Why Are Porcelain Soup Bowls A Must-Have This Winter

When the temperature begins to drop rapidly, there is one comfort food that everyone craves: a hot and savory soup. Everyone has their list of favorites, from lip-smacking chicken or prawn soups to sumptuous vegan soups. But what is that one thing that makes soups look more vibrant and presentable? It is undoubtedly a simple yet sophisticated porcelain soup bowl.

During peak winters, the more you get to gobble on steaming hot food, the cozier you feel, and soups are undoubtedly a mandate. Flavorful and aromatic, loaded with your favorite veggies and other ingredients, it is rightful to call soups ‘a food for the soul’.

However, when the temperatures are too low, and everything is freezing outside, the food served on the plate gets quickly cooled. And when it comes to soups, who would want to sip them cold? Luckily, porcelain soup bowls are an ideal choice even for peak winters because they are heat-resistant and keep your soup hot for longer. This is not the sole reason you need to introduce porcelain bowls this winter; follow up this article to know more.

More About Porcelain Bowls


Porcelain is undoubtedly the best material for crockeries, and there cannot be a better option to enjoy your soups than porcelain soup bowls. Although porcelain crockeries are always trending and in high demand almost the entire year, do you know they share a rich history?

The history of porcelain dates back to 608 to 907, when it was invented in China during the glorious reign of The Tang Dynasty. Later, during the early 13th century, porcelain crockeries began gaining more and more popularity and slowly started to get recognized worldwide.

Porcelain today is much smoother and more durable than it was hundreds of years ago. They have become an integral part of modern homes because of their unique design, color, and shapes and their heat-resistance property and durability.

Reasons To Choose Them


Not just one, this winter, you have many reasons to replace your dull and fragile soup bowls with beautiful and shiny porcelain soup bowls.

They Are Safer

Porcelain is the safest material used for making crockeries. The material used in manufacturing is free of harmful toxins, and that is why they are safer to use even for newborns and toddlers.

Smooth Texture

Soups are mostly vibrant and may leave some stains on the bowls, especially if they are white porcelain. However, porcelain bowls have a smooth and oily texture, and one wash is enough to let go of all kinds of stains. Regular dishwashing liquids or home remedies like vinegar, lemons, and baking sodas can help them remain germ-free and shining white for years.

Help Maintain A Standard Serving

Porcelain bowls are always available in standard sizes, just like you get served in restaurants. Maintaining a standard serving becomes extremely important, especially when you have invited some guests. This usually creates a good reputation and, at the same time, does not make them full all at once.

Imagine your guests arriving, having a bowl of soup, and leaving without feasting on your handmade dinner because they are too full; horrible.

Heat And Microwave Safe

As stated earlier, porcelain crockeries are heat-resistant. Hence, they are ideal for serving smoking-hot soups. They are also microwave-safe; you can quickly reheat your leftover pasta and soups in these bowls.

Do Not Chip Easily

The biggest reason why people always prefer porcelain crockeries is because they do not chip easily. This also makes them durable and helps them last a lifetime.

Lightweight And Fashionable

Whether you want to use them regularly or like to introduce them on special occasions, soup bowls must always be lightweight and equally fashionable. Since porcelain crockeries are lightweight, they are ideal for buffets and everyday mealtime.

Final Words


Soups are the best comfort food of all time, but when you serve them in dull-looking bowls, even the tastiest soup might appear dull. However, when you invest in white or floral porcelain bowls, you cannot help but be impressed with your cooking and serving skills. This winter, you need some porcelain bowls to enjoy your delicious homemade soups to the brink even more.