Nike Women’s Sock Dart SE Running Trainers Shoes – 2023 Review

The Nike Women’s Sock Dart SE Running Trainer Shoes is a unique buckle closure shoe that perfectly wraps around your feet. Despite it been a low budget Nike shoe, it is well known for its durability.

Women’s sock dart SE Nike running shoes

Women’s sock dart SE Nike running shoes


Additionally, theTheSock Dart SE Running Shoe is loved by many for its comfort thanks to its breathability which is due to its perforated mid foot strap. This keeps your feet well ventilated even when your work environment gets hot and uncomfortable.

Despite it been a low budget Nike shoe, it is well known for its durability. The rubber outsole is particularly wear resistant which enables you to wear the shoe for as long as you’d like. Also, the BRS 1000 rubber at the heel also adds extra durability to this footwear.

the Nike Sock Dart has a large variety of color options to prove it.  Don’t worry about matching a running shoe with your running outfit again with this shoe.  If you have a neutral stride and need a daily running shoe with cushion and solid arch support, then consider this shoe.  

This model from Nike brand is especially famous by the nurses. This is commonly called Nurse shoe Because it is extremely comfortable for a long time wearing.

The Nike Sock Dart SE Running Trainer is an athletic shoe, so its shape is aerodynamic and all pieces fit together perfectly. Replica pairs often got sloppy transitions between the strap, upper and sole sections – in contrast to our authentic version pictured in this post.

Running shoes have been moving in the minimalist direction for several years now and as more consumers look to ditch socks the Nike Sock Dart Shoes for Women’s are looking to help make the transition that much more seamless. Featuring an innovative woven design that’s developed to help your feet breathe unlike ever before while in shoes, the Nike Sock Dart features no laces or cumbersome straps to get in the way.

As the Nike Sock Dart hugs your foot like a sock but also like a well-fitting sneaker, activities like walking, running or cycling become that much easier without the added constraint of a constricting sock. While some might be hesitant, it’s likely not far off before we see socks and trainers becoming a pairing of the past.

The outsoles of Sock Dart SE Running Trainers Shoes are made from one piece and show soft edges which merge with the general shape of the shoe. That’s a characteristic that is very hard to imitate, so fakes often got sharp and uneven borders.


Product dimensions 12 x 7 x 4 inches
Shipping weight 1.3 pounds
Item model number 862412-004
Sole material Rubber
Construction Durable
Brand Nike
  • Breathable design.
  • Extreemly comfortable.
  • Stylish.
  • Durable.
  • Seems bit larger than the orignal size.
  • Some customers have quality related complain in reviews.