other companies. Don’t think that those looking for a job are on the table, in some cases these agencies will look for candidates that are already employed, but fit your criteria and can be offered something extra if they switch jobs.

In this job everything is important. Since we already mentioned that you actually can save money by outsourcing to a recruitment agency, then it’s a good thing to look for those that will save you even more money. Some do it by saving time and reducing the time to hire. Thanks to that you will probably get you first referrals in 5-10 days. You also need someone that can go beyond sites that you can use for yourself like LinkedIn, Indeed and the likes, and offer you more candidates from a passive market.

With all said you shouldn’t be afraid to utilize these types of agencies. Now that you have a little bit better understanding of how they work, and what exactly do they do, you should opt to outsource your next employment to them. Why not allow them to take the weight off your shoulders and help you skip the tedious process of searching, interviewing and at the end decision making, that will most likely end up I mediocre results. We say sit back and relax and watch the professionals work!