Penis Envy Mushroom Spores and Explained

The strain of penis envy mushrooms is well-known in the market as among the most hard-hitting and strongest shrooms out there. That makes it heavily sought-after by psychonauts who are craving that worldly psychedelic trip.

According to experts at Funghead, penis envy mushrooms got their name for their physical attributes of a bulbous head and thick shaft. Unlike other mushrooms, the head of penis envy mushrooms doesn’t spread wide open.

Experts also say that the high potency that comes with penis envy mushrooms doesn’t sit well with beginners. And users may expect a very transformative experience with this magical strain as its psychoactive components are capable of inducing a mystic feeling, vision quests, and deep shamanic encounters. This high potency of penis envy mushrooms can also alleviate symptoms of several chronic illnesses.

Penis Envy Mushroom History

The evidence of where penis envy shrooms originated from is not clear. But rumor has it that the penis envy mushroom strain came from a healthy and large psilocybe cubensis shroom that lecturer and psychonaut Terence McKenna found in the Amazon rainforest.

When Terence McKenna was in the rainforest in the 1970s, penis envy shrooms were still illegal in many countries because of the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

But the legislation didn’t burn mushroom spores because they don’t have psilocin or psilocybin, the active agents in penis envy shrooms. The lecturer took spore prints from the magic mushroom and boarded his flight back to the United States.

Back at his home in Colorado, McKenna started growing mushrooms from those prints. He also sent prints to some of his ethnomycology colleagues. This included Steven Pollock, a professional medical doctor passionate about the healing effects of psychedelic mushrooms.

The doctor set about refining and propagating the culture to strengthen his genetic profile until, one time, a mutation succeeded. This mutation led to what is now called penis envy mushrooms.

What Kind of Mushroom is Penis Envy?

PE (penis envy) is basically a colloquial name for a certain strain of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms that are prized as psychoactive magic mushrooms.

While other species members are similar in widespread and effect because of the ease of growing them indoors, penis envy mushroom spores are the hardest and strongest to grow.

With several decades of known history and a lot of varieties in circulation, penis envy is worth knowing before you use it as medicine.

Penis Envy Mushrooms Hybrids and Variations

If you search online, it will be clear to you that penis envy mushrooms are among the best-selling varieties in most spore vendors’ catalogs, with a lot of dedicated growers creating hybrids and sub-varieties in recent years. The following is a quick rundown of the most popular descendants:

1. Penis Envy Uncut

These mushrooms have a unique physical feature. Their caps don’t open, even when they reach the maturity stage.

In addition, caps are uniquely darker compared to regular penis envy mushrooms. And they are said to be more potent than other varieties of penis envy.

2.  Homestead/Melmac

Melmac mushrooms are reported to be an original variety that Rich Gee isolated as he was working for homestead mushrooms. They were often sold along with their grow kits before the firm went out of business.

3. Albino

APE (Albino Penis Envy) is a penis envy hybrid. Their caps are white with some bluish tones that turn silver-blue when they are dry.

As far as growing albino penis envy is concerned, don’t expect a high yield because the strain is somehow temperamental to grow consistently. But some people report that they are stronger compared to original penis envy mushrooms.

Are Penis Envy Mushrooms Legal?

Under federal law in the United States, Psilocybin is not legal. It is categorized as a Schedule I controlled product and must be dealt with care even with the new research showing its possible benefits as a therapeutic component for addiction and disorders.

The law can also differ in your jurisdiction because penis envy mushrooms are decriminalized in several regions. It is, therefore, advisable that you research extensively whether the substance is decriminalized, illegal, or legal within your region.

The law as well varies for cultivation, transport, possession, and sale. For now, penis envy mushrooms are legal to a certain degree in the following countries:

  • Samoa
  • Netherlands
  • Nepal
  • Jamaica
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Brazil
  • Bahamas
  • Austria

What Makes Penis Envy Mushrooms Different?

One obvious and major difference between penis envy mushrooms and other strains is the difficulty in cultivating them. Penis envy mushrooms basically need environmental conditions and specialized care so as to bloom. They take nearly 32% longer to colonize around substrates and have lesser pin rates compared to Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms.

Penis envy shrooms are considerably worth the effort despite being such high-maintenance mushrooms. They have stronger highs, intense euphoric side effects, and more powerful hallucinations making them desirable when it comes to the psychedelic world.

Because these mushrooms are the hardest to grow and more difficult to find, they are expensive. Creating other generations and reproducing them is usually your greatest challenge.

Apart from the iconic penis shape and mid-shaft bulge, which makes them appear like foreskin, penis envy shrooms are also denser and shorter than many mushrooms when they grow fully.

Effects of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis envy is among the best of all mushrooms, according to many shroom enthusiasts. Interestingly enough, mushrooms are more popular among people between 34 years and younger.

People who have ever tried mushrooms and experienced penis envy shroom impacts have reported some of the following effects:

  • Emotional shifts: These are strong emotions ranging from bad to good. Most people recommend not resisting these emotions in either of the directions. Instead, they need to let those emotions run their course.
  • Visual perception: These are possible changes to your visual perception, such as halos around objects and lights or even generic patterns.
  • Hypnagogic experiences: These are great intensity of increased introspection, altered psychological functioning, and emotional experiences.

The Takeaway!

Irrespective of their color, these shrooms are among the strains you need to approach with respect and caution. For ambitious or experienced seekers, penis envy mushrooms may offer fuel for a great experience.

And between their powerful effects and links to dramatic episodes of psychedelic history, it is not just the name making these fungal phalluses stand out. Their complex chemistry does too.