8 Poker Tournament Strategies for all Beginner Players Should Know

Poker is one of the most famous betting games for real money. Poker is a game of cards which can be played with friends, family or even strangers. The rules are quite simple, but can become overbearing for some people, especially the newcomers. With the advancements in technology and the digitization of the world, the game, too, has shifted to the online mode. Online poker has gained a lot of popularity in recent times, thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions and the global lockdown.

Nowadays, there are a lot of online poker websites and platforms available in the market. These websites and web based pages allow the users and players to wager real cash and makes the game quite interesting until the very end. However, many counterfeit and fake websites are also present on the internet, which makes it quite difficult for the people to navigate through. To know the top trustable and genuine websites and poker platforms of your country, you can click here to find out more.

Online poker sites have developed from individual level games to tournament levels. Many online poker tournaments are organised in a sequenced manner and provide the players with the opportunity to earn big. However, newcomers often end up losing, if not losing it all. Therefore, it becomes quite important for the newbies to understand and know the basic poker strategies, which would save them from losing it all. Given below is a list of all the basic poker tournament strategies that every newcomer should know.

1.  Be Patient


As a poker player, it is very common to lose sometimes but what is more important is not to lose your temper, always be patient while you are playing poker so that you do not fall for the trap. Once you start controlling your patience this is where your real game starts.

So next time when you are at a poker tournament keep your hands folded more than you play, do not lose your patience otherwise you will get eaten alive. When you have folded your hands and you have time try to utilise that time by observing your online opponents. If you do not have strong hands and the odds are not in your favour, fold and be patient.

2.  Have Observational Skills


Observation is the key of the game. It is one the most important strategies in the poker tournament, observing your opponents tells you many things about your opponents. With simple observation skills on the table, you can learn and predict how your opponent would play the next game.

3.  Learn how to bluff

Whether you are playing an online or physical mode poker tournament, bluffing is very important. Learning how to bluff is an art that not many can master. If the poker player did not learn the art of bluffing, they would not be able to win too many pots. A player should know how to bluff for better hands to a fold.

4.  Learn how to play aggressive

Playing patiently is a good strategy  but waiting for the right cards to come to you will not take you to winning. So if you want to really make real money from poker you have to play poker aggressively. A good poker player knows when they have to play patiently and when they have to play aggressively. So a top pokey player tip is to play tight and aggressively by selecting a few hands to play and betting them hard.

5.  Do not Bluff too much

Like eating too much is not good for your health, in the same way bluffing too much is not good for your poker game, bluffing is a good strategy in poker but it is not good when you are doing it too much . You can also throw semi-bluffs. A semi-bluff is used when you have a drawing hand that has the potential of improving into s strong hand

6.  Learn how add rankings and odds work

Understanding starting hands is a good poker tip but understanding the rankings and odds is an even better online poker strategy.

You should be aware of the odds of hitting a winning hand. This involves learning about:

  • Outs
  • Hand Odds
  • Pot Odds

7.  Do not have unnecessary distractions

When you are playing from your comfort zone or from your home where it is easy to turn on tb, friends and family talking or some music is playing in the background there is a high chance that you can get distracted from your game which will lead to end of your game, you may also receive so many notifications on your phone which will also act as a distraction to your game, so if you really want to make money from the poker tournament you should always take it serious like it is a business.

8.  Constantly working on your new strategies

If the player wants to be in the poker game for the long run they have to constantly work on their new strategies, it is one of the basic and important strategies of the poker game. Making and improving your old strategies and continuously making new ones would help you stay unpredictable in the game. This would give your opponent a hard time as they would not be able to guess your next move, thereby, making you a clear winner.



From a beginner to becoming a pro player in poker requires a lot of practice and strategy, every poker player develops and makes their own unique strategy as they start to learn.  Poker is a type of game where sometimes you win or sometimes you lose, but it is important to realise where you lack and your opponents beat you. Above articles have discussed some of the best strategies which every pro player follows in order to excel their game. When it comes to learning and making strategy in poker, there are so many things present in poker which a player will learn, only the one remains who learns and remains relevant in today’s game of poker.