Nike Men’s Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Football Cleat – 2023 Review

The Alpha Strike 2  Three-Quarter Football Cleat has a few different colors, most of which are very vibrant to pick from, and also has that distinct look to it. Much like a ¾ sleeve, this cleat is going to give you some protection without binding you down.

Nike Men’s Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Football

The Nike Men’s Alpha Strike 2 Three-Quarter Football


With the guaranteed top-notch quality of Alpha Strike 2Three-Quarter Football cleat , I am pretty sure that you can use it in taking in all the challenges in the field. That is possible while enjoying aggressive traction and great lockdown.

You will also find it supportive of your ankle when it comes to making lateral cuts. It is due to the presence of its collar with a 3/4 –height. Another remarkable benefit provided by this cleat is that it makes it possible for you to enjoy an incredible lockdown considering the fact that it has a dynamic fit system.

The Alpha Strike 2  Three-Quarter Football Cleat is lightweight yet durable, thanks to the synthetic leather material used for its exteriors. With its lightness, I am pretty sure that changing directions will be easy and quick. I also noticed that Nike did not skimp on comfort in this particular cleat. It is super comfortable regardless of what you are doing while on the field.

The breathability is very good on these cleats, not only allowing your feet to air out but also keeping them dry if the field is wet as well. Because of their style, they are comfortable and also are light, making them an ideal pick. The bad news about these is that they run small. 


Material 100% Synthetic
Sole Material Synthetic Rubber
Quality Imported
Extra security Foot hanging techfit construction
Brand Nike
  • Very nice and flashy colors.
  • Excelent breathability.
  • good for wider feet.
  • Comfortable.
  • Tough to get on the foot.
  • Does not comes with an extended ankle collar.