5 Commonly Known Online Gambling Facts That Actually Aren’t True

We live in a world filled with fake news, bad reports, plagiarism, and myths, and even though there has never been a better and faster way to check whether some info is false or not, somehow many still believe the first thing they hear, the first result that pops up in their Google search. Remember that famous post on how people eat eight spiders per year on average while asleep? Yes, it is something that lasted for years and fooled almost everyone, at least those who didn’t want or had the time to think more about it because just doing simple math would lead you to a result that this statement simply couldn’t be true. This is just one example of how easy it is to start some rumor based on some “study,” and with time, it will become an urban legend. The same is with almost everything else, especially for some activities that last for centuries now.

Take gambling as an example, and everyone will surely remember at least one myth, one “fact” about it overall, or about a certain game of chance. It just proves how much we are gullible and how actually it doesn’t take that much effort to fool us. As for gambling, some will surely say that it is all just a hoax created way back to trick people into giving their honest earned money away, but that is not true, because if that would be true, how come that gambling is so widely accepted? There is simply no truth in this statement, and when it comes to the myths and facts about gambling, it just depends on how much time it will take to debunk some myth. It all got much more confusing when online casinos became popular, as it was a perfect ground to plant some seeds of doubt, which even the renowned and trustworthy casinos and websites like starwarscasinos.com couldn’t demystify.

Don’t believe us? Well, we created the list of the top five commonly known online gambling facts that actually aren’t true, and we are sure that at least one of the myths you believe in would be on our list, so let’s check them out.

1. There is no way not to get addicted


Although online gambling is a popular way to spend free time, there are still people around the world who are convinced that it always causes addiction, and because of that, they are avoiding it. Addiction is a serious problem, and it is necessary to be aware of it, but the fact that it is impossible to gamble responsibly is a myth. Gambling itself can be addictive, which can be a problem for some people, but it is not true that everyone who tries to win some money will end up addicted. Websites specialized in online gambling have measures to prevent addiction, such as setting limits on deposits that players can make or closing the potentially risky accounts. Many of them are already using Artificial Intelligence, which makes prevention much easier since it is capable of analyzing the gambling habits and patterns of each player and detect the risky ones.

2. It is impossible to withdraw the money


We live in a digital era where it is possible to do almost everything online, from purchasing something to paying bills without leaving home, but many people are still skeptical about that. Because of that, many of them think that once you win some money in the online casino, it is impossible to withdraw it. Well, it is true that there are many scams online, and that is possible to find yourself in a situation when you cannot withdraw the money, but only if you are tricked and not using a reliable website. Finding a reliable website may look hard, but it is not, and it is enough only to read the reviews online to find the best one. Once you find it, there is no need to worry about the money because these websites are safe and secure, and they are taking care of their users. It means that even if there is a problem with a withdrawal, their customer support will be more than willing to help you with that in the shortest possible time.

3. Online casinos support under-age gambling


There is a popular myth that it is much easier for underage clients to gamble online than to enter a land-based casino, but the truth is a little different. Talking about the land-based casino, many are sure that it is impossible for someone underaged to enter it because it is necessary to show the ID at the entrance, but they forget that it is not that hard to get the fake one. On the other side, online casinos are taking strict control and measures to prevent underage gambling, and it is not easy to trick their system and create an account if you do not have enough age to gamble legally.

4. Everything is rigged

Well, this one is not new, as people often believe that every casino game is rigged and nothing, not even facts, can change their minds. In reality, the casinos, or in this case hosting websites, have nothing to do with games, they are just hosting them, and renowned companies like Play’n GO are the ones actually responsible for creating them. That’s where the RTP percentage steps in, as this percentage shows how often, or if you wish, how much a certain slot or roulette will pay money to the players.

5. Your data is not secured


Yes, this is not a fact you should believe in simply because, even though online casino websites may seem like an ideal place for hackers or a hacker paradise if you prefer, the security on these servers is one of the best ones you will ever get. The casinos are aware that they a perfect mark, which is why they are spending millions on security checks, updates, server protection because a satisfied player is the one that will come back, and in case of any illegal action, fraud or hacks, no one will be happy.