Magnetic Screen Door By Easy Screen Doors – 2023 Review

Another great option to go with is this magnetic screen door by Easy Screen Doors. What differentiates this model from many other cheap screen doors are the durable mesh and the improved airflow that keeps you home fresh during the entire summer.

Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door


The Magnetic screen Door is super sturdy, the seams are all sewed, the sewed in magnets don´t come loose like with some cheap as seen on TV magnetic screen models. The Velcro that is sticked on the door frame and attaches to the sewed on Velcro on the screen door all along the top and the sides, and can be reinforced optionally with the supplied push pins.

The magnets are powerful enough to quickly create a tight seal every time you pass through and the Velcro screen attaches very easily on the door frame. You can also reinforce it with the help of the included push pins.

Easy Screen Doors is lightweight but durable, so is definitely a long-term investment for any house. With an attractive design and strong magnets, this model is all you need for enjoying fresh air while keeping you house protected from bugs. 

However, in order to make sure the door screen doesn’t fall down we recommend you reinforce it with the push pins provided by the manufacturer.

The Easy Screen Magnetic Screen Door is without a doubt one of the simplest-to-install units in the market. Without a tutorial installation is simple, but since it has one, nothing can beat it. The heavy-duty mesh, high-quality Velcro, and 26 powerful magnets are just some of the features that make this such a quality product.

Durable Screen

This screen is comparatively more durable and extremely in good quality than most common modern screens. For this reason, you may count on it not to let you down in the long run. It will also return to you a higher value for money by reason of demanding fewer repairs.

Strong Magnets

The nets are made of strong and sewed in magnets to hold tight. They are located in the middle of the screen door. Their purpose is to close the screen firmly and without leaving any gaps. This provides further protection from any possible intrusions.

Velcro and Seams

Magnetic Screen Door by Easy Screen Doors also comes along with Velcro fastener and sewed seams. These two make the joints tighter and resistant to the penetration by insects and pests. Further to these, the Velcro and the seams can be strengthened by the use of push pins.


Product dimensions 11 x 8 x 1.4 inches
Part number FXm-ssss
Item weight 9.6 ounces
Item model number FXm-ssss
Size Fits Doors UP TO 36×82 Inch MAX
Color Black
  • Easy to use by pets and toddlers.
  • Durable construction.
  • Affordable price.
  • Strong magnetic.
  • Quick entrance.
  • Falls down rather easily.
  • Doesn’t well in some doors