5 Best Places in Europe to Raise a Family

If you have been thinking about moving your whole family to Europe, you must think first what are the criteria based on which you will select one of the countries as your future home. Europe has so many different things to offer.

Various consulting groups have been analyzing the quality and successfulness of life, or “sustainable well-being” of a country as they say, and it was determined that the gross domestic product (GDP) is not the most important indicator, as many would assume. There are other factors that determine how satisfied the inhabitants of a certain country are, and how successful the country is. So, when choosing the future home country, one should also consider things like the unemployment rate, health system, inflation, life expectancy, quality and availability of education, quality of infrastructure, environmental conditions, anti-corruption, media freedom, and so on. A geographical position is also important to many. Some studies show that people living in the south are more social and know how to enjoy life. While countries in the north, regardless of the high living standard, are closed societies with a high suicide rate. This shows that people lack general happiness, even though they have all the criteria for it.

To make your choice easier, in this article we will present you with 5 best places for raising a family in Europe.

1. Sweden


This country has been on the top of the list of countries with the highest standard, for decades. If you enjoy a quiet life, with lots of privacy for your family members, living in a secular, open-minded society, Sweden is perfect for you.

The quality of education is excellent. Sweden has had a developed lifelong learning system for more than one hundred years. The wages are extremely high, enabling you to have a decent life, being lack of literally nothing. Social programs are one of the best in the world. Until a decade ago, Sweden did not have homeless people at all.

Living expenses are high but given the fact that the wages are also high, your family will have everything they need. The society is very aware of the importance of nature preservation, so you will find most of the waters in Sweden drinkable.

The climate can be challenging, because of the long winters and polar nights, but the security the country offers you compensates for this.

2. Cyprus


A beautiful Mediterranean island, with 340 sunny days. If your family enjoys, the sea and the sun, Cyprus is the perfect place to move to. The season is quite long, lasting from April to November. Although it is divided between the Turks and the Greeks, many would confirm that you will not even feel it. It is hard to be burdened by this political issue when you are surrounded by such rich and ancient history, older than 9000 years.

Since it was a British colony, all of the people speak English, making it a perfect place to settle in. The overall price of living is quite cheap (food, electricity) and the wages are solid, enough to have a normal life. Prices of real estate are also acceptable. To check prices of the properties for sale in Cyprus, visit Prime Property Group.

People living in this Mediterranean country describe life as relaxed. People are very welcoming and open, making this island state easy for settling in.

3. France


France is a large country. Approximately 16% of the whole population in the European Union is French. One interesting fact about this country, that should say a lot about the quality of life there, is that the average life expectancy has increased by two years, within a decade. This also says a lot about the lifestyle. People who moved there say that the French are eating high-quality food and, of course, drink the most quality wines.

The standard is pretty good, which means that the prices are also following the standard. However, social programs, education, and health system are very well organized. If your family has members who are interested in culture and arts, then France is a perfect country for education and a future career. Musicians live particularly well there.

French people say the most perfect life is village life, so if you plan to move your family to one of their scenic villages, you will find it quite enjoyable.

4. Denmark


Some research has shown that the inhabitants of this country are the happiest in the world. No wonder when the GDB is the second largest in the whole of Europe. GDP per capita is almost 44.000 euros! Yes, the winters are extremely long, but with this kind of income, you can choose to have a vacation with your family somewhere down south, three times a year. The biggest unemployment rate they recorded was 7.5%.

Danish people believe that each child should be brought up to be an individual. So, they pay a lot of attention to freedom. The concept of their kindergartens is such that children spend most of their time playing in nature, which is extremely important for the development of intelligence. They also really love children, which makes them one of the few countries that don’t have a problem with the natality rate. Streets are full of families with children because hiring a nanny is unacceptable. The system provided parents to be able to be with their kids.

5. Austria


Ranked one of the richest countries in the world and in the top 20 when it comes to the human development index, Austria promises a quality life to its settlers. It’s filled with greenery, so regardless of living in the capital, you will still have enough parks to enjoy playing in with your kids.

The quality of education is well known, and giving the fact that it’s not a large country, wherever your children decide to study, they will be able to reach home for holidays in a matter of hours.

If you are a diligent, decent worker, finding a job will not be a problem.