Online Casino Reviews: Should You Trust Them?

When we find a new establishment that is not known to us, we first think to look at reviews about it on the internet. Once it was a good option, but at the moment it is a little different, and you can trust reviews less and less.

The fact is that reviews on the Internet have the opportunity to leave anyone and check them is unrealistic. It should be understood that no one is responsible for the honesty of the information.

Positive and negative reviews


Real good reviews in any field are a rarity because if there is nothing to complain about, it seems and write nothing. But the administration of all online casinos, as well as all entrepreneurs, already know that reviews on the Internet – this is a decent advertising tool, and use it more and more often.

After all, it is much more effective and easier to write a bunch of fake positive reviews about your institution than to buy direct advertising.

Here is for example of such a review:

  • “Here now I found out that X casino is now online. I’ve been playing slots for over 7 years now, I guess.”
  • “Casino Y has a lot of bonuses in its repertoire, cool tournaments – fun to play! I’m up about a buck 550 in a couple of days. The machines are good. Great selection of machines, especially different slots. It feels like they’re making money on purpose!”

Thus, interested people are just advertising their gaming clubs, so you should not trust such definitely.

Negative reviews are even more unreliable – such are most often left by those who are unlucky in this casino. Money lost, emotions bursting, etc. And they can be understood, but it is stupid to be guided by such reviews:

  • I won there more than $9000, the return – 0!!!!. You won’t win anything here. Bonuses are all empty!!! Here are only cheaters who just steal your money, pretending to be an honest casino! Imagine, I lost 5000, and with the bonus and that $11000 and not a dime of return! Sometimes pennies throw, but so always chews.
  • People, under no circumstances, do not go to this casino – there are thieves, I lost there more than $1000, do not be FOOLS, it’s a scam and nothing else!!!!

In these reviews, the insults are not shy and can accuse the institution of anything from cheating to theft, but always without foundation, while the player does not complain about something specific, simply scolds the casino: fraud, scam, and so on.

But the most interesting stories are usually those who deliberately violated the rules of the institution and managed to win, but when trying to take the money, were banned by the security service of the casino. Such customers usually make up whole stories – with no real arguments.

Scammers are unscrupulous, they think that if they raise a scandal, the casino will give them the money to avoid the reputation decline.

What to rely on when evaluating an online casino


Fake accusations from competitors are also common in this field, so relying on reviews alone becomes even more pointless.

Of course, there are also real reviews about the fraudulent actions of some online casinos, but it is increasingly difficult to distinguish them from fake ones. It is useful to pay attention to reviews in which people complain about certain problems in the casino – bonus policy, support service, delays in withdrawal. Especially if as evidence are given screenshots of casino rules or a copy of correspondence with the support service.

It makes sense to pay attention to the negative reviews from the partners of the casino – those who PR and advertise it. If the casino cheats them, respectively, and with players, usually the same.

On the Internet, there are reputable services, for example,, in which all user complaints are dealt with by managers of the institution, and in case of confirmation of suspicions, this casino gets on the blacklist.

Since these sites are trusted among users, it can cost any casino, and the owners of the institution are trying their best to avoid this outcome. If you are looking for justice, you can easily address your problem on such a site.



Of course, on the web, you can find opinions of people who are simply against online casinos. They are sure that all sites with slot machines are a scam and that slots do not bring income. Of course, this is not true.

There are quite a lot of good gambling clubs like Level Up Casino. Some of them have existed for more than 20 years and daily delight their visitors with quality slot machines and good money winnings.