NIKE Women’s In-Season TR 6 Cross-Training Shoe – 2023 Review

We have another unique master piece in our list the Nike Women’s TR 6 Flex Supreme running shoes. Just to start with, I can confidently say this is a true Nike Sneaker. They say like father like son and I say like shoe like the brand. 

Women’s in Season TR6 Nike cross Training Shoes

Women’s in Season TR6 Nike cross Training Shoes


If you are worried about your shin pain and ankle aches after you run, with a pair or two of these shoes, all that aching and pain becomes history to you. The Nike Women’s Flex Supreme TR 6 running shoes are perfectly designed to provide utmost support to and stability as well.

The Nike TR 6 Cross Training shoes are also light in weight and will always live your feet as fresh as ever. No ore unexpected and unnecessary fatigue. You can use these for doing your gymnastics and other workout activities. To be precise, let’s just say that the shoes are simply multipurpose in away.

 On the other hand, the shoes are excellently cushioned to optimize the shoe’s comfortability. The Nike Women’s Flex Supreme running shoes are also true to size and will never stretch big nor small whatsoever; always fits well just as expected. They come with a thin tongue that stays perfectly to its place and never ribs your feet in any uncomfortable manner.

Nike Women’s TR 6 Cross Training shoe is our last pick with some fantastic reviews and recommendations. It is another top-quality shoe selection with a breathable textile construction and a rubber sole.  The shoe features a quality mesh upper construction that is breathable and with zonal support.

The internal of the shoe is a high-density foam midsole for maximum durability and support. It also comes with internal straps that offer multidirectional support. Overall, this is an excellent shoe to buy with a shaft three inches from the arc.

Nike Women’s TR 6 Cross Training Shoes are the best picks on the market currently with a wide range of features to suit your training needs. Choose one pair of shoe from our list above, and you can be sure you have an excellent value for your money.

if you’re looking for a workout shoe for the gym or cross-training activities, we know that you’ll be happy to have these Nike Free TR 6’s in your gym kit at all times. If you find that your feet smell due to exercise, then washing the shoes after every couple of days will help prevent this, or just leaving them in dry spaces after use will keep them from smelling so often.


Item model number 852449
Shipping weight 1 pound
Quality Imported
Sole material Rubber
Breathable mesh  
Outrigger for Stability
Ultralight comfort  
Multi-direction movement  
  • Lightweight.
  • True to size.
  • Perfectly cushioned.
  • Well supportive.
  • Not good enough ventilated.