How to Increase the Range of Your Electric Skateboard?

Skateboards are one of the most effective ways to commute eco-friendly from one place to another. There are electric skateboards that run automatically with the use of a battery, motor, and engine, so you don’t have to put much effort.

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1. Battery capacity and size

Electric skateboards run on batteries, so to increase the range of your electric skateboard, you must buy a skateboard with a high battery capacity. Having a bigger battery means high battery capacity which is the most crucial factor to increase the range of a skateboard.

If you are considering buying an electric skateboard, then you must check its battery capacity and size. Also, ensure that the battery provides enough watt/hrs. It is important to know the energy capacity of a battery before buying an electric skateboard.

If you live in a hilly/sloping terrain, you must have higher battery capacity with more energy, whereas you don’t need much energy capacity in plain or smooth terrain to cover a long distance.

2. Weight of the rider

The next important factor to consider is the weight of the rider. If your weight is high, then buy electric skateboards with more energy capacity to increase the range of your skateboard. This is because if you weigh more, it would take more energy, and the battery will drain faster on an electric skateboard.

If you weigh less, then you can travel a longer distance, and you don’t need a higher battery capacity. Also, it is just not always about the weight of the rider. You can even avoid carrying extra weights with you if you already weigh too high. An average electric skateboard will drain 4Wh/mile while carrying out a 30 pounds rider.

3. Wheels on the skateboard

The type of wheels on your skateboard also determines the range of your electric skateboard. There are two different types of wheels available for skateboards. The street wheels, also known as skateparks are lightweight wheels that roll insanely fast on a smooth surface.

The street wheels make your skateboard slide effortlessly without using much power and increase the range of your electric skateboard. These types of wheels are generally used to perform flip tricks, ledges, rails, etc.

The all-terrain wheels are commonly used for hilly or sloping terrain. These types of wheels increase friction and give you firm support with the ground. These types of electric skateboards are not suitable for long-distance.

4. Swap battery packs

An efficient way to increase the range of your electric skateboard is by swapping the battery packs. You can carry an extra pair of battery packs in your backpack, and if the battery drains out, you can replace the battery with fresh fully charged ones. These are affordable battery packs and can be found in any store.

This does mean you have to carry some extra weight with you, but it is efficient for commuting long distances. Better carry extra spare batteries instead of walking for miles carrying a drained skateboard. To avoid inconvenience in swapping batteries, watch tutorials on how to change battery packs of an electric skateboard and practice it at home.

5. Age of the battery

The age of the battery is the most important concern in any electronic device that runs on rechargeable batteries. With time and usage, batteries become old, and you must replace it before it stops functioning.

The same concept applies to electric skateboards, with time and usage the battery capacity reduces, and the batteries will drain faster. You will no longer be able to travel more distance with old batteries.

Consider replacing your batteries once you have used them for a long time to increase the range of your electric skateboard. An average skateboard battery can last up to 2-3 years if you take proper care and maintenance of your e-skateboard.

6. Motor type

Electric skateboards have motors installed in them that make them move automatically. The type of motor also determines the range of your electric skateboard. Skateboard with more motors and the powerful engine runs faster but drains your batteries faster, allowing you to cover a shorter distance.

There are primarily three types of motor, i.e., single, dual, and Quattro. If you want a decent speed with increased range, a single motor is ideal for balanced speed and distance. Dual-motor skateboards are perfect, and to travel faster but covering a lesser distance, you must choose a Quattro motor.

7. Riding habits

The riding habits of the rider also affect the range of the electric skateboard. Develop good riding habits to save energy consumption and battery capacity of your skateboard. Good riding habits include starting with smooth acceleration, riding slowly to avoid sudden stops, riding your skateboard on smooth roads.

Also, to support the acceleration apply force by pushing the skateboard forward with your feet like a regular skateboard. Following these good riding habits increases the range of your electric skateboard.

8. Terrain


Electric skateboards are not much recommended for hilly or sloping terrain as they consume more energy and are equipped with a Quattro motor for high performance with all-terrain wheels. This increases friction with the ground and provides you maximum support with the ground.

Riding a skateboard is much simpler in-plane terrain or smooth roads where you can get a decent speed and travel longer without consuming much energy.

Wrapping up

These are the factors that affect the range and the best possible ways to increase the range of your electric skateboard. Choose batteries with bigger size and more capacity, try to lower the weight as much as possible, choose appropriate wheels with a single motor to travel a long distance.

Start taking a pair of extra batteries and swap battery packs of energy drain out. If the energy drains out too fast after covering a short distance, it’s time to change the batteries. Most importantly, develop good riding habits by supporting your e-skateboard while accelerating and taking proper maintenance.