Qualcomm Snapdragon 888: What You Need to Know – 2024 Guide

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is a complex piece of technology. This tiny chip has so many new features, including image processing, CPU, GPU, machine learning, 5G modem, and sensor hub components, making it somewhat overwhelming to look at for those unfamiliar with the technology.

If you’re looking to showcase your device’s new features thanks to the Snapdragon 888, you can. It is also the best gaming processor on the market as it was designed specifically for playing online games, like those found here.

Rather than being unveiled in front of a beautiful Hawaiian backdrop, Qualcomm’s new top-end mobile processor went live remotely, live-streamed to tech journalists all around the world. Despite the change in setting, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 certainly expands on the capabilities of its predecessor, and the following is a list of the benefits you may expect in 2024

1. Significant Camera Improvements

Qualcomm wants to make computational photography more accessible to the general public. The hitch is that smartphone manufacturers are responsible for fine-tuning the hardware to make cameras a competitive advantage.

Snapdragon 888 cameras can capture photos at up to 200 megapixels and have a triple camera of up to 28 megapixels.

Triple cameras are nothing new when looking at the smartphone industry, but the improvements that the Snapdragon 888 makes are worth noting.

Qualcomm has significantly improved the image processing capabilities inside the Snapdragon 888 by moving from the two processing units to an impressive 2.7 gigapixels per second.

The Snapdragon 888 will run more advanced processing and have tighter integration with the machine learning features when using a single camera.

2. VRS

Source: xda-developers.com

Finally, Qualcomm provides variable-rate shading (VRS), which is currently standard on PCs and the latest consoles (VRS). By offering game creators more control over frame generation, the rendering technique aims to reduce GPU demands.

For example, if an object is out of focus or in the background, the frame can now be drawn with lower fidelity, allowing the GPU to focus on producing the foreground objects.

3. Gaming Power

Source: world-today-news.com

The Snapdragon 888 is better than its predecessor by 35% when it comes to graphics and 20% when it comes to efficiency. For those who have no clue what this means, this improvement will eliminate that stuttering 40fps glitch and jump to a smooth 60fps-120fps performance while gaming.

The technology features ARM (ARM Holding) Cortex-X1 microarchitecture with a clock speed of 4 points over 2.80 GHz; this is now a standard feature. Taking its lead from the Cortex-A78, adding three more performance cores running at 2 points over 2.40 GHz and including 4 energy-saving centers based on Cortex-A55 architecture from ARM saving up to 1.8 GHz are what makes this technology so powerful

The SoC includes 6e modem wifi and up to 26 TOPS of AI performance via the Hexagon 780 DSP and a Qualcomm Spectra 580 triple ISP in addition to the standard processing cores making it 35% quicker all told. The memory controller is integrated and supports a vast memory with a capacity of up to 3,200 MHz LPDDR5.

The Snapdragon 888 supports new cutting-edge graphics, and gaming features are even better. We’re talking 10-bit HDR graphics, forward rendering, and 144fps refresh rates. Qualcomm Game Quick Touch will mean lower input latency and smoother-looking images and display features with sub-pixel rendering.

The new CPU cores will only increase the performance quality, making the graphics the best feature of the latest Snapdragon 888.

4. Integrated 5G modem

For 5G and 4G connectivity, the Snapdragon 865 lacked a cellular modem and relied on a standalone X55 modem. With the Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm has integrated the 5G modem into the SoC, which is a first. Because the phone has one SoC, this should result in significantly higher efficiency.

This feature means that the modem will be far more powerful and therefore capable of far more. The move to 5nm means better performance and improved transistor density; therefore, it was easier for Qualcomm to integrate the powerful modem onto the same piece of silicon.

Since less power is wasted transferring data between the external chips and memory, integrated components are more power-efficient. As the chips take up less space, there will be more space inside the smartphones for other pieces of hardware and bigger batteries for longer battery life. There is no downside to this!

5. Machine Learning

Source: cnet.com

Machine learning is the base of any modern processor platform. Qualcomm has upgraded the Snapdragon 888 AI capabilities, fusing all of the AI components.

The new chip’s 10th-generation “3A” AI system, which handles autofocus, auto exposure, and auto white balance, is another proof of machine learning’s importance in image processing.

Qualcomm outfitted photo analysts with eye-tracking VR headsets and recorded how their eyes saw photos under various lighting and focus circumstances on training the new 3A system.

Instead of optimizing captures by what computers might deem ideal standards, the system now uses human perception-based direction to focus and expose photos.

To summarize and illustrate the benefits of machine learning, consider that your fun Snapchat filters and apps will operate quicker and better while using less power than before.

6. Power Efficiency

Source: hailo.ai

The mobile industry is a competitive place with some cutting-edge chipset manufacturing taking place. Qualcomm is one of the biggest names, alongside some other well-known brands such as Apple, Huawei, and Samsung, who are all in the process of manufacturing and improving its latest chipset on a 5nm process.

These smaller 5 nm manufacturing techniques result in superior transistor density, meaning less space will be taken up on the silicon, resulting in improved energy efficiency compared to last-gen 7nm chips.

The energy efficiency of Arm’s Cortex-A78 CPU and the renovated machine learning processors of the Snapdragon 888 make this project Qualcomm’s most efficient chip ever produced.

Qualcomm has even said that the Snapdragon 888 is not only superior when it comes to performance but also when it comes to power consumption. Phones powered by the chip will provide double the amount of screentime than the previous generation of chips.

This key feature could not have arrived at a better time as the new 5G wave and high-refresh displays most devices have tends to be quite power-hungry.

There are plenty of other improvements that the snapdragon 888 made to its predecessors. Still, those mentioned earlier are some of the more noticeable features you’ll soon wonder how you lived without the technology.

It’s possible to get your hands on the phones that showcase this incredible technology, so go out there and see it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.