Roofing Services

Roofing Services For Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners must ensure their roofs are in excellent condition to prevent wood rot, mold and mildew growth, water leakage issues and pest infestation.

Roof services provide solutions from minor repairs to full roof replacements, making a good contractor choice a smart way to save both money and time.


Though shingles are most often associated with residential properties, they can also be utilized on sloped roof commercial structures.

As durable roof solutions that come in various colors and designs for any property or business, shingles offer numerous energy cost savings by reflecting sunlight back onto its source – helping lower energy bills significantly and even resisting elements such as wind, snow and rain; some varieties even qualify as fire-resistant options!



Another alternative would be to opt for a shingle roofing system that provides both workmanship and manufacturer’s warranties, for added peace of mind. This can be particularly advantageous when selecting a shingle roof system specifically tailored for complex commercial roofs; such as venting oils, greases and fats from an office. These chemicals should be protected by using roofing that can withstand them effectively.

As they’re highly cost-effective and straightforward to install, asphalt roofs make for an economical initial cost solution and maintenance is straightforward.

Additionally, their easy repair makes them a smart long-term investment option; but for businesses seeking something else – like metal or tile roofing systems – consider investing more wisely. A professional can help you determine which option is right for you. You can find SW Commercial Roofing here for more information. Be sure to research any company you are considering hiring.

Asphalt shingles are a top choice among homeowners nationwide for good reason: they’re versatile, cost-effective and come with plenty of color and style options. Did you know that these versatile roofs can also be used on commercial properties? Asphalt roof shingles make an ideal addition to sloped buildings while adding curb appeal and making the building more welcoming – perfect options for businesses seeking an inviting facade!

When searching for roofing services for your commercial property, always opt for one with extensive experience working on commercial shingle roofs. A reputable contractor should have the tools and systems required to manage such large-scale projects efficiently as well as the knowledge and expertise to get it done correctly.

They should provide you with an accurate estimate and timeline as well as have professional roofers on staff ready to complete work as promised.



Spray polyurethane foam roof coating is a convenient, fast and cost-effective solution that provides protection from moisture intrusion while helping lower energy costs.

Installation time can be reduced considerably with this easy application process that creates an insulating shield against thermal heat gain as well as providing insulation to protect against moisture intrusion and thermal expansion – helping you save both money and energy costs in the process! You can click here to learn more about thermal heat gain.

Prior to spraying-on a roof with spray-on coatings, it’s crucial that all damaged components are repaired and dried off prior to their scheduled treatment day. Any items which might obstruct spray-on application should also be cleared away from the area; spray-on roof coating can be a delicate application process so it is best done during calm weather conditions for optimal results.

Spray-on commercial roofing can be an ideal choice for your business or industrial property, as it’s simple to install and offers long-term results. Spray-on roofing also helps prevent leaks and energy loss – saving your business money over time.


Metal roofs offer commercial property owners looking to upgrade their current roofing system a smart solution that is highly durable and offers aesthetic options that suit any property, while providing environmental advantages that make this an outstanding choice.

Metal roofing systems can be constructed from various materials, such as tin, aluminum, galvanized steel and copper. Available in multiple colors with reflective coatings that reduce energy consumption, metal roofs are lightweight enough for buildings that cannot support tile weight; they may even offer other advantages over tiles in terms of sustainability.

Metal roofs offer several distinct advantages when it comes to commercial roofs: one of these being their ability to withstand severe weather conditions like heavy rainfall and hailstorms, making them especially useful in areas prone to hurricanes or other natural disasters.

Furthermore, this form of roofing often outlives other options and can easily be repaired or replaced should issues arise.

Commercial properties differ significantly from residential homes in several ways, and require roofs to fit their unique requirements. A commercial roofing company can assist in choosing and installing an appropriate type of roof according to local regulations.

As more facility executives prioritize longevity, durability, resilience, energy efficiency and sustainability when making building decisions, metal cladding and roofs have become popular choices for countless building projects – in schools, offices, recreational facilities, airports and municipal structures alike.

Commercial roofs typically feature steel as their material of choice, often galvanized and coated with zincalume for increased service life and galvalume or zincalume coatings that provide longer service lives than simple steel alone.

Metal roofs offer another advantage for commercial properties: installation can occur more quickly than other forms of roofing material, making them the perfect solution when occupancy needs to take place quickly. Their fast installation process also means lower installation costs than competing materials.


Tile roofs


Tile roofs have the ability to outlive asphalt shingles for decades due to their resistance to salt, air, hail storms, high winds, rot and insect damage. While tile roofs tend to cost more upfront, their investment pays dividends in durability, curb appeal and energy cost savings by helping regulate indoor temperatures more effectively.

Tile roofs are permanent solutions, so their support must be secure enough. A roofing professional will assess your facility to make sure it can support the weight of concrete or clay tiles; and will check to make sure its waterproof surface – if not, this must be restored before tiles can be installed.

Each of these types of roofing offer benefits for commercial property. A reputable roofing professional can help you determine which one is the right one for you. Be sure to ask for an estimate to help you plan for the cost of the work.