Tips For Planning And Organizing Your Motorbike Tours

Ultimate Guide To Motorbike Tours: Tips For Planning And Organizing Your Adventure

An adventure ride on your favorite two-wheeler easily makes it to the bucket list of adventure lovers. However, if you want to feel the adrenaline rush and enjoy the bike ride to the fullest, you must be prepared to avoid mishaps.

A  motorbike tour can be fun and memorable only if all the possible eventualities are well prepared for. So if you plan a solo bike trip, prepare well in advance. If you need a list of does and don’ts for your next bike trip, read this article to make your adventurous bike journey smooth and hurdle-free.

3 Things That You Must Keep In Mind When Planning For A Bike Trip

When planning a long bike trip, both the bike and the rider must be well prepared. Riding for a few minutes a day in a known locality is different from setting out on an adventurous tour. So here are some of the tips to prepare yourself and your bike for the best journey of your lifetime.

Make Sure That Your Bike Is Well Maintained

maintaining motorbike


When you are taking a bike for a long tour, all parts of the bike must be functioning optimally. Alternatively, if you are renting a bike, check for the mirror, the tires and the windscreen apart from the mileage that the bike offers.

Most people ignore the bike’s mirror and do not change it unless it is completely damaged. However, for a long bike trip, the mirror is an essential component for your safety. The mirror allows a rider to see what is behind him on the road. Thus, it helps a rider avoid risky maneuvers while on the road.

When you are off for a long tour, you will cross several highways which are used by bigger vehicles like trucks. So having a rearview mirror that is perfect is essential to avoid collisions with larger vehicles.

The tires of the bike are probably the most important factor for ensuring a smooth ride. The tire that is best suited for your ride depends on many factors like the make of the bike, the conditions of the road etc. For instance, Cruiser tires are great for heavy bikes and give good mileage and high traction on wet roads. So if you are riding in a heavy vehicle like the Harley Davidson, you should go for the Cruiser tires.

Apart from the tire and the rearview mirror, you must also pay attention to the windscreen. The windscreen protects the rider’s chest from the impact of wind and rain when he is riding. A windscreen may not have much utility when you are traveling for short distances. But on a long tour, when riding continuously or at high speeds, the windshield is essential for protecting you against the impact of strong winds or rain.

Prepare Yourself For The Ride

traveling on a motorcycle


Even if your bike is in perfect condition, you cannot ride for long hours if you are not physically and mentally prepared for the grueling journey. So once you have selected a comfortable bike, you must work on your physical fitness. Again, riding on a busy street for a few minutes is quite different from riding on an unknown road for several hours.

You must carry your luggage when you set out on a tour. It is better to use a saddle bag or a bag with a magnetic hug so that managing your luggage is not difficult. Practice riding for long hours before you set out on the journey. Stay hydrated throughout the ride. In fact, it is best to get a sling bottle with a pipe so that you can drink without removing your helmet.

Start on a light stomach when starting out on a journey. This is because heavy meals take a lot of energy to digest the food, and you may start feeling drowsy when you are behind the wheel. Also, taking a small break after riding for a few hours at a stretch is better. When you are taking a break, that is the time to keep a check on all your supplies. So check if you have enough water when taking a break so your ride is not disrupted unnecessarily.

And finally, make your hair manageable. If you have short, well, cropped hair, it should not be an issue, but if you have long hair, tie a headband or a bandana before wearing the helmet.

Prepare For The Journey

gps on motorcycle


When you are riding on an unknown route, it is essential that you have a map. However, today, most riders will not use a map; instead, they will use a GPS communication unit to help them with the directions. Make sure you are comfortable with using the GPS communication unit before you start out on the journey.

Carry an emergency GPS-based communicator. If you need help in a palace where your cell phone receives no signal, you can still be tracked with a CPS-based emergency communicator once you press the SOS button.

Get the right kind of insurance coverage for your journey. If you need emergency evacuation, the transportation bill may be very high, so choose an insurance cover that covers emergency evacuation.

Also, carry a good repair kit so that you can repair minor problems like a flat tire. And finally, get in touch with a good towing service before you set out on the journey. If your motorcycle’s tire is tubeless, a flat tire repair kit can get you back on the road in very little time.


You can visit the most enchanting places in the world on your motorbike. But traveling to distant places involves a difficult journey if you are traveling alone on a two-wheeler fraught with risks. So in order to make your journey free of hassles, be well prepared, use a well-maintained bike, know the route, follow the traffic rules and be prepared for any eventuality (evacuation insurance and towing facility).