State of Fashion: Summer 2024

You may not follow the fashion weeks, but you must admit how strongly the fashion world can change the real one. To stay trendy, it is important to follow the trends that are formed there and then transformed or improved by retailers. Even though people working in the industry are not fortune-tellers, they always show the public key concepts that will be in vogue.

Such trends can also help you shape your own personal style, and who knows, maybe you fall in love with it so much that it stays with you for the rest of your life? Today, we, the Styletyx team, will try to have a sneak peek on the summer fashion trends of 2024 and say which ones deserve your attention and which ones don’t.



Even though it is normal for our society to hide the bras and panties we wear, this year, the trend shifts toward showing undies with special sheer clothes. On different runways, we have already seen such clothes presented both for street style and a night out in a club. Our top choices include a knit sweater and a mesh top – perfect choices to get acquainted with sheer clothes style.


No, these are not the things that you saw in your grandma’s dresses or adornments of the ceiling lamps. Instead of feathers, which were popular a couple of years ago, we have a new champion – tassels. Combine tassels with regular clothes like sweaters or jackets, and you will get a plethora of compliments from fashionistas on boldly combining these elements.



The new movie has sparked interest in the fashion community about the clothes dedicated to oceanic and sea clothes. This style doesn’t include dressing up as a fish, but it does offer you an opportunity to enjoy the style by incorporating bralettes and sequins in your daily life. Pay attention to different gowns that represent mermaids.


Being a strong fashion statement in the recent past, rosettes have said their powerful word and are here to stay. You may not even notice them while shopping for other clothes, but a small rosette will be attached to different pieces of clothing. Take a closer look at the shoes, like heels that are decorated with rosettes that add a special look.



And here we are slowly approaching not the clothes type, but the colors that are going to stay among endless classics like black and white. For some of us, lavender can be calming, while others find themselves reacting to this too seriously. Take a look at the regular clothes with a tint of lavender, as well as new options.


For a large number of ladies, clothes with obliques have become a true fashion statement. For sure, what is the better way to emphasize the waistline and play with the imagination of men around? Obliques will certainly help you in this crusade.

City School Girl


We are used to the situation when our kids steal stylish elements from us, but what if the opposite exchange is possible, too? So, now, schoolgirls aesthetic with all the plaid skirts or pink bows make a combination with street style elements and create an original fuse. Pay attention to the dresses of all sorts, resembling your past school years.


Instead of being associated with rebellious young spirits who dream of destroying the government, modern tie-dye clothes are rather calm and less exciting. Still, such clothes present a wonderful experience of using several color tones in the same piece of clothing. Find more tie-dye dresses or sweaters to get a better picture.

Summer 2024 Fashion Takeaway


As you can see, nowadays, the fashion world flourishes stronger than ever, and it has wonderful benefits for us, regular people. Everyone receives an opportunity to follow the trend while at the same time picking safe and quite regular pieces of clothing. It is hard to foresee what fashion trends are waiting for us in a year or two, but living at the moment has never done anyone wrong.

So, pick the clothes from our advice and see how you collect amazed glances from people of all genders!